Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On Xbox One?

Very Important Information for Gamers!

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On Xbox One

If you’re a gamer, having a ton of wires running around your entertainment system is a real pain. So they quickly become a problem and spoil all the fun. This is where the question “can you use Bluetooth headphones on Xbox One” stems from.

Headphones are a standard gaming gear since they provide better sound quality and can even be used to communicate with other players during gameplay. Bluetooth headphones have become the latest fad in the gaming community as technology improves. They remove any limitations imposed by awkward cords and open up new game-playing possibilities. In addition, they elevate the experience of playing Xbox One games to a whole new level.

The Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles, but pairing your Bluetooth headphones with your Xbox One may not be as straightforward. However, with some assistance and advice, you will find connecting Bluetooth headphones to your console is relatively easy.

We will walk you through how you can connect your wireless headphones to Xbox One and discover a whole new world.

Does Xbox One Have Bluetooth?

Due to the lack of Bluetooth capabilities on the Xbox One console, you will be unable to connect your gaming headphones directly to your game console through a Bluetooth connection. The Xbox One does not support Bluetooth. In other words, the Bluetooth signal isn’t strong enough to meet Microsoft’s latency requirements. This may come as a surprise when you consider that many other gaming consoles and media devices use Bluetooth as a standard wireless protocol. 

The Xbox One, on the other hand, uses a Microsoft Xbox Wireless headset to connect players; therefore, this is the Xbox One’s alternative wireless option.

In comparison to Bluetooth, Microsoft’s signal is much more powerful. There is an exponential increase in Bluetooth interference at longer ranges because many people play video games while sitting far away from their consoles in their living rooms or wherever else they may be playing. If you are thinking about using USB Bluetooth adapters, you would be disappointed as the Xbox One console does not have the drivers necessary to power them.

However, there’s no need to despair if you already own a pair of Bluetooth headphones that you adore. There is, however, a workaround, which we will discuss shortly, that will allow you to connect them with your console.

Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One?

Whether you own the best audiophile headphones for gaming or the most expensive gaming headset with Bluetooth or and want to use them with your Xbox One, or if you can’t afford a new Xbox One headset, you’ll be happy to know that there is a way to connect your headphones to your Xbox One controller. It’s vital to note that you’ll have to connect Bluetooth to your device through your controller as the console because while it may have the option of using a USB adaptor, it cannot make this Bluetooth connection.

A Bluetooth transmitter adapter, which plugs into the 3.5 mm audio jack on your controller, is required to attach any Bluetooth headphones to your controller successfully. Because certain controllers lack this 3.5 mm audio port, you’ll need to purchase an adaptor that has this port and allows you to connect the Bluetooth adapter. You can push the pairing button to connect your headphones when everything is in place.

Connecting your wireless Bluetooth headset to your Xbox One controller should be pretty simple if you have the right accessories. The setup may appear cumbersome, but the improved audio possibilities that this headset may provide are well worth the effort. Continue reading for additional information on how to make a good connection.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One?

Things start to get a little more complicated here. For example, the Xbox One, as previously stated, does not support Bluetooth audio natively.

There are just two types of headsets that work with Xbox One right now:

  • Headsets with a wireless dongle: Using a headset with a wireless dongle will need to connect the headphones via the dongle to your Xbox system.
  • Headsets that connect to the console without using a dongle: These headsets will automatically connect to the console. This feature is usually only available for high-end headsets. You pay more for the convenience of not having to deal with the obnoxious dongle.

Choose from one of the Xbox Wireless headsets or come up with something original. We’ll tell you how inventive you need to be, but realize that it’s not so simple and that you will need to spend some money.

For those who own a BT-only headset, you’ll have to go through some extra steps to use it with your Xbox One console.

Connecting Via Third-Party Bluetooth Adapter

Even if Xbox doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can connect your Xbox to your headphones using a third-party adaptor. This means you’ll have to pay more money to connect Bluetooth headsets to the console, but it’s the only way to go.

You will need a Bluetooth transmitter and a Bluetooth receiver to connect using this method. A transmitter is an adaptor that allows you to hear audio from the console. Using Bluetooth technology, the adapter connects to your console. It then transmits signals to your headphones, and you can listen to game audio.

Connecting Via Audio Jack

How you connect a Bluetooth adapter depends on the type of Xbox Controller you have. To begin enjoying high-quality audio while gaming, you must first sync your Xbox One with your Xbox controller.

