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Top Picks 8 Best Audiophile Headphones in 2021

8 Best Audiophile Headphones in 2021

The Best Sounding Headphones Ever

8 Best Audiophile Headphones
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The best audiophile headphones can provide you with the purest listening experience. The audio delivered by these headphones is a beautiful mix of musicality and high precision. Simply put, they are the best sounding headphones on the market. 

High-fidelity headphones, high-precision headphones, high-end headphones, and so on; the best audiophile headphones have multiple names. Also, they are available in different styles, prices, models, and so on. Even though most of the audiophile headphones are expensive, you can also find budget-friendly models.

To help you find the right audiophile headphones, our headphones experts tested over 40 audiophile headphones on the market over 120 days. They evaluated different features and functionalities of each pair of headphones and have compiled this detailed guide to help you make an informed purchase.

Finally, they picked the following 8 best audiophile headphones:

In this guide, we’ll review the top 8 audiophile headphones in detail, list their pros and cons, discuss how to find the right audiophile headphones, and answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about audiophile headphones. Read further to know more.

How to Find the Right Audiophile Headphones – Buying Guide

While it is clear that sound quality is the most important factor to consider while looking for the right audiophile headphones, you should also consider:

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and fit are two critical factors you should look at, especially when buying audiophile headphones. Most headphones users buy audiophile headphones for a stellar listening experience; however, excellent sound quality does not solely contribute to a great listening experience. Comfort and fit are equally important. While most of the audiophile headphones on our list are comfortable, you can pick the one that suits your comfort and fit requirements the best.


Most of the audiophile headphones are durable since they have a high price. However, you can look at features, such as cable quality, connector quality, and material of the headphones’ frame to assess their sturdiness.

Design and Style

Many audiophiles buy the best audiophile headphones to make a style statement. Therefore, the design of the headphones is also a significant purchase criteria for them. If you are one of those who evaluate each and every feature of the headphones carefully, including design, we have a special category on our list called the “Audiophile Headphones With the Best Design.” You can check the same to find the most stunning audiophile headphones on the market.

Closed-Back or Open-Back

In the case of closed-back headphones, the ear cups are completely sealed and there is no sound leakage. However, this can cause the music to sound unnatural and unclear, as compared to open-back headphones. Nevertheless, they provide a more powerful bass output. On the other hand, open-back headphones leak out sound. Many high-end headphones come with an open back to sound more natural. However, they are not suitable for use in public places. You want your listening experience to be discrete, isn’t it? Therefore, carefully assess which audiophile headphones you want to buy, open-back or closed-back.

Wired or Wireless

Most audiophiles prefer wired headphones because they provide better sound quality and there are no signal latency issues like Bluetooth headphones. Nevertheless, it’s completely up to you which type of audiophile headphones you want to buy. Audiophiles who are looking for convenience prefer wireless headphones. However, if you don’t like charging headphones off and on, we suggest you pick a wired model.

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Driver Size

Audiophile headphones with planar magnetic drivers deliver the best sound quality. They are lightweight and provide fast frequency response. Nevertheless, that does not mean audiophile headphones with dynamic drivers sound awful; please don’t get confused. It’s just that planar magnetic drivers are more powerful. 

You can read the full headphones buying guide for more clarity on how to find the right headphones.

Top 8 Audiophile Headphones for Music Enthusiasts

Now let’s looked the detailed reviews of the 8 best audiophile headphones one by one.

1. Audeze LCD-X Headphones

Best Audiophile Headphones of All Time

  • Crisp mids and highs
  • Balanced bass
  • Comfortable for continuous use
  • Great build; sturdy
  • Huge soundstage
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Bulky and large

Honestly, we don’t need to think twice before declaring the Audeze LCD-X Headphones the best overall audiophile headphones on the market. Even though the headphones are expensive and not suitable for those who are on a shoestring budget; they are sheer beauty.

Firstly, the sound quality delivered by these headphones is simply out of the world. You can hear even the minutest of details with superb precision. The sound signature is dynamic, neutral, nimble, and transparent. The mid-range is clear and crisp; the bass is neither too overpowering nor too dull. These headphones come with a broad soundstage. So, whether you call yourself an audiophile or music enthusiast, you’ll love these headphones. We never heard drums and guitars so clearly with any other headphones. 

Secondly, the Audeze LCD-X Headphones have a planar, open-back design. They look sturdy and stylish. The earpads are made of premium-quality leather and memory foam, and do not cause any sweating issues. The headband is adjustable and does not fit too tightly on your head. The large 106 mm drivers are thinner than human hair, and comprise Audeze’s proprietary Fazer elements and dual-sided magnetic arrays.

