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Top Picks Best Silent Disco Headphones in 2021

Best Silent Disco Headphones in 2021

Silent Disco Parties, Silent Disco Weddings, Silent Cinemas….The “Silent” Trend Is In

10 Best Silent Party Headphones in 2021
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Have you been to a silent disco? If not, then you must go. The concept of silent disco is neither too old nor too new. It’s a fun event where people celebrate with music without disturbing others. In simpler words, it’s a silent musical experience. More and more party lovers are appreciating this concept as a result of which the best disco headphones are gaining popularity. The silent disco or silent party concept is here to stay. And, the key to making a silent disco party a success is to buy good-quality silent party headphones.

In silent discos, instead of playing music on large speakers through amplifiers, music is sent to wireless headphones through a radio transmitter. Therefore, people who are wearing headphones will hear the music and those who aren’t will not. 

While it’s not easy to find silent disco headphones on the market and choices are limited, our experts managed to identify about 30 silent party headphones. They tried and tested each pair of headphones over 60 days to find the 5 best silent disco headphones and bundles. 

In this guide, we’ll review these top 5 silent party headphones, and list their pros and cons:

Also, we’ll discuss factors you should consider while picking the best silent party headphones as well as the benefits of using them. Keep reading to know more.

Factors You Should Consider While Buying Silent Disco Headphones

Here are 3 important factors you should consider while buying silent disco headphones or silent party headphones:

1. Types of Headphones: Over-the-Ear or On-Ear

On the one hand, on-ear headphones sit on your ears and do not cover them completely. And, on the other hand, over-the-ear headphones cover your ears completely. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide which type of headphones you want.

On-ear headphones are typically more comfortable and lightweight as compared to over-the-ear headphones. The latter are comfortable but bulkier. 

2. Number of Audio Channels

Silent party headphones typically comprise 1, 2 or 3 channels. Headphones with 2 channels deliver high-frequency audio and sound powerful. On the other hand, headphones with 3 channels perform better in the case of low-frequency audio and provide you with a plethora of options to listen to your favorite music based on your requirements. Therefore, bass-heavy tracks sound better with 3-channel silent disco headphones. With 3-channel headphones you can enjoy music played by 3 different DJs in the party. Isn’t it so cool?

3. IR or RF

Two technologies are primarily responsible for the functioning of wireless headphones: Infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF). Also, both technologies come with their share of advantages and disadvantages. 

IR headphones deliver phenomenal audio output. However, they do not work as effectively as RF headphones when the transmission distance is more. IR headphones typically support a transmission distance of less than 10 meters. Also, their ability to reduce external noises is great. Therefore, if your silent party venue is small and the transmitter is in the same room as the party, you can buy IR silent disco headphones.

However, if the silent party venue is huge, you should buy RF silent disco headphones. The audio quality delivered by these headphones is also quite good. Moreover, they are also effective in reducing external disturbances. Also, RF silent party headphones can be used to receive radio transmission (you won’t find this feature in IR silent disco headphones). Therefore, RF silent disco headphones are more preferred than IR silent disco headphones.

Benefits of Using Silent Disco Headphones

Here are 5 benefits of using silent disco headphones in your next party:

1. You Can Enjoy Music by Multiple DJs

You can use the best silent party headphones to enjoy music by multiple DJs at once. Since these headphones comprise multiple channels, you can switch to different channels per your convenience. Isn’t that great? Enjoy the party with the music of your choice!

2. You Don’t Need to Go After the DJ to Play Your Request

Yes, that’s right. With the best silent disco headphones, you are the master of what you want to listen to. You don’t need to go up to the DJ and request them to play your song. Simply switch to the channel you want and that’s it. While the DJ is doing their job with their DJ headphones, you can make the most of your silent disco headphones to listen to your favorite music the way you want.

3. You Don’t Need to Worry About Your Neighbor

With silent party headphones, you don’t need to worry about your neighbor even when you are playing loud music. After all, you are playing loud music on your party headphones and not the speakers. You don’t even need to bother about the government rules. 

4. You Can Party Wherever You Want

If you have the silent disco headphones setup, you don’t need to spend hours searching for a suitable party venue. You can party at the beach or in the garden or wherever you’d like. You’re your own boss!

5. You Can Do A Lot More

The usage of silent disco headphones is not limited to parties. You can use them to listen to soothing music while meditating. You can also use them for silent interpretation, silent conferences, or silent classroom learning.

Top 5 Silent Disco Headphones and Bundle Packs to Get the Party Started

Let’s now look at the detailed reviews of our top picks:

1. HamiltonBuhl W906-MULTI Wireless Listening Center

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Headphones deliver great audio quality
  • Headphones are comfortable
  • Great signal strength
  • Affordable
  • Also suitable for classroom use
  • Headphones are a little bulky

We stumbled upon the HamiltonBuhl W906-MULTI Wireless Listening Center while looking for good-quality silent disco headphones. Even though this silent headphones setup is primarily used for classroom learning, we found it suitable for silent disco too. Therefore, we decided to test this system with a few team members to see if it can make a good choice for your silent parties.

