iPad Headphone Jack Not Working

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iPad Headphone Jack Not Working

You were all set and just plugged in your headphones on your iPad to listen to your favorite music, but no sound, nothing! What happened? Is your iPad headphone jack not working?

Has the headphone jack on your iPad suddenly stopped working? Unfortunately, headphone jack malfunctions aren’t as uncommon on iPads as you may imagine.

A broken headphone jack can be incredibly frustrating for people who frequently listen to music or find themselves in a noisy atmosphere.

This post will walk you through some fixes to help you solve your problem. So let’s get started without further ado.

Do All iPad Models Have a Headphone Jack?

Do All iPad Models Have a Headphone Jack?
Do All iPad Models Have a Headphone Jack?

No, all iPad models do not have a headphone jack; Apple has done away with them in their latest models. Most current iPads lack a headphone jack, including the iPad Air (4th Generation) and the iPad Pro (4th Generation). The standard iPad (8th Generation) and the current iPad mini (5th Generation) have a headphone jack.

Because the latest iPad Pro models lack a standard headphone jack, you’ll need to purchase a dongle to connect your wired headphones to the USB-C port.

The iPad Air, iPad Mini, and classic iPad, on the other hand, retain a standard headphone jack.

Reasons Why iPad Headphone Jack or Ear Phone Jack Is Not Working

Most of us have grown accustomed to the idea that things should work as advertised. So, finding out that your iPad’s headphone or earphone jack isn’t working is a significant hassle. It becomes more so when you’re out in public, and using your speakers is not always possible.

But don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Read on to know which factors might be causing this problem.

  • Crackling, skipping, or static sound in headphones is unbearable, as is no sound. Your headphones aren’t always to blame for these issues; it’s usually dirt and dust on your headphone jack that is to blame for them.
  • Another possibility is that the headphone jack’s diameter might have eroded or shrunk due to corrosion due to moisture. It’s most likely corroded if the jack has rust or discoloration. It’s also possible that the audio jack has been damaged due to misuse.
  • If you accidentally drop your iPad, you can face this problem.
  • There might be some manufacturing defect in your iPad.

How to Fix iPad Headphone Jack Not Working?

The headphone jack not working is most likely caused by the headphone itself or incorrect device configuration. So, the first step is to pinpoint the source of the problem.

The simplest method is to test your headphones on other devices to see if they work according to itweak.in. You can try it on multiple devices, which may help you pinpoint the problem more precisely. You might also want to see your audio settings. Also, you can access Control Center and press the Audio widget to ensure your iPad isn’t transferring audio to another source.

Make sure the silencer switch or the volume buttons have not muted your sound, causing the problem.

If your headphones do not work on other devices and you can’t even hear phone calls you have tested them on, the problem is most likely with your headphones. Instead, replace it with a new pair of headphones to resolve this issue.

If your headphones work on a different device that you tested them on but not on your iPad, there could be a problem with your device.

For fixing your iPad or iPhone Headphone jack, you can apply the following methods:

Clean the Headphone Jack

First and foremost, make sure the headphone jack and cables are in good working order. For cleaning, you need to unplug the headphone cable from your iPad and then, with a cotton swab or soft brush, clean the headphone jack by swirling it around to get the dust and lint out.

Please remember not to use anything sharp to clean the headphone jack to avoid damaging it.

Reboot Your Device

If the headphone jack isn’t working, rebooting the iPad is an excellent place to start when things aren’t working correctly. Since the iPad’s memory (but not its permanent memory, such as your data, which will remain untouched) is cleared upon restart, this may remove the source of your issue. In addition to the fact that it’s quick and straightforward, there is no negative.

Restarting your iPad may not be harmful, as it can resolve many technical issues. For example, it can get your device out of earphone mode. So, to restart your iPad, follow these steps:

  • Hold the Top (or Side) button down until the slider appears.
  • Drag the slider to turn off your device completely.
  • After turning off the device, press and hold the Top (or Side) button until the Apple logo appears.
  • Test your headphones by inserting them into the headphone jack.

Check Bluetooth Output

When you connect your device to another device via Bluetooth, your headphone jack may stop working. As a result, you should check if your iPad is paired with another Bluetooth device like wireless headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. 

If this is the case, your headphone jack will be disabled, and you will not be able to hear anything when you plug in a headphone. To obtain a check, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings app> Bluetooth.
  • Tap the button to turn Bluetooth off. This step will disconnect all the Bluetooth devices that may connect with your iPad.
  • Re-try your headphones.

Check the AirPlay Output

Your iPad may be diverting sounds from your headphones to a different output. It’s conceivable that your iPad hasn’t recognized that you’ve plugged in headphones and automatically switched the audio to them. Suppose the audio does not play through your headphones. In that case, your iPad may be sending audio to another device, which could be the AirPlay output.

AirPlay allows you to wirelessly sync your iOS device’s photos, music, videos, and even the screen to your Apple TV.

  • From the bottom of your iPad screen, swipe up.
  • Look for the AirPlay button.

AirPlay is enabled if the button is illuminated. Then, to turn off AirPlay, tap the button. If the button is grey, it is deactivated.

Factory Reset

Before you turn to an expert, there’s one more thing you can try. Your phone’s operating system and data will be wiped clean after a factory reset. If the issue isn’t hardware-related, performing a factory data reset should take care of any glitches in your phone’s software.