Thirdly, on the comfort front, these headphones are extremely comfortable. The ear pads are soft and plush. However, they are bulky and large. They look like “beasts.” Nevertheless, we easily managed to wear these headphones for over four hours in one sitting. We did not experience any discomfort. 

In conclusion, the Audeze LCD-X Headphones are the best audiophile headphones on our list. They are also one of the most expensive headphones; however, the price should not stop you from buying an excellent product. While most people buy audiophile headphones for casual listening, you can use these headphones for your home studio too. We could not spot any issues in these headphones.

2. Sony MDR-XB500 Extra Bass Headphones

Best Audiophile Headphones for Bass

  • Premium-end headphones
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Excellent bass
  • Sharp highs and warm mids
  • Great sound quality
  • Carry-case included
  • Suitable for traveling
  • None so far

If you are a part audiophile and part bass lover, the Sony MDR-XB500 Extra Bass Headphones can be a great buy. Out of all the audiophile headphones we tested, we found these to be the best bass headphones

Firstly, these wired headphones comprise large 40 mm drivers for thumping bass. The closed-back design enables powerful bass and sound reproduction. The bass feels buttery and smooth. So, you can listen to your favorite bass-heavy tracks without any sound distortion. The highs are also powerful; however, the mids are warm and balanced. All in all, the headphones produce excellent sound quality. Not only this but the frequency response of the headphones is also wide (4 to 24,000 Hz).

Secondly, the Sony MDR-XB500 Extra Bass Headphones are comfortable and durable. The drivers in the ear cups are arranged parallel to your ears to enhance the comfort and reduce pressure. Another comfort factor we really liked in these headphones are the extra-large ear cushions. The headband is flat and adjustable. For durability, these headphones come with a flat and tangle-free Y-type wire and a gold-plated, L-shaped stereo plug. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for bass-heavy audiophile headphones, the Sony MDR-XB500 Extra Bass Headphones are all you need. They are comfortable, durable, bass-friendly, and value for money. As one of our headphones experts said, “The Sony MDR-XB500 Extra Bass Headphones are an audiophile’s dream.” We did not experience any issues while using these headphones.

3. EPOS|Sennheiser Game Zero Gaming Headset

Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

  • Delivers high-quality gaming audio
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Intuitive controls
  • Collapsible and portable
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Minor audio distortion in the case of bass-heavy games

Listen up gamers, we’ve found the best audiophile headphones for gaming: EPOS|Sennheiser Game Zero. The product is actually a high-end gaming headset. We were thrilled after testing this headset on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and various smartphones. To our surprise, the headset worked brilliantly on all platforms, without any issues.

Firstly, the audio quality of this headset is better than any other gaming headset on the market. It is a stereo headset. It delivers high-precision, high-fidelity, spatial and natural game audio; thanks to the closed-back design. The headset works well with all types of games. The ear cups comprise Sennheiser’s model-specific transducer technology for excellent sonic clarity. However, we experienced minor distortion in bass-heavy games; the mids were clear. 

Secondly, the Game Zero Headset provides the utmost comfort during gaming. The earpads, covered with leatherette, comprise two layers of memory foam for the perfect acoustic seal; we did not experience any sound leakage. Another unique feature of this audiophile gaming headset is the collapsible design. You can completely fold it and store it inside the included carry-care. We did not experience any heating/sweating issues even after prolonged use.

Thirdly, the Game Zero headset comprise intuitive controls. The volume control is located on the right ear cup, which makes it extremely convenient to increase or decrease the volume in the middle of a tense gaming session. The noise-canceling microphone enables crystal-clear communication and can be muted by simply lifting the boom air. So much convenience in one headset; hard to believe but true!

Overall, the EPOS|Sennheiser Game Zero Headset is the best gaming headset on the market right now. Right from excellent sound quality to the most intuitive controls; we couldn’t spot any issues in this headset. For multi-platform compatibility, the headset comes with two cables. We couldn’t find a better and more affordable audiophile gaming headset.

4. Master & Dynamics MW65 Bluetooth Headphones

Best Audiophile Headphones With Bluetooth

  • Great audio quality; detailed sound
  • Excellent battery life; quick charging
  • Dual noise-cancellation
  • Comfortable; ultra-soft ear cushions
  • Suitable for travel
  • Durable and sturdy; lightweight
  • Great Bluetooth connectivity range
  • Limited soundstage
  • Limited volume levels with Bluetooth

If you don’t prefer wired headphones, the Master & Dynamics MW65 Bluetooth Headphones can be a good pick. The headphones instantly pair with other Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth range is approximately 25 m or 65 feet. 

