12 Thrilling Music Room Ideas: Music Room Decor Is All You Need

Time to Turn Your Music Room into a Dreamland

Music Room Ideas

We all have that special corner or room in our house that we adore the most. It’s like a safe spot for us that helps us escape reality for a while. Time and again we have spoken about the magical world of music and its healing powers. You are lucky if you know how to speak the language of music. Music is rewarding and so you should treat it the right way. If you have a hobby of listening to music or have a passion for playing an instrument or for singing you must amp up your music room with some thrilling music room ideas. Transforming your music room into a space of creativity that reflects your passion and inner self is the musical version of “Dress For The Job You Want.”

We’re guessing that you have made up your mind to transform a room into your very own music room and the ideas on Pinterest are too dreamy yet hard to pull off. We got it right, correct? Don’t worry; we’ve put our thinking caps on and have come up with some realistic yet thrilling music room ideas to help you decorate your music room.

12 Exciting Music Room Ideas

If you practice music as a career or hobby, and have decided to decorate your music room, you ought to take it seriously. Research shows that music rooms can drive collaborative creativity. We understand that you have different tastes and preferences when it comes to decorations. Therefore, we have compiled a list of music room idea that will surely suit your requirements.

Music Room Ideas For Small Spaces

While decorating a small space, you should pay attention to the color. The right color choice can make your small cave look a little bigger. We prefer going for soft tones of whites, peach, blues, and greens while choosing a color for a small space. 

Now, here are some ideas to help you turn a small room into your favorite music room:

1. Create A Wooden Atmosphere

create a wooden atmosphere

What makes a small room cozy and attractive at the same time? Yes, wood! Who doesn’t love a wooden cabin? Now imagine the same with music playing. A soulful experience, indeed. The best you can do with a small room is to decorate it with light woods. The plain look of the room will be overlooked for its coziness and is perfect for you and your band to have your music session.

2. Plan a Chilled Aura

Plan a Chilled Aura

If you are going for a more “chill” vibe and want to make space a hangout spot for you and your friends while listening to music, then we would suggest you go for light renovations. You can paint the room with some soft tone of white and lay a rug and set up a couch that will match the color of the space. You can also throw in a few comfortable chairs and furry cushions. To add the touch of music in the room, you can hang framed CDs or keep a guitar at the side of your couch. You can also flaunt the best audiophile headphones; they look chic and stylish.

Music Room Ideas For the Garage

This is our favorite so far and we can’t wait to share it with you. But first, here’s a short story. Our office had an empty garage left alone for a long time. Just when we were looking for ideas and a space for our office party, we came up with a brilliant idea. Yes! You guessed it right. We have turned that garage into our very own music room and it’s our absolute favorite!

3. Paint Graffiti on Walls

Paint Graffiti on Walls

We just cannot think of any other better way to jazz up your music room that has previously been your garage. Graffiti on garage walls is so edgy and trendy! It might save you some bucks as well if you have a flair to paint and can do it yourself. 

What we prefer most is graffiti on grey or brick walls. It will give off a “street” vibe and is perfect for you and your boys to jam.

4. Give Out Rockstar Vibes

Give Out Rockstar Vibes

From the Ramones to the Kings and the Nirvana, all these famous bands started their journey from a garage. You never know when you and your band will get the break and will be the next garage Rockstar! So to get the feeling already you can decorate the place with soft lighting and can keep your guitars and instruments on display.

Music Room Ideas For the Basement

Even if you are scared of your basement being empty and creepy, it’s probably best to turn it into your favorite corner with music. If you love making music then it will be both convenient and cool to have your studio in your basement. Let’s give you some ideas.

5. Turn It Into a Colorful Event

Turn It Into a Colorful Event

A basement turned into a music room is also an amazing place to host a small house party. To turn a dull, lifeless basement into a studio it is probably best to go for a particular theme. 

You can either choose bright colors and minimal furniture and a huge display of your instruments. This bright and lively theme is by the way our favorite.

You can also turn this room into an artsy one by adding a cool portrait on one side, a colorful wood diffuser on one wall to match the vibe, and a monochromatic paint on the other side.

6. Add a Surprise Element

 Add a Surprise Element

If you are ready to take it to the next level, then you can add a surprise element to this. Create a world of your right beneath your house by turning your basement into a lounge area just like the 70’s bachelor pad-inspired music room. 

Some of the must-haves for this room are a couch or sitting area with a velvet-y finish, some old magazines, and your musical instruments.

Other Interesting Music Room Ideas

7. Play With Black and Red

 Play With Black and Red

To get a classic modern-day music room, it is best to use a color scheme of black and red. To leverage the grandeur quotient of the room, you can use matching curtains, a red couch outlined with black, and to give a stunning look to the room you can place a piano in the middle.

8. Use Guitar Wall Mounts

Use guitar wall mounts

If you are a guitar fanatic, we believe you would like your Music room to reflect that as well. Thus, a great idea to decorate your music room is by using guitar wall mounts. Not only will it give off a vibe of a “museum” but will also save a lot of space and your chances of knocking them off will fall down. As they will be lifted on the walls, you will be able to choose one from the display before practicing.

9. Give It a City Look

Give It a City Look

If you own a budding band, we understand your passion. Suddenly at night, you might feel the urge to practice while the city sleeps. To keep up with the zeal, you can convert a plain room to a city-themed musical room. With skyscrapers painted all over the walls over either soft tone white or blue, and your instruments in the middle will pump up your energy like never before.

10. Make the Most of Your Attic

Make the Most of Your Attic

You are lucky if you have an attic and a fool if you are not using it. If the rents of other studios are too high for you, we would suggest you turn your attic into a music studio. You might view the tilted side of the attic as a limitation but if you can use it properly it will be a win-win situation for you.

To make the most of the tilted portion you can either make it as a storage section with a huge display of music magazines, CDs, etc. You can paint this portion with a brighter color than the rest.

11. Fill It With Colors

Fill it with colors

Who wouldn’t love a music room filled with a riot of colors? A great idea to attract your guests to your Music room is by adding several bright colors. Make it more of a lounge area where your friends can relax and watch you play.

12. Decorate It With a Piano

 Decorate It With a Piano

If you have a piano, you ought to give a thought about creating a classic piano room. If you decide to do it, you will have to be very careful with the selection of furniture and other accessories for your room. Keep it in mind only to pick up only statement pieces. Stuff your piano in a corner lay a classy rug underneath, and give the room a wooden vibe. We would suggest you give this room a vintage as it will complete your classic piano room.

Final Thoughts 

You might think once in a while that why is it important to put so much thought while decorating a music room. Well, decorating your creative space in your way will change the way you will look at it. A well-decorated space where you will either play or listen to music for some relaxation or will be creating one for your music career will take your zeal to the next level. No one wants to work or relax in a dull and messy place.

Maybe you are finding it hard to decorate your music room as you are putting too much thought and effort into this. Start by making small changes in the room, either by adding a couple of plants or a classic rug, or just start by changing the color and vibe of the room. Decorate your dream space over time by taking small baby steps. We have compiled a list of unique and thrilling ideas in this article to decorate your music room. Try picking up the one that goes with your vibe or try mixing up different themes, play with the color schemes a little, and see if it works out for you. 

Hope you have found this article helpful. Let us know in the comments how you dream to decorate your Music room. Also let us know what we should write next for you.

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