Are DJ Headphones Good For Normal Use Or Gaming Also?

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Are DJ Headphones Good For Normal Use

If you think all headphones serve the same purpose, you’re somewhat right. At the end of the day, headphones are for us to enjoy music. So, saying that DJ headphones are good for normal use or gaming isn’t too far-fetched. But, one must understand that DJ headphones are specifically made for a purpose. Yes, for DJing. Still, just having them for normal use wouldn’t be taboo, but it would surely cost you a few bucks more.

Let us try and understand what makes DJ headphones different from normal headphones.

DJ Headphones vs. Normal Headphones

The basic purposes of normal headphones or DJ headphones are the same, listening to the audio, but there are many aspects that make the two different.

ComparisonDJ HeadphonesAudio Headphones
TypeDJ headphones are mostly over-the-ear as they need a higher level of noise isolation than provided by on-ear or in-ear headphones.Audio headphones can be either of the three: in-ear, on-ear or over-the-ear headphones.
Sound qualityDJs require better audio clarity and quality, therefore DJ headphones have bigger drivers that provide better sound quality.Audio headphones may or may not have good sound quality as many people buy cheaper headphones which may not have the best sound output. 
Ability to play different tracksSome DJ headphones have the ability to play different tracks in different ear cups to help DJs cue up music. They play the current track in one ear and the next track in the other.Audio headphones do not have the ability to play different tracks in different ear cups.
FlexibilityDJ headphones are usually flexible and have ear cups come with the ability to swivel. This is because most of the time DJs use one ear cup only.Audio headphones may or may not have ear cups that swivel but are usually flexible.
PriceDJ headphones lie on the higher end of the price spectrum of headphones as they are specifically constructed for professional use, i.e., music production and mixing.Audio headphones may or may not be expensive as most people prefer using cheaper headphones for casual or day-to-day usage.

DJ Headphones vs Gaming Headphones

DJ headphones are very similar to gaming headphones. Gaming headphones are also counted under headphones for professional use because in today’s time, many people are taking up gaming as a profession. Even if just for when gamers want their gaming experience to be more immersive.

Therefore, they need high-end headphones for the same. Gaming headphones need high-end sound quality, very good noise cancellation capabilities and most of all, a high-quality microphone. Most DJ headphones have all these qualities but one feature that they might lack is the microphone, as DJs don’t really need a microphone. Other than that, DJ headphones may be used for gaming.

So What Do You Think?

So, are DJ headphones good for normal use or gaming? The answer is yes. DJ headphones, as discussed above, have the highest quality sound quality, highest quality noise cancellation and are more durable than most headphones.

Therefore, having them for regular use doesn’t sound so problematic, but you’ll definitely have to say goodbye to a few more dollars. If you have any queries, questions or comments, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!