13 Best Songs to Test Headphones in 2023

We’ve Used Them to Test Over 400 Headphones

Best Songs to Test Headphones

Looking for the best songs to test headphones? We’ve got you covered! Whatever your preference, AirPods, over-the-head headphones, or earbuds, there is an abundance of headphones on the market with variations in quality/sound/performance and finding the best ones can be akin to searching a haystack!

People’s tastes vary greatly and the selection of songs chosen below reflects just that. When selecting the best headphones, it is essential to take into account the sound and quality for optimum performance. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the best songs to test headphones in 2023.

Top 8 Pop Songs for Testing Headphones

Adele (Hello, Lacrimosa)

The echoing haunts of the cielo pierce through the sound barriers of your headphones giving them the ultimate try out. Hauntingly beautiful and crystal clear. If you want to test the clarity of your headphones then you must try this song. Although not a bass test, this song has been particularly chosen for its clarity.

Massive Attack (Unfinished Sympathy)

For bass and clarity, this song is one of the best songs for testing the quality of your headphones. The vocals comprise a distinctiveness of the high pitches that stand out against many songs. If bass and clarity are your concern, then make the most of the Unfinished Sympathy to give you an accurate test for your headphones.

Billie Eilish (Bad Guy)

Bad guy is an excellent choice of song for testing headphones quality and performance due to its base variation throughout the song and the dramatic change in beat and frequency halfway through the track. Billy’s crystal clear vocals rise and fall in pitch and do not overpower the speakers, therefore, not creating a buzz, which would be bad for any headphones. Any buzz on your headphones is sign of bad quality.

Ft Christina Aguilera (A Great Big World)

There is no mistaking Christina’s powerful voice. Often misunderstood, this talented singer can reach unbelievable highs and extreme lows. In this song, her vocal range is tempered to mid/lows that make this a perfect choice for testing the frequency of your headphones. This particular song is ideal for testing sound quality on headphones, especially the lows and mid, due to Christina’s soft vocals in tandem with the piano so you can test noise from the outside world with ease.

It would help if you weren’t straining your ears to hear the lows. Although Christina’s vocals are delicate in this song, they are crystal clear and compliment the piano perfectly. The opening piano bars give the headphones a great workout testing the quality of the speakers.

Enya (Orinoco)

For highs and lows, Orinoco is one of the best songs to test on your headphones. Carefully listen to the effects trying to fill your ears. The power of the vocals in this beautiful song by Enya can test the frequency quality of any headphones and captivate you at the same time. The strings and the delicate shakes of the tambourine should be crystal clear; anything less than that means your headphones’ performance and quality is not up to the mark.

The Black Eyed Peas (Boom Boom Pow)

If you want to test your headphones to the maximum then this bass ridden song will do just that. The deep base will also have you dancing around the room to this catchy song. Boom boom pow has the highs to test your speakers and Bluetooth headphones performance in all its glory.

David Bowie (Fame)

This universal classic by Davis Bowie has all you need for testing headphones. The percussion in the background should pop through your headphones crystal clear. The subtle taps of the tambourine can be heard throughout the song testing your woofer/speakers. Listen to the clear clash of the tambourine for headphone quality. This song comprises less bass and more instruments.

Madonna (Frozen)

This masterpiece by Madonna is recognized the world over. Her dulcet tones throughout this song have the ability to test any headphones. The highs and lows will give your headphones a run for their money. Light in base and powerful in voice, just the right mix for testing the clarity of sound and frequency quality.

Top 5 Rock Songs for Testing Headphones

Guns and Roses (Sweet Child o’ Mine)

This rock song was chosen for its active acoustics throughout and proved highly informative for the testing of headphones. The extremely high frequency is tested to its limit and does not disappoint. Since it hits an unbelievable frequency range, this rock song is a top performer for the testing of headphone quality.

Aerosmith (I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing)

A much loved classic song. The gravelly rustic tones of Aerosmith’s vocals echo through your speakers. Various instruments are used in this classic, soft rock song loved by all generations the world over. The rock-like beat of the drums, delicate guitar chords and the incredible sound of the grand orchestra with the light piano keys make this a superb choice for testing the performance/output/frequency/quality of any headphones. The vocal ranges and tones offer a varying degree of tests for your headphones; if you hear a buzz, then they are not performing as well as they should be.

Imagine Dragons (Demons)

For sound performance and headphones quality, this song can be a great pick. The diversity of tones reaches through and blasts the headphone’s performance, testing its quality to the maximum.

AC/DC (Back in Black)

AC/DC is a classic rock band. If you want to test the bass of your headphones, “Back in Black” can be a good choice. The high output of the electric guitar will have you moshing around the room. Comprising drums and percussion for a truly all-out musical test, this song has all you need for testing every aspect of the quality of your headphones. All in all, an extreme bass test for your headphones.

Jimmy Hendrix (All Along the Watchtower)

The world famous and much loved, Jimmy Hendrix is one of the unforgettable rockstars around the world. Similarly, “All Along the Watchtower” can be a well-chosen song for testing the frequency of your headphones, taking into account the balance from ear-to-ear. The highs and lows are tested fully throughout the song.

How to Test the Quality of Your Headphones?

How to Test the Quality of Your Headphones?

The best way to test headphones is to listen to different genres of music. And, that’s exactly what we’re trying to help you with by sharing the list of  best songs to test headphones quality in 2023. Choose songs with high, low, and mid ranges to see how the headphones perform. Songs with a wide range of instruments can test your speakers, giving you an accurate test of quality. If you want to concentrate on your music and not continually adjust your headphones make sure the fit is comfortable on your head and ears.

All in all, when deciding on the right headphone set your expectations clear and define your taste in music. If you are into rock music or a big fan of bass, the right headphones for you can be different than what you already have. Similarly, if your taste is more subtle, offering mid to low range vocals then bass headphones would be a bad choice. Take time and do your research. Therefore, before purchasing headphones, go to a music store and test out a few headphones to find the one that best suits your requirements.

If you’re planning to clean your headphones and do a sound-quality test post cleaning, you can make the most of the songs mentioned above to test your headphones.

Is Noise Canceling Safe?

Is Noise Canceling Safe?

The anti-noise sound waves in noise-canceling headphones reduce outside noise, such as air traffic, road traffic, building sites or even thunder. Therefore, noise-canceling is safe.

Noise-canceling headphones do not give off any low-level radiation, unlike mobile phones. In fact, experts suggest that noise-canceling headphones come with a host of benefits that help in reducing stress and anxiety. All in all, noise cancellation improves the performance of the headphones and minimizes outside influences that can affect the overall performance of your headphones. This allows you to thoroughly enjoy your favorite songs no matter where you are. Moreover, this is particularly useful for people who travel a lot or use public transport for work.


So, are you ready to test your headphones? Bear in mind that you do not want your music to escape or buzz. Check that the headphones of your choice fit comfortably and meet with all of your needs. And finally, visit a music store as they have soundproof booths for listening to music and trying out headphones. We hope you found our lists of best songs to test headphones useful.

Have more songs to add to our lists? Great, you’re more than welcome.

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