Firstly, these Bluetooth headphones are noise-canceling and deliver crystal-clear audio. They work perfectly with different genres of music. However, if you are a bass lover, the Sony MDR-XB500 would be a better choice. We really liked the beautiful balance between the bass, mids, and highs. Moreover, these headphones come with two levels of noise cancelation to eliminate external noises and sounds. 

Secondly, the moment you see these headphones, you will realize how comfortable they are. The headband is made of high-quality aluminum and covered with premium leather. The ear cups are covered with replaceable lambskin-wrapped memory foam. It’s difficult to explain in words how soft and comfortable the ear cups feel on the ears. 

Thirdly, the Master & Dynamics MW65 Bluetooth Headphones comprise a built-in microphone for receiving calls or attending meetings while working remotely. In conclusion, the Master & Dynamics MW65 Bluetooth Headphones are indeed the best audiophile headphones with Bluetooth. Not only this but they are also one of the best travel headphones on the market. Even though these headphones are expensive, you won’t regret investing in them. Apart from the headphones, we received a canvas carry-case, a USB C to C charging cable, a USB A to C adapter, a flight adapter, and a 3.5 mm audio cable.

5. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Metal Headphones

Audiophile Headphones With the Best Design

  • Great soundstage
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Phenomenal build and design
  • Affordable
  • Can be customized using custom shield kits
  • Perfect for both audiophiles and gamers
  • Good noise isolation
  • Available in the multiple colors
  • Not comfortable for people with large ears

In terms of design and style, we really liked the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Metal Headphones. The moment we saw the headphones, we fell in love with them. There’s something about the metallic look that immediately draws your attention. So, let’s talk about the build and design of these headphones first.

The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Metal Headphones have an ergonomic design. The uniquely designed headband and ear cups make these headphones different from their competitors. The hexagonal shape of the ear cups beautifully contours your ears and the flexible headband ensure the utmost comfort. The headband is covered with vegan leather and can be adjusted per your convenience. Another interesting design feature of the headphones is the unique Cliq Fold Hinge Design. The headphones comprise a lighter-type hinge mechanism that folds the headphones and fits them into the compact exoskeleton carry case. 

Secondly, as you can see from the details of the build and design, these headphones are extremely comfortable. However, if you have big ears, you may not find these headphones very comfortable; even the XL ear pads felt small for some members in our team who have huge ears. Lastly, these headphones comprise dual-diaphragm 50 mm drivers. The inner and outer layers keep the bass separate and ensure it doesn’t interfere with the mids and highs. The 3D soundstage is immersive and the bass is deep. The headphones have a closed-back design and prevent sound from leaking. Overall, the sound is phenomenal for audiophiles and gamers.

In conclusion, the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Metal Headphones are the most aesthetically appealing audiophile headphones on our list. They are high-quality headphones for an extremely affordable price. The bass is beautiful and clean, the build quality is at the top, and the sound quality is excellent. Currently, the headphones are available in three colors: Matte Black, White, and Shadow.

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6. Fiio FH7 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones

Best In-Ear Audiophile Headphones

  • Wide soundstage
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Great build; durable headphones
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality in-ear monitors
  • Replaceable ear tips
  • We did not experience any issues while using these in-ear headphones

Out of all the audiophile headphones we tested, we found the Fiio FH7 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones to be the best sounding audiophile headphones; even better than most of the over-the-ear and on-ear audiophile headphones. You can imagine what 5 drivers can do, right? Let’s talk about them first.

These in-ear headphones comprise 4 Knowles BA drivers and a 13.6 mm beryllium dynamic driver. The highest frequencies are handled by the Knowles SWFK-31736 BA drivers and the mid-frequency is handled by Knowles DFK. The low frequency is handled by the 13.6 mm dynamic driver. All the 5 drivers come together to produce ecstatic sound. Fiio FH7 comprises a complex crossover design to ensure the 5 drivers work together to deliver a buttery and smooth frequency response. Thanks to the rigid 3-point structure of these in-ear headphones, we did not experience any sound distortion. For a more personalized listening experience, these in-ear headphones come with 3 pairs of sound filters.

Secondly, the Fiio FH7 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones are comfortable and lightweight. They come with 3 pairs of SpinFit ear tips of different sizes to ensure maximum comfort. The ear tips can spin 360 degree to ensure an accurate fit, and enhance the bass and treble. We instantly realized the durability of these in-ear headphones while using them for the first time. The in-ear headphones’ cable is made of premium-quality copper-plated silver wires. Therefore, it won’t be fair to call them “expensive.” The brand has provided you with everything “best” to ensure a stellar listening experience. 

