Why Music Is Important

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Why Music Is Important

Music. What would the world be like without the gift of music? Sounds pretty boring, right? But, let’s give it some thought – what does music really add to our life? Right from when we are infants, we are surrounded by music – be it in the form of poems or nursery rhymes and jingles to even cartoon shows. 

We know music is powerful. But have you ever thought of what it is about music that makes it so impactful? Why do we introduce music to children from such a tender age, even before their birth at times? Music is strongly promoted in schools and educational institutes too. Is there any reason why there is such a strong push to have music incorporated into a child’s curriculum? Don’t worry – we have done the research for you and found the answers to all of your questions. Keep reading to know what our experts have to say!

The Power of Music

Music Is a Universe That Can Awaken Your Mind
Music Is a Universe That Can Awaken Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what makes music so powerful? It opens up a wide door to an entirely different universe. This universe allows you to awaken your mind, move your body and freely express yourself. In fact, some people may even agree with the fact that music helps you discover yourself and connect with your identity. There are so many things you can do while listening to music!

Music Is a Great Stress Buster
Music Is a Great Stress Buster

As we all know, listening to music can be a great stress buster. There is no better workout than grooving to your favorite song. Nothing will put you to sleep better than listening to your mother singing a beautiful lullaby (or soothing music while using the best headphones for sleeping). Music is powerful – no doubt about that – and its power is truly inexplicable. As a matter of fact, scientists and researchers believe that in the near future, music could help cure severe diseases and illnesses too. Music can help you heal both emotionally and physically, and can allow you to fully experience your emotions.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

Why Is Music So Important to Society? 

Music Is an Excellent Tool That Helps You Express Emotions
Music Is an Excellent Tool That Helps You Express Emotions

All of us have little artists hidden within us, no matter what your age may be. Frankly speaking, almost each and every aspect of our lives as human beings involves art in some form or the other. Since centuries now, music has been a prominent art form in the lives of millions of people. Music gives individuals a chance to not only express but also experience every emotion there is – right from happiness all the way to anger and grief. What’s more is that you don’t need to be the one listening to music to be able to experience these emotions, but can also be a creator or a composer.  

Music Helps in Changing Your Mood
Music Helps in Changing Your Mood

The right music is the perfect tool you need to set the mood for any occasion. Whether it is a quiet night in at home or a night out with friends at a lounge, you are definitely going to want some music to accompany you.

Why Is Music So Important to Culture?

Different Cultures Depict Different Types of Music
Different Cultures Depict Different Types of Music

Each and every culture across the world has its own musical wonders. Each culture represents itself differently, with different types of music. There is great diversity in the type of rhythm, the instruments as well as the vocals used. If there is a social gathering of any kind, you will always find music there too. No festivity is enjoyable without music. Music is a gateway to excitement and letting loose by having a great time. It provides you with a great way to express yourself and fully enjoy the celebrations and festivities. Music gives you a sense of belonging. 

People feel connected to one another, and in a way, connected to their ancestors when they listen to music unique to their culture. Along with this, they also feel connected to one another. There are various cultural songs and folklore that depict the history of a culture. This can prove to be a great way for people to be aware and in touch with their origin. Another advantage of this is that children can learn their native language, if at all they have one other than English. 

Why Is Music So Important for Your Health?

Why Is Music So Important for Your Health?
Music Is Important for Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Many of us have heard about music therapy before, but very few know of the power it holds. To sum it up in a few words, music therapy is therapy that involves, well, music. It can be used to aid both emotional and physical ailments, and consists of multiple activities such as playing an instrument (predominantly drumming), listening to a particular melody as well as guided visualizations.

 Music therapy has proven to be impactful and helpful across all age groups, by giving your mind a distraction and thereby giving it something else to focus on. In turn, what happens is that you find that your mood becomes elevated. Along with improving your mood, music can help to reduce pain and lower your anxiety levels as well. Since music triggers biochemical stress reducers, listening to music is a great stress buster. 

Why Is Music So Important in Schools? 

Music Is a Must for School Children

Studies over the last decade have proved that music is highly beneficial and impactful to mankind in order to simulate cognitive thinking as well as personal and psychological maturity and development. Neurologists have also stated that introducing music to children from a very young age can prove to be helpful in developing their skills as well.

They claim that introducing music to infants or toddlers, or even before a child is born, can have great influence on the development of the cerebral cortex region. This, in turn, can help them pick up different languages at a faster pace and with much ease. 

Not only listening to music, but playing a musical instrument can also help in a student’s learning pathway. As a matter of fact, many educational institutes across the world are adding music as a subject to their curriculum.  In a day filled with mundane and monotonous academic classes, students yearn for a break from their daily grind. Music class can prove to be a great escape to students and allow them to fully express themselves and let loose. There are numerous benefits of music on learning and improving your memory.

It has also been proven that dancing can help children improve their hand-eye coordination, can also help in improving teamwork and help them in expressing themselves. It also helps them to gain confidence.  Along with that, playing a percussion instrument, such as the drums, is a great way for young kids to accentuate their gross motor skills. 

Studies have shown that listening to and learning music can lead to:

  • Rapid development of a child’s brain
  • Better human connection and impactful socialization
  • Improved grasping power of a student
  • Reduced stress levels in children
  • Initiation of a creative thought process 
  • Early development of problem solving skills 
  • Enhanced memory in children

Music is a great subject to study as well. Curious as to why you should study music? It is a subject that is easily available, and can be self-taught as well, if you have the right resources. Studying music can bring discipline into your life. Along with discipline, it can also help you develop your creativity and communication skills.

Music can also aid in sharpening your memory, since more often than not, you will rely heavily on your memorization skills to get musical notes, lyrics and choreography right. 

What Does Music Represent?

To many people, music represents energy. To some, it is a form of emotion and along with that, a language of expression. Music can have a strong connection with an old memory – a memory that can sometimes only be unlocked by hearing a particular tune or a song. Some people devote their lives to music and are completely and fully immersed in it. For others, it is their whole world, while for some it is how they relate and connect themselves with the world around them. 

Music is a great distraction as well, while also being a great companion. Play some music when you are busy doing house chores or out for a walk, and you will have the time of your life. A lot of people also find that having music playing in the background can help them focus better. Lo-fi music is a wonderful option if you are looking for music to help you concentrate while you are busy working or studying. 

Music is also used widely in the education and teaching sectors to help students learn things. As a matter of fact, most of our team members find that they study better when they listen to music!

An Ending Note (Pun Intended)

It goes without saying that music is a highly integral part of our culture and lifestyle. Right from the beginning of mankind till date, civilizations across the world have incorporated music into their everyday lives. Music is not only very enjoyable but it is also inexpensive. Of course, music provides us with a great source of entertainment, but along with it come multiple mental and physical health benefits as well. 

If you have any questions, doubts or queries, feel free to drop a comment in our comments section below, and our experts will get back to you with an answer in no time. If there are any products you have in mind that you would like for us to review and compare, do write to us!