How to perform a factory reset:

  • Take a look at the settings.
  • Go to the System app.
  • Select the option to reset your settings.
  • Delete all data by pressing the Erase all data button (factory reset).
  • Tap on the Erase all data button to complete the process.
  • Your PIN is required to proceed.
  • Hit Erase all data once more to be sure.

How to Fix a Broken iPad Headphone Jack?

How to Fix a Broken iPad Headphone Jack?
How to Fix a Broken iPad Headphone Jack?

Your headphone jack is probably broken and needs repairing if you’ve tried all these methods and your headphones are still not working.

It’s possible to do this independently, but we don’t suggest it. The iPad is difficult to fix since it is so intricate and fragile. Furthermore, if your iPad is still under warranty, attempting to repair it yourself nullifies the warranty. This means Apple will not assist you in resolving the problems you caused.

To get it fixed, you’ll need to visit an Apple Store. See if your iPad’s warranty covers a repair.

If Your iPad Is Under Warranty, Here’s How to Find Out

The serial number on your iPad or other Apple device will tell you if your gadget is still covered under warranty. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Start by locating the serial number of your iPad.
  • To find it, you can either use the following methods:
  • Find the Serial Number area in Settings > General > About.
  • Using iTunes, connect the gadget to the computer.
  • Besides the device’s image, a serial number is present on the management screen.
  • Visit the warranty checker on Apple’s website from any web browser.
  • Continue to warranty checker when you’ve entered your iPad’s serial number and completed CAPTCHA.
  • In case the device has not been registered, the warranty has expired, or AppleCare can be added, click the link next to the item you wish to take action on.

If Your iPad Is Still Under Warranty, Here’s What You Do

If your iPad is still under warranty, you can do the following things:

  • Support is available by phone, email, or live chat.
  • Make an appointment at your local Apple Store’s Genius Bar to get help with your device.
  • Add AppleCare+ to your purchase. Before contacting Apple for help, it’s good to purchase AppleCare for your device if it’s no longer under warranty but is still eligible. AppleCare might save you money if you anticipate needing a repair in the future.

There’s always the option of getting a new iPad and doing away with the need for wired headphones altogether.

How to Clean iPad Headphone Jack?

It’s not uncommon for headphones and charging ports to become clogged with dirt on smartphones. When we carry our phones in our pockets or bags, they can collect dust, dirt, and lint. Even though this debris is unlikely to pose a significant threat to your device, cleaning in these areas can be extremely difficult.

To thoroughly clean your headphone jack, you can combine any methods listed here.

Sharp objects can damage the connection between your headphones and your phone, so avoid using them.

Using Cotton Swabs

Cleaning a headphone jack with a cotton swab is one of the most common methods. Using a common household item and a few squirts of water is ideal for beginners.

The most important step here is to cut down your cotton swab, as most will be too big to fit comfortably inside a headphone jack. Cotton that comes loose and gets stuck in the jack will only worsen the problem. However, if you follow these steps, you can get a head start on your project:

Make the cotton swab’s tip the same width as the plastic handle’s handle. Make sure there are no loose threads by using scissors and snipping the threads as you go along.

  • Smooth the cotton end with a squirt of water.
  • To avoid damaging your phone, make sure the cotton swab isn’t too wet before using it.
  • Insert the cotton swab into the jack and move it around in a circular motion to remove any debris.
  • Use a dry cotton swab to remove any remaining moisture.

Paper Clips

Instead of a cotton swab, you can use an unfolded paper clip. Wrap the end of the jack with a piece of Sellotape, a common household tape, to protect it from sharp objects.

The Compressed Air Method

A popular computer cleaner is “canned compressed air,” which removes debris without harming sensitive hardware. To clean out your headphone jack, you’ll need to find a headphone jack cleaner, which you can usually find at an electronics or computer store.

If you have access to a compressed air can, these are very simple to use. To use the nozzle, you must point it directly at the jack on your headphones and press the button to activate it. To loosen and remove debris, just a few short, sharp bursts should do the trick.

Because it doesn’t contain any harmful contaminants, blowing into your headphone jack is a popular choice. If your device is seriously clogged, you won’t be able to blow into it.

The Method of Alcohol Use

The methods outlined here will be enough to clean your headphone jack in most cases. However, if sufficiently clogged, it may necessitate a more thorough cleaning. Using rubbing alcohol, for example, can remove dirt from a headphone jack.

The cotton swab technique above requires rubbing alcohol instead of water. Make sure to dry your jack entirely after using the alcohol agent, and be careful not to use too much.

Make the most of your music listening experience by following these suggestions.

Final Words – iPad Headphone Jack Not Working

People love music, and as time goes on, more and more people have access to it through various gadgets such as iPods, cell phones, and other such devices. You can listen to your music while relaxing in your living room or bedroom when you’ve got your headphones on.

However, these headphone jacks wear out with time due to their frequent use and vertical alignment, and after a while, they cease to function. So buying a new set of headphones isn’t a viable option if you already own a nice pair. Still, you can save money by using the fixes mentioned above and repairing your iPad’s headphone jack instead of buying a new set of headphones or burning a hole in your pocket and buying an iPad.

Sometimes, the issues can go beyond the headphone jack. So, if it is any other fix you’re looking for, learn how to fix headphones the right way!