Overall, the Fiio FH7 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones have everything you want your audiophile headphones to have. The packaging is amazing, the cable is durable, the comfort is next level, the sound quality is excellent, the carry-case is premium quality; we can go on and on about these headphones.

7. HIFIMAN Sundara Headphones

Most Comfortable Audiophile Headphones

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Expansive soundstage
  • Great build quality
  • Fast frequency response
  • Value for money
  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Short cable

If comfort is one of the most critical factors you consider while buying headphones, the HIFIMAN Sundara Headphones can be a great buy. The latest model is not only comfortable but it also looks stunning. The headphones comprise a weight dispersing strap that reduces pressure on the headband. Both the strap and headband combine to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the headphones. The headband is lightweight and sleek; it is durable. The ear cups are covered with a soft and premium-quality material, which is sweatproof. The ear pads are plush and supple. You can wear the HIFIMAN Sundara Headphones for hours together without feeling any pressure on your head. The headphones feel comfortable even with glasses. 

The build is incredible with black powder coating treatment. The cable is also sturdy but too short. 

Secondly, we were really impressed with the frequency response of these headphones. We later found out that they come with a hi-tech diaphragm. Overall, the sound quality is great. The mid-range is properly balanced and the bass is not too heavy. In fact, the bass is crisp and controlled. The mids are lush and provide a wide soundstage, more than the Audeze LCD-X Headphones listed above. The treble is clear and warm. The headphones are suitable for both casual use and gaming. 

In conclusion, the HIFIMAN Sundara Headphones are one of the most comfortable headphones on the market and they sound terrific. However, if you prefer more bass, Sony MDR-XB500 would be a better option.

8. Sony WHXB900N Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones

Best Noise-Canceling Audiophile Headphones

  • Excellent ANC
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Great sound quality
  • Powerful bass
  • Intuitive controls
  • Unique features
  • Value for money
  • We did not experience any issues with these headphones

If active noise-cancelation (ANC) is your primary buying criteria, we suggest exploring the Sony WHXB900N Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones. These headphones come with digital noise cancelation to provide you with a completely discrete listening experience. The built-in microphones are also noise-canceling.

Upon testing, we found that these headphones cancel out about 80% of the noise; not bad we’d say. We couldn’t hear the birds chirping or the cars honking on a busy road. Nevertheless, you’ll have to use full volume to enjoy 100% noise cancelation. 

Secondly, these headphones are comfortable and durable. The ear cups are generously padded and sweatproof. The closed-back design ensures there’s no sound leakage.

Thirdly, the overall sound quality is great. The Sony WHXB900N Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones are a fantastic combination of excellent ANC and powerful bass. The extra bass enhances all the low-end frequencies. If you don’t like bass, you can use the “Clear Bass” function on the Sony Connect App, to reduce the bass level and make the headphones sound more natural. At low bass, you can hear each and every instrument distinctly. 

Other interesting features of these headphones include, touch panel control on the ear cups, quick attention mode (put your hand on the right ear cup to reduce the volume and noise-cancelation), voice assistance (touch the right ear cup for three seconds to activate the voice assistant), and travel-friendly design. You can connect the Sony WHXB900N Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones using Bluetooth or NFC.

Frequently Asked Questions About Audiophile Headphones

Are audiophile headphones worth it?

Yes, audiophiles headphones are worth buying. They are the best sounding, high-fidelity headphones on the market. As you have probably already seen in our guide, audiophile headphones have a broad soundstage, deliver excellent sound quality and provide an outstanding listening experience. Not only this but they are also comfortable and durable.

Which is the best sound quality headphone?

Out of all the audiophile headphones on our list, the best sound quality headphones are the Fiio FH7 5-Driver In-Ear Headphones. Are you surprised to see in-ear headphones here? Well, as we have already mentioned in the product’s review given above, Fiio FH7 comprises 5 drivers that come together to provide the best sound quality ever. However, if you are looking for the best sounding over-the-ear audiophile headphones, we recommend buying the Audeze LCD-X Headphones. Even though they are more expensive than the other audiophile headphones on our list, their sound quality is out of the world.

Final Words

Our reviews are completely based on the experiences of our headphones experts with each pair of audiophile headphones on our list. We hope you found our guide on the best audiophile headphones useful. If you ask us to pick the best audiophile headphones, we have two clear choices: Audeze LCD-Z and Fiio FH7. Even though both these headphones are expensive, they are “truly audiophile headphones” in every aspect. Their sound quality is unbeatable, they are extremely comfortable and durable, they deliver balanced bass, and comprise the best features for an outstanding listening experience.