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Can You Wear AirPods in a Tanning Bed?

Balancing Safety, Comfort and Technology in Your Tanning Routine


Do you like treating your tanning session as your personal relaxation time, listening to your favorite music? Well, you are not alone. Many of us consider our tanning sessions a chance to lie back, soak up some radiation and perhaps catch up on our favorite music or podcast. In addition, most of us rely on AirPods to provide us with a worry-free wireless experience during our tanning sessions. But can you wear AirPods in a tanning bed? Is it safe to use AirPods with tanning equipment? Can AirPods withstand the heat emitted inside the tanning bed?

This blog will answer all these questions, helping you make informed decisions about your tanning routines. Keep reading to know more.

Is It Safe to Wear AirPods in Tanning Bed?

Is It Safe to Wear AirPods in Tanning Bed
Is It a Good Idea to Wear AirPods Inside a Tanning Bed?

The outer shell of AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max is made from a heat-resistant plastic. However, like all other electronic devices on the market, AirPods also come with certain limitations when it comes to tolerating heat or extreme temperature conditions. 

Per Apple’s official website, AirPods should be stored between temperatures -10º and 45º C (14º to 113º F). Therefore, it’s not a good idea to leave them in a parked car (where temperatures can exceed the permitted range for AirPods) or use them in very hot conditions. 

Now, let’s talk about the functionality of tanning beds. 

They work by emitting ultraviolet radiation (mostly using fluorescent lamps), stimulating melanin production in skin cells and resulting in a tan. Therefore, the environment inside a tanning bed is typically warm and temperatures can reach up to 100ºF or 38ºC.

As a result, factors such as heat and UV radiation become important considerations when determining whether it’s safe to wear AirPods inside a tanning bed.

Considering the operational temperature range of AirPods and heat conditions inside the tanning bed, it’s evident that wearing AirPods in a tanning bed can be dangerous and pose risk. 

Temperatures inside the tanning bed can cross the operational temperature of AirPods, leading to battery issues, malfunctioning, or complete damage. Using AirPods inside the tanning bed can also pose serious risks for you, such as burns.

What Are the Potential Health Risks Related to Using AirPods in a Tanning Bed?

Here’s a list of potential health risks posed by using AirPods in a tanning bed. Please note that the below information is based on comprehensive internet research and expert discussions on various online forums. 

1. Skin Discomfort or Injuries Caused by Overheating

The first and most common health hazard associated with using AirPods in a tanning bed is skin discomfort or injury caused by excessive heat production. 

Like all other electronic devices, AirPods also generate heat when in use. This heat can further aggravate due to the warm environment inside a tanning bed and lead to skin comfort or injuries, such as burns. 

Using AirPods in a Tanning Bed Can Lead to Skin Injuries
Using AirPods in a Tanning Bed Can Lead to Skin Injuries

2. Prolonged UV Exposure

Sometimes, your AirPods can become a distraction inside the tanning bed and make you lose track of your tanning session’s time. This can result in prolonged UV exposure and increase the risk of skin cancers (e.g., melanoma) and premature skin aging. 

Per an article published by the Skin Cancer Foundation, indoor tanning comes with a 75% increased risk of developing melanoma (from just one indoor tanning session for individuals below age 35).

Prolonged UV Exposure as a Result of Using AirPods in a Tanning Bed Can Pose Cancer Risk
Prolonged UV Exposure as a Result of Using AirPods in a Tanning Bed Can Pose Cancer Risk

3. Dryness and Irritation in Your Ears

Exposing your ears to prolonged periods of heat can dry out the skin inside your ears (especially the delicate skin inside your ear canals). This can lead to skin irritation and itchiness.

Are There Any Alternatives to Using AirPods in a Tanning Bed?

As already discussed above, your AirPods may not be the right choice for a tanning session. Therefore, we have created a quick list of alternatives you can use to enjoy your most-loved music tracks or podcasts during your tanning adventures!

1. Tanning Beds With Built-In Speakers/Radio

Yes, that’s right. These days, you can find modern tanning beds with built-in speakers or radio. These tanning beds eliminate the need for wireless earbuds or headphones and allow you to enjoy music, podcasts, and more without any overheating worries. Although they are somewhat expensive, they are completely worth the high price!

Tanning Bed With Built-In Speakers
Tanning Bed With Built-In Speakers

2. External Speakers

The next best alternative to using AirPods inside a tanning bed is using external speakers (e.g., portable Bluetooth speakers). 
You can connect these speakers to your device and enjoy a stress-free listening experience. External speakers can be a good option for indoor tanning enthusiasts who do not have privacy concerns. 

Tanning Bed and External Speakers
Tanning Bed and External Speakers

Another alternative to using AirPods inside a tanning bed is a silent tanning session. 

We highly recommend enjoying your tanning session as a moment of meditation or quiet relaxation. 

Will My AirPods’ Warranty Cover Damage Caused by Use in a Tanning Bed?

No. Apple’s Limited Warranty will not cover damage caused by using AirPods in a tanning bed. However, if you have the AppleCare+, you can get the damaged AirPod(s) replaced by paying a single incident fee!

Final Words

Now that you know it’s not entirely safe to use AirPods inside a tanning bed, we highly recommend taking necessary precautions or avoiding AirPods’ use all together.

We hope you found the post helpful.

Next time when you are looking to enjoy some music or other audio during your tanning routine, consider the alternatives we have discussed above to keep yourself and your AirPods safe!

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