AirPods Connected But No Sound

Fret Not; There Is a Way to Resolve it!

AirPods Connected But No Sound

Have you ever thought of why AirPods are so popular? In a nutshell, the sound quality of Apple AirPods surpasses any other audio giant. No matter which version of AirPods you choose, from AirPods Pro to AirPods Pro Max, you get a noise cancellation feature as a bonus.

Apple Inc designs these wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and hence, Apple customers can expect the AirPods to work with other Apple devices like Mac, iPad, and iPhone. But, they come with their own problems. So, are your Airpods connected but there’s no sound?

When someone says that their AirPods are connected, but no sound is coming, it may have two meanings. First, someone might be referring to the problem where they are facing volume issues in playing sound. On the other hand, many Apple customers might face connectivity issues like randomly disconnecting calls if you’re also occupied with the problem where AirPods are connected but no sound is coming; this guide is for you!

Before we delve deeper to resolve how to fix AirPods connected but no sound problem, we want to give you a quick overview of a few other things. For example, what is AirPod, the many uses of AirPods, if they are so great, are they worthy of money, and many other things.

If you are an Apple customer, you should bookmark our guide. At the end of this article, you will thank yourself for owning Apple AirPods. Let’s get started!

What Are the Many Uses of AirPods?

What Are the Many Uses of AirPods?
What Are the Many Uses of AirPods?

First comes first; apart from streaming music into your ears, you can also pair AirPods with any other Bluetooth device. However, the Bluetooth device must be capable of transmitting sound.

As one of the several Apple users for the last two decades, I found that different models of AirPods have distinct features. Simultaneously, AirPods battery hovers from different models.

For example, if you have 3rd generation AirPods, you get an average of 6 hours of listening time and 4 hours of talk time. However, it depends significantly on the activities you perform while using AirPods.

Furthermore, there are currently four models of AirPods. The entry-level AirPods launched in 2016 got an update in 2019 with “Hey Siri” hands-free voice command capability. On the other hand, AirPods Pro comes with noise-canceling and water/sweat resistance.

How Do AirPods Work With Apple Devices?

Apple users, there is good news for you! For Apple users, pairing is as fast as the speed of light. In a quick blink of 1,2,3, you get your AirPods to connect with any Apple device. Follow the steps to connect your AirPods with your iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV:

Put AirPods in the charging case and then open the lid.

Hold the setup button on the back of the base. If you own AirPods Max, this is the same (noise cancellation button).

After a few seconds, you will receive a pop on your device. The same is regarding if you want to connect your AirPods. Tap connect – and that’s it!

Anything Else?

As long as you use the same iCloud account, you don’t need to fret about pairing your AirPods to Apple devices.

Can I Pair AirPods With Non-Apple Devices?

Can I Pair AirPods With Non-Apple Devices?
Can I Pair AirPods With Non-Apple Devices?

Yes, you can! You can pair AirPods with any Bluetooth connection, be it android or anything else compatible with Apple proprietary chips. But before you pair anything new, put your AirPods back in the case for a few seconds. Afterward, follow these steps to pair AirPods with non-apple devices:

Pay attention to the small flush button on the flip side of the charging case.

Press the same for a few seconds until you see a flashing white light.

Afterward, you will see the devices list, so connect your AirPods by clicking connect.

Side Note: You can’t use Siri when connecting AirPods to devices other than Apple. But sure, you can listen and talk. As an Apple user for many years, I would say that when you pair A with non-Apple devices, they lose a small slice of magic. This is something only regular Apple users can resonate with.

Why Are My AirPods Connected But No Sound?

Why Are My AirPods Connected But No Sound?
Why Are My AirPods Connected But No Sound?

At times because technology is unpredictable and can never be 100% accurate, AirPods can also face some technical glitches.

If you face problems like your AirPods are connected but have no sound, raise your hands. If you are facing this use, you are not the only one! Many Apple users throughout the world are concerned about the AirPods volume issue.

In a nutshell, when your AirPods are connected and you don’t hear any sound, reasons may vary from device to device and AirPods model to model. However, there are instances when users resolve the same issue by refreshing the music app (one method that can also help if AirPods keep disconnecting).

Possible Reasons Why You Are Unable to Hear Sound

  • You don’t put AirPods in the charging case properly.
  • Do you pay less attention to cleaning your AirPods?
  • Does anyone who has access to your AirPods perform AirPods reset in your absence?
  • Is your iOS device updated?
  • Are you too far from your source? As AirPods work in the impressive range of around 30-60 feet or 10-18 meters.

