How To Remix A Song?

Use These Tips and Techniques to Create a Thrilling Remix

How To Remix A Song

What makes a great song even better? A remix. Music excites us all. If you have the talent for creating music, then you ought to try your hands on remixing a song. It is like creating your version of someone’s art. Initially, it might seem like a daunting task but once you get a hang of it, you might as well end up creating a more enjoyable piece than the original. In this quick guide, we’ll tell you how to remix a song. Read further to know more.

Top 3 Remixes of All Times

Before we tell you how to remix a song, we want you to hear some of the greatest remixes of all times that we have been drooling over!

1. Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)

Baauer impressed everyone with his innovative take on Flosstradamus’s Rollup song and has earned more hearts than the original. 

2. Happy Mondays – Hallelujah (Paul Oakenfold & Andrew Weatherall Remix)

This club mix after the original electronic indie rock transformed it into magic by adding “happy pianos”, “psychedelic synths”, and by giving the song a “slow-paced trance vibe.”

These are some of the classic examples of how to remix a song in the right way! If you are a beginner and looking for a guide to create your first remix, then you are in the right place. It might be a hit and miss at first, but once you get hold of the fundamentals, you are good to go.

3. Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Frankie Knuckle’s Favorite Club Mix)

Frankie Knuckles recreated the masterpiece “Rock With You,” and to everyone’s surprise, made it even better.

These are some of the classic examples of how to remix a song in the right way! If you are a beginner and looking for a guide to create your first remix, then you are in the right place. It might be a hit and miss at first, but once you get hold of the fundamentals, you are good to go. 

A Sneak Peek into a Good Remix

Making a remix is not as easy as it sounds. Adding your creativity to others’ creations is fearful. In fact, the concept of remix is common across this wide range of media, and offers practitioners ‘endless hybridizations in language, genre, content, and technique. So, before telling you how to make a remix, we want you to create some firm principles .

Keeping it easy for you, we have only listed down two points that you should keep in mind:

1. Respect The Original Piece

You should intend to create a different version of the original song rather than a better one. Remember that the original track is the breeding ground of your creation. While adding your flavors to the piece, try not to strip off the originality of the song. Showing respect to the original piece will help you understand it properly and is thus a primitive factor.

2. Make It More Danceable

Remixes are made to amp up the energy quotient of the song. Listen to the remix you have created and if it makes you groove then you’re good to go! The history of remixing is a witness that they were first created for Disco tracks. Adding heavier beats, longer instrumental sections, and playing with the stems, will help you get there.

A Look At The Formalities/ Legalities 

It’s all fun and games until you get into the serious stuff. It turns out that you cannot just remix a song you like and post it on the internet without the permission of the creator. It is illegal to redistribute someone’s work without their permission. Even if you decide to recreate a small section of the piece, you will need written permission from the creator. 

But, what if you were unaware of the legalities involved and have posted a remix of your own without the permission of the creator. Here’s what will happen:

  • You won’t probably be jailed or fined for doing so, but you can’t neglect the possibilities. 
  • Your song might get flagged for copyright infringement
  • There’s a good chance that your account will get taken down from the platform where you have posted the remix. 

In scenarios as such, or when it is not possible to get written or public permission from the creator, you can list your remix under the “bootleg” section. It refers to the fact that you are aware that your creation is illegal. But, you have to keep in mind that acknowledging it won’t make it legal. 

Another exception under the Copyright section is the “Fair Use” disclaimer which allows the reproduction of the original piece without permission. But famous producers might not take this lightly and can take legal action against you.

How to Remix a Song – A Quick Guide

Your search for how to remix a song ends here. We have prepared a list for you to follow and create your first hit!

If you are a beginner, this is your ultimate guide as we have listed ways to help you begin from scratch, without diving straight into the technicalities. So, let’s get started.

1. Pick the Right Song

Choosing the right song to make a remix is so crucial. You will work on a track more efficiently if you love it by heart. Do not let peer pressure make you work on a song that is currently a hit. Following the path others have spread out will only crumble down your creativity.

If you are a beginner or creating a bootleg remix, we would suggest you work on acoustic or minimal songs as they use limited materials and are more simple. That way, you can experiment with your ways as it leaves much room for that. 

2. Build On The Original Song

To recreate a masterpiece on your terms you will have to work with it. Repeatedly listening to the original song and jotting down areas for improvement that come first to your mind will help you work fast. The key point is to know what to and how much to change the original content. Respect the song and focus on adding your personal touch to it.

We would suggest you not listen to other remixes of the same as it will make you overthink your work. Music is all about enjoying. Going with whatever comes to your mind first will make it way more enjoyable. Planning will help you make a clear focus while you are working on it.

3. Resize The Song

Choosing the right areas to show your creativity also requires talent. While creating a remix you don’t necessarily have to keep the whole song. You can work with selected parts or might only use the vocals. 

Only using the vocal from the original song and then recreating it will take your remix to a different level. Vocals are the most characteristic elements of almost all songs and thus keeping them unaltered might work for you.

4. Find a Good Remix Source

If you want to know what will make your remix better other than your creativity then let us introduce you to “stems”. They are layers and pieces of music that are supplied individually especially for the making of a remix. It is generally not possible to get your hands on stems without the permission of the creator. 

Fortunately, some websites provide remix opportunities to creators. They arrange for contests and will provide the stems to help you showcase your creativity. You can check them out at : 

  • SKIO Music
  • Remix Comps Portal
  • Remix Competitions and Producer Competitions with Free Stems, Sample Packs and Prizes | metapop

Using the stems properly can change the game for you! There are several ways to process a stem to create your own. Applying heavy distortions to bass sounds, or reversing the vocals can create a lot of difference. These are some of the ideas of how to mangle the stem.

5. Experiment Your Way Into It

Creating a remix gives you a lot of opportunities to experiment with what your heart desires with the original piece. You have the freedom to change the mood and the tone of the song.  on one hand, when you should not be afraid to create something similar to the original, you should also not refrain from experimenting with every part of the song.

Chopping the original vocals, including transitions, grooves, and adding complexity and heavily processed stems to completely alter the feel of the music will make it stand out from others.

6. Listen To Your Creation

 It is extremely important to listen to your work repeatedly. After all the mixing and processing is done,  you should listen to your song from the audience’s perspective. 

Listen closely to all the parts that you have created. Improvising is the key if you do not like a certain section of the remix. Use a good pair of studio headphones to get the best of the sound clarity and quality. You can pick one of the best studio headphones list here.

7. Create An Alternative

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we imagine them to be. If you realize you’re not satisfied with your first remix, start working on it again. To avoid this situation, it is ideal to create an alternative, by remixing the song differently.

Remixing a song is a great way to show your producing skills. You can also try adding a second hook to the original song if the first isn’t working out for you. It is always a good idea to experiment with the vocal hooks.

Finalize Your Remix

Remixing a song isn’t an easy job. A music producer has to keep a lot of things in mind starting from the technicalities and the fundamentals of music to the legal issues that are involved. If you are a beginner at this, take your own time to create your first piece.

Do not be afraid to experiment but also try not to procrastinate a lot. Delaying to create your final piece will tire you out which will ultimately affect the quality of the remix. It is never wrong to look for inspiration from the other remixes of the song that already exists, but do not compare that with yours.

In this article, we have listed ways for you to begin your journey at remixing. If this article has been helpful, leave a comment down below or share the link to your remix of a song. We are eager to hear some amazing content from you all.