Newer pads have a built-in audio jack if you need a wired connection. You can use a Bluetooth transmitter with a 3.5mm port to accomplish this. Connect the audio port on the transmitter to the audio jack on your headphones, and you’re done. You should be able to hear the audio as soon as you attach your headphones.

Connecting Via PC Connections

Xbox and Windows can easily tether audio if you use a Windows PC as the end-user device because they share the same parent company, making them highly compatible.

It would help if you had both the PC and the console on the same network to connect them. So you can connect through Ethernet. On your PC, you’ll also need the Xbox Console Companion App.

Fortunately, the Companion App comes pre-installed on Microsoft PCs. If the app isn’t already installed on your computer, you can get it from the Microsoft website.

Following the procedures below, you may quickly establish a connection and begin playing:

  • If you don’t already have an account, open the Companion app and create one.
  • On your app, tap the Connection button. The system will present you with a window that allows you to connect to your Xbox One.
  • Go to the window’s top right corner and click the “Add a Device” button to add a device. This option looks for devices, and after it finds your console, click the Connect button to begin playing.
  • When Windows takes a long time to search, go manually search until you find your terminal.

If you continue to experience connection problems, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Xbox Settings >> Devices and Streaming >> Device Connections.
  • Once it is open, you must enable Allow Play To Streaming, Game Streaming To Other Devices, and Only From Profiles Signed on This Console.
  • You will notice your Xbox on the Connections Tab and click on it. After the connection is established, you can operate Xbox from your PC.

Connecting Via Optical

You can also use a Bluetooth adaptor that supports optical connections to connect your headphones to your Xbox. Along with the 3.5mm jack, some transmitters include an optical digital cable.

Connect the transmitter to the Xbox One’s S/PDIF optical audio output port on the back. Once connected, change the mode of the transmitter from 3.5mm to S/PDIF, then connect your headphones to the transmitter via Bluetooth.

The sole disadvantage of this choice is that you will never be able to chat with other Xbox One players because the transmitter only enables output. You will be able to hear the sounds from your games flawlessly, but you will be unable to respond.

Players who own an Xbox Series X|S will be unable to use this feature because their console lacks a digital output connection. Instead, they must use one of the other choices listed here. For example, you can connect the transmitter to your TV if your Xbox doesn’t allow this connection.

As most modern televisions have an optical port, you can connect the transmitter. However, the connection to your headphones is unaffected.

Connecting Via Stereo Headset Adapter

An audio jack does not come with the original Xbox One controller. The Bluetooth transmitter and stereo headset adapter for Xbox One is required if this is the controller you have.

Suppose you want to use your original Xbox controller with a connected or wireless headset. In that case, you’ll need a stereo headset adapter. The adapter is a Microsoft-developed first-party device that replaces the Xbox console’s missing 3.5mm audio connector.

When you connect this adapter, you have the choice of joining a wired or wireless headphone via a Bluetooth adaptor.

Connecting Via Remote Play

You can utilize Xbox Remote Play to enjoy your games through your Bluetooth headphones if you’re playing on a small screen. Microsoft offers Bluetooth-enabled Xbox controllers, allowing you to connect your devices easily. The Xbox One S is one of these devices, and it supports both Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless.

However, for the Bluetooth connection to work, you must be close to the console. For example, you’ll need the Xbox app on your iOS or Android device, a new Xbox controller with Bluetooth connectivity, and Bluetooth headphones to make this connection. In addition, you might alternatively use a Bluetooth controller that is compatible with mobile devices.

To get the connection up and running, follow these steps:

  • Connect your Bluetooth headphones to your phone.
  • Connect your phone to the controller.
  • Set up the connection on your Xbox by going to Profiles and Systems and clicking on the Guide Button.
  • Navigate to Settings >> Device and Connections >> Remote Control Options
  • Select the checkbox next to the section “Enable Remote Features:
  • Change the power mode to “Instant On.”
  • Set up the connection from your Xbox app by clicking the Remote Play button on the app screen.
  • If you haven’t already connected the console to the app, click the “Set Up A Console” button, and it will create a link. You can now select “Remote Play” from the menu.

Following the setup, you can play on your console via the small screen while listening to music through your Bluetooth headphones.

