Otoset Ear Cleaning System Review – Worth the Hype?

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Otoset Ear Cleaning System

Did you know that excess ear wax can cause temporary hearing loss? Did you also know that ear tips are not the only way to get rid of it? Technology has made nearly everything possible. A specimen of this is SafKan’s Otoset Ear Cleaning System which employs automated technology to deep clean impacted earwax. 

Shaped like huge headphones, they are far from it and help maintain ear hygiene and health. A study reveals that 35 million Americans are affected by impacted earwax, the leading cause of conductive hearing loss. So, this is a more concerning problem than we address it. 

Enter Otoset Ear Cleaning System, an FDA-cleared device that has revolutionized ear cleaning by giving a convenient and modern spin to its once-exclusive, manual methods. While it is an exemplary product, it does burn a hole in the pocket. Thankfully, it is authorized for use by healthcare professionals only, But as an age-old adage goes, “good things never come easy.”

Before we dive into the specifics of the product, let’s learn a bit about the brains behind it – SafKan.

About the Company

Safkan Health is a medical equipment manufacturing start-up based in Seattle, Wash. It manufactures Otoset Ear Cleaning System. The Diwan Brothers laid the foundation stone of the company, coming up with the idea of a device that can do the functions of both primary care physicians and ENTs. 

Aadil Diwan, a biomedical engineer, and Sahil Diwan, an expert on launching and growing companies, proposed this product with the idea of it becoming the standard of professional ear cleaning. 

The headphones-imitating device has undergone reviews from various physicians and picked the brains of several Ph.D. computer and electrical engineering scholars on its technological aspect, a component that won Safkan Health the Hearing Technology Innovator Award in 2021. 

The company also impressed one of its most prominent investors, CultivateMD, by building a team of self-motivated engineers who could move quickly toward production in just a year and a half. SafKan Health is now looking into devising a “customer version for home use.”

How Does Otoset Ear Cleaning Device Work?

Otoset Ear Cleaning Device is a safe system for deep cleaning of impacted earwax. Working on the principles of irrigation and micro-suction, it does its job without meddling with the eardrums.

How Does Otoset Ear Cleaning Device Work?
How Does Otoset Ear Cleaning Device Work?

The device features disposable ear tips going inside the ear canal and sprays a liquid solution that loosens and dissolves the ear wax, sucks it out, and flushes it into the two transparent disposable chambers on each side of the device. These chambers are fully recyclable waste containers. 

While traditional methods of earwax clearing took the manual effort of trained physicians for up to 30 minutes, this device does so automatically within a minute. It functions on a chargeable built-in battery and can perform 50 procedures on a single charge. Additionally, the one-year bundle model of the device can treat up to 240 ears.

Benefits of Otoset Ear Cleaning Device 

Otoset Ear Cleaning Device is an unprecedented breakthrough in the field of auditory health. Let us glance through some of its far-reaching benefits:

Benefits of Otoset Ear Cleaning Device 
Benefits of Otoset Ear Cleaning Device 
  • According to some clinical studies, the device clears out mild to severely impacted earwax. Since ear impactions cause not only conductive hearing loss but also cause tinnitus, vertigo, pain, and coughing, cleaning them with this device frees you of the said health risks. 
  • Automated method of ear cleaning as opposed to traditional manual ear cleaning methods.
  • Clinically proven safe ergonomics and cleaning mechanisms.
  • Significantly reduces the workload of otolaryngologists and their personnel.
  • Doesn’t require thorough training to operate, as all it needs to function is pushing a button. This directly contradicts the manual methods of ear cleaning, which requires the nurse or other staff performing it to be well-trained. 
  • Ensures all-around ear health and better hearing due to no blockages from the impacted earwax.

Final Words

Soon enough, we will see a customer version of the Otoset Ear Cleaning Device, which we can use in our homes. As for the current version, we found it to be quite gentle yet immensely effective at the same time. It will require a visit to an otolaryngologist, but we felt a great deal of difference after coming out of the clinic. 

Q-tips are not the best way to go around ear cleaning. Instead, they can sometimes push the earwax even deeper into the ear canal or may injure the eardrums too. Professionals have long syringed liquids inside the ear to shake off and flush out the earwax.

The Otoset device also engages similar principles to clean the ear. So, it is evident that the Otoset Ear Cleaning device is based on the same principles as relied on by the doctors.

We hope we can help you learn all about the Otoset Ear cleaning Device. Feel Free to write to us in case of further queries or concerns. We would be delighted to take them up!