What Are DJ Headphones?

All You Need to Know About DJ Headphones

What are DJ Headphones

So, what are DJ headphones and what’s special about them? For a job that constantly requires great comfort and music, DJs clearly won’t be wearing regular headphones. Do you agree?

DJ headphones aren’t exactly like your regular headphones. Both are very different. At times, there are a lot of features in DJ headphones that you never knew you’d need, but once you start using them, you realize what a blessing they are. Read on to know what’s special about good DJ headphones.

Comfort and Construction

Most of us have used regular headphones before. You must have noticed that they tend to get stuffy and uncomfortable after a certain time. Often, you may experience discomfort and headaches because of them. On the other hand, you’ll experience very little discomfort if you wear DJ headphones for prolonged hours, if at all. They are designed to fit snug around your ears. You won’t need to keep tugging at the headband to stay in place, unlike regular headphones.

The ear cups are lined with soft cushioning and padding. This prevents the headphones from heating up. They are usually constructed with better materials, as compared to regular headphones.


A Pair of Durable DJ Headphones
A Pair of Durable DJ Headphones

We’ve all noticed how carefree DJs become when they’re performing or recording. They enter a world of their own. At times, they may drop their headphones a few times. However, the strong beauties are designed to take the brunt of the fall. Made with top quality materials, DJ headphones don’t fall apart as easily as regular headphones do.

A feature you’re definitely going to love about DJ headphones is their ability to easily fold into a compact arrangement. They’re quite travel-friendly, and you can easily pop them into your backpack and set out for the day.

Bid Goodbye to Those Tangled, Unruly Cables

DJs use their headphones on a regular basis. We’re sure you must have wondered how on earth they must untangle their headphones, especially since untangling regular headphones becomes an unmanageable task. What type of headphones would DJs use then? Definitely not your standard headphones – that’s for sure!

DJ headphones have only one cable, which doesn’t intertwine. It also allows them more flexibility and movement when performing, and doesn’t restrict motion.

Sound Quality

You’re probably wondering what type of headphones DJs use, especially since they definitely need excellent sound quality. When users hear music from regular headphones, they will notice that it sounds flat and dull. You’re hardly able to hear the bass.

DJ headphones are known for their superior sound quality. Every beat and note of music is crisp and clear – which is a necessity for DJing.

Block Out That Noise!

We’ve got two words for you: sound isolation. How many times have you been annoyed because you can hear people talking around you, even if you’re listening to music at the highest possible volume on your headphones? How about the number of times people have told you that they can hear your music, even though you were playing it at a pretty moderate volume? We’re sure the count is really high!

DJ headphones provide users with a wonderful feature of noise isolation. This means that they can block out any external noise when they’re monitoring or recording. This is an absolute necessity, especially when a DJ is performing live. When a DJ is busy entertaining a crowd, it can get difficult to hear your music over the loud cheers of the audience. There’s always a lot of noise on the dance floor and it becomes tough trying to figure out when to cue the next song and create flawless transitions.

DJ headphones prevent unwanted ambient sound from being heard by the DJ and at the same time, make sure that no sound ‘leaks’ out of the headphones.

Time to Look for a Pair Now

Get a Pair of DJ Headphones
Get a Pair of DJ Headphones Now!

Of course, DJ headphones were primarily designed to be used and worn by those in the musical industry. However, if you’re someone who loves music, our team of experts recommends investing in a pair of DJ headphones.

Even though you’ll pay a little more than regular headphones, you’re also receiving many more features that you’re bound to love. Trust us; once you start listening to music on DJ headphones, there’s no turning back!

If you have any questions, doubts, or queries, feel free to drop a comment in our comments section below, and our experts will get back to you with an answer in no time. If there are any products you have in mind that you’d like for us to test and review, do write to us!