Connecting Via TV

If none of those above alternatives appeal to you, you can connect your headphones to the television. First, connect your TV to the Xbox console, then pair your Bluetooth headset with the TV through Bluetooth. Only a Bluetooth-enabled TV and an HDMI cable are required.

Connect the console to the TV with an HDMI connection, then select HDMI as the input source on your TV. Then, connect your headphones to your television and begin watching your game.

How to Connect Wireless Headset to Xbox One?

Once you’ve found a pair of suitable wireless headphones, you can use one of two techniques to connect them to your Xbox One.

If Your Headset Comes Equipped with a Wireless Adapter

Certain wireless headsets have a USB adaptor that connects to the console and sends audio data to the headphones. If this is the case, turn on the Xbox One, attach the Bluetooth dongle, then power on the headset. Then, it will connect automatically, at which point the Xbox One’s audio output will switch to your headphones.

If Your Headset Is Not Equipped with a Wireless Adapter

If your wireless headphones don’t connect via a USB wireless dongle, you’ll need to take a few more steps. Still, the process is usually no more complicated than synchronizing a gamepad. So here are three options for getting your headset to function.

  • The headset has a base station that connects to the Xbox consoles and transmits wireless data in certain circumstances. Connect the USB and optical cable ports to the base station. Your headset should immediately pair with the base station, but you’ll need to charge it before using it fully.
  • For other kinds of headsets, press the sync button on the left side (Xbox One) or lower-right corner (other headsets) to sync (Xbox One S and Xbox One X). Hold down the power button on the headphones until the system recognizes them.
  • Connect your Xbox One headset to the console via USB, then turn it on. You can unplug the headset once the Xbox recognizes it (typically because the power indicator stops blinking).

Please note that these are general instructions that may not apply to all models of headsets. For precise instructions, consult the documentation that came with your device.

Can You Connect AirPods to Xbox One?

Can You Connect AirPods to Xbox One

It’s not theoretically possible to use your AirPods with your Xbox One; however, a workaround is explained below.

Does Xbox One Support AirPods?

Because Microsoft’s Xbox One does not have built-in Bluetooth compatibility, you cannot pair Apple AirPods with the console. The Xbox One controller’s headphone jack also does not work with AirPods.

However, you can still use your AirPods while playing Xbox One games if you download the official Xbox app for iOS or Android and link them to the console or controller.

How to Use the Xbox App to Connect AirPods to Your Xbox One

Apple devices and most Android smartphones and tablets are supported via the official Xbox app. You can send direct messages (DMs) to your Xbox Network buddies, and you can keep track of your achievements and purchase Xbox One games.

Here’s How to Utilize the Xbox App and Apple AirPods in Tandem with an Xbox One Console

Connect your Apple or Android AirPods to your mobile device.

  • On your smartphone or tablet, install the Xbox app.
  • Log into your Xbox One using the same Xbox or Microsoft account that you use on the Xbox app
  • Your Microsoft account may appear as a sign-in option if you previously linked it to your device. Tap it to verify that the email address you’ve entered is valid for your Xbox One. If it isn’t, click Create a new account and provide your current account’s email address and password.
  • Click the Let’s Play button.
  • Select the Parties icon from the list that appears.
  • Tap the Start a party button.

How to Use Other Apps to Connect AirPods to Xbox One

To speak with your gaming buddies, you can use your AirPods with any chat application and not only the Xbox App.

While Discord is a popular choice for Xbox One gamers, you can also use other popular messaging apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Line, and WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends while you play.

Calling or chatting on your phone or computer, as usual, is all it takes to use these apps. The main drawback of using these apps is that you can’t ensure that all of your Xbox pals have them.

Final Words

If you’ve followed the instructions in this article, you should now be able to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One. You must be relieved that you don’t have to abandon your Xbox-incompatible audio gear just because the Xbox One is fussy about wireless connectivity. Also, if you are wondering if you can connect your Bluetooth headphones with a PS4, check out our other guide!

Now you know that it is possible to use Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One in various ways, and we have listed all of them for you. With that said, if you don’t already own a headset, you can still purchase a pair of Wireless Xbox headsets and connect your headphones easily with Xbox. But keep in mind that they will only be compatible with Xbox.

If you plan to use headphones on many devices, you should buy Bluetooth headphones. And if by any chance you have problems connecting, reset the device. Simply switching your headphones on and off should address the issue most of the time.

So what are you waiting for? Now that we have untangled the wireless web for you connect your high-powered Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One and start playing.