But what if troubleshoots like this don’t work? Fret not; you must follow a few steps to fix the AirPods sound issue.

Continue reading to discover the tried and tested steps to fix AirPods sound problem even after connection.

How to Fix AirPods Connected With No Sound?

If you have come this far to read, chances are high facing an automatically playing music problem. However, you might not be hearing the usual start-on tone. We bet there may be instances when you have changed the music volume level limit, but you are still in constant flux.

Are you resonating with us? Then lend us your ears as we disclose to you the tried and tested steps to fix AirPods connected with no sound:

Solution 1: Reset the AirPods

Many AirPods users who choose to reset the network setting have reported they have resolved the sound issue in AirPods. So you must try the same. Below are the steps to reset AirPods:

  1. Put the AirPods back in the charging case and close the lid for a few seconds. Then open it.
  2. Next, open the settings menu of devices to access Bluetooth. Then tap the (i) button next to the AirPods.
  3. Now you must ensure to untangle your past paired iPhone or other devices. Once you do the same, tap again to confirm.
  4. Next, get access to the setup button on the backside of the case. Press it for a few seconds until you see a flashing white light.
  5. In the final step, bring your AirPods close contact with the device you want to connect with, like iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Solution 2: Try Disabling/Enabling Automatic Ear Detection

Undoubtedly, Apple has automatic ear detection at its best as the company uses infrared sensors. It pauses the music and other content when you remove the AirPods from the ears. However, there are instances when this detection doesn’t work for the users. After all, no technology seems perfect, but there is always a way!

Suppose you fancy an Apple Watch and have a hard time receiving notifications; you can do that by turning off wrist detection.

Simultaneously, turn off the automatic ear detection feature on your paired iPhone.

Side Note: Make sure to remove the ear wax covering the AirPods sensor. This may be the reason your automatic ear detection feature is not working. Utilize lint-free material to clean the AirPods.

Solution 3: Understand the Music Volume Limit Level

Unknown to many, AirPods sometimes produce no sound even after connecting because of the music volume level limit. Understand with this example; for instance, if your AirPods volume is very low, it might be why you are unable to hear the sound.

Follow these steps to adjust AirPod’s volume limit:

  1. Disable the existing AirPods connection.
  2. Head to the Bluetooth menu, which is in the setting menu.
  3. Tap the Music.
  4. Whisk to the volume limit and make it maximum.
  5. Tap the audio/visual inaccessibility.
  6. After that, you will see a balance of left/right.

You need to keep the position of the slide in the center to allow the sound to pass equally on both left and right AirPods.

Solution 4: Update Your Device

Are you using the old version of iOS software on your iOS device? If yes, then chances are high you are noticing sound issue error. Pay attention to the software glitches to remove the bugs. You must pay attention to the updates announced by Apple for AirPods. If you use wifi, it automatically gets updated with your paired iPhone or any other Apple product.

Want to know the steps to update your device? Keep reading:

  1. First, open the setting menu and find the “General” option. Next, you will see a software update. Tap on it. Afterward, allow the update to proceed. Once it’s finished, turn it off!
  2. Before you switch it on, wait for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Now you can finally connect AirPods with the device.

Solution 5: Return All Your Network Settings to Default State

If you face the AirPods sound problem, reset network settings. You will return all your network settings to the fault state. This includes call settings, Bluetooth devices, and WI-FI networks. All gets removed. You will increase your chances of resolving problems. Wondering what resetting the network settings takes? Read on!

  1. Open the phone setting menu.
  2. Next, tap the General menu.
  3. Click on the reset network only.

Once you do the same, congrats yourself, you have done the step. Now feel free to pair your AirPods and try if music is playing.

Final Words – AirPods Connected But No Sound

Airpods are easier to lose, so be careful because they are expensive also! Since their initial release back in 2016, AirPods from Apple have come a long way. No matter how the other audio giants mock AirPods’ expensive rate, they are worth it. In addition, AirPods are Apple’s most famous accessories. Airpods are lightweight, easy to carry, and bring Siri to life via ears.

Also, we suggest you not use outdated Bluetooth drivers because it can also result in no sound quality. The best you can do is install the latest Bluetooth driver either manually or automatically. Furthermore, if you have connected your AirPods to Mac, resolve the temporally bugged connections. 

Lastly, if you believe no step is working for you, you must head to the Apple service center. If your AirPods are in warranty, what’s stopping you from availing of the customer-centric services by Apple Inc? Also, if it’s just that you feel that the volume on your AirPods isn’t enough, here’s how you can make your AirPods louder!

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