This wireless listening center comprises 1 transmitter and 6 wireless headphones. You’ll also get an AC cord and a 6-way cable for wireless charging.

Firstly, the transmitter can transmit premium-quality audio, up to 300 feet, via FM signals to the wireless headphones. You can connect the transmitter to any audio source using a ⅛-inch stereo mini plug. 

Secondly, the 6 multi-channel wireless headphones sound great. Each pair of headphones takes about 12-14 hours to charge completely and can work for up to 20 hours when fully charged. You can switch between 4 frequencies using color-coded frequency switches, based on your requirements.

In conclusion, the HamiltonBuhl W906-MULTI Wireless Listening Center is easy to set up and use. We did not experience any interference with other electronic equipment. The overall product quality is great.

2. Bar and Grill Silent Sound System Package

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Durable and sturdy storage case
  • Premium-quality headphones
  • Headphones deliver excellent audio quality
  • Good battery life
  • Headphones are comfortable for continuous use
  • Headphones are foldable and easy to carry
  • We did not experience any issues with this silent sound system

Our second best pick is the Bar and Grill Silent Sound System Package. The silent disco headphones set comprises 1 transmitter with power supply, 1 headphone charger with power supply, 9 wireless headphones, and a headphone management ID binder. The headphones are delivered in a sturdy lockable case. 

Firstly, we really liked the audio quality delivered by all the 9 headphones. Yes, we tested each one of them to evaluate the consistency in performance of all the wireless headphones in this silent sound system. There was hardly any audio distortion. The headphones worked pretty well till about 300-350 meters from the transmitter base. 

Second, all the headphones are comfortable and feel sturdy. They are over-the-ear headphones. The soft vegan leather pads are easy to clean and hypoallergenic. 

Lastly, the headphones are foldable and convenient to carry in the lockable storage case. They switch off automatically when not in use to conserve battery. When fully charged, the headphones can function for up to 12 hours straight without any hiccups. 

In conclusion, the Bar and Grill Silent Sound System Package was easy to set up and use. We really liked the build quality of the equipment as well as the lockable carry case. 

3. 50 Pack Silent Sound System Silent Disco Headphone Package

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great price for a set of 50 headphones
  • Premium-quality headphones
  • Headphones deliver excellent audio quality
  • Good battery life
  • Headphones are comfortable for continuous use
  • Headphones are foldable and easy to carry
  • We did not experience any issues with this silent sound system

The 50 Pack Silent Sound System Silent Disco Headphone Package can be a good buy for big groups. We couldn’t test all 50 headphones, but we did test about 30 of them. This silent disco headphone package comprises 50 headphones, 1 transmitter with power supply, and 2 headphone chargers.

Everything, right from the headphones’ audio quality and features to their design, is similar to the headphones discussed in the previous product review. After all, the brand is the same in both the cases – Silent Sound System. 

In conclusion, the 50 Pack Silent Sound System Silent Disco Headphone Package is easy to set up and use. We did not experience any issues while using the headphones or the transmitter. The price is also pretty good for a 50-headphone package.

4. NAXA Electronics Bluetooth Vibe Foldable Headphones with Microphone & FM Radio

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Multi-colored LEDs
  • You need to buy a separate FM transmitter to use these headphones as silent disco headphones

The NAXA Electronics Bluetooth Vibe Foldable Headphones with Microphone & FM Radio are great for a personal silent disco experience. We paired these headphones with an FM transmitter to evaluate if they’re suitable for silent parties. We simply loved these headphones!

Firstly, these headphones are comfortable and durable. They comprise a simple foldable design. We also loved the fact that they comprise multi-colored LED lights for a perfect disco experience. 

Secondly, they deliver clear and precise audio output. They’re one of the best-sounding silent disco headphones on our list. You can also make/receive calls using these headphones. After all, they comprise a premium-quality built-in mic. 

In conclusion, NAXA Electronics Bluetooth Vibe Foldable Headphones with Microphone & FM Radio can be a great buy if you are looking for the best silent disco headphones for personal use. They are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can provide up to 5 hours of playback and up to 7 hours of talk time when charged completely. These headphones are also one of the most affordable silent party headphones on the market.

5. Powerlocus P6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight
  • Excellent battery life; up to 20 hours of playtime in the wireless mode
  • Compatible with all devices – laptops, Android phones, iOS devices, airlines, PC and so on
  • Can also be used as wired headphones
  • Foldable and portable
  • Easy to connect and use
  • Great call quality
  • Delivered in a nice fabric bag
  • We did not experience any issues with these silent disco headphones

Not all silent discos use radio transmitters and headphones. In some silent discos, people bring their personal silent disco headphones or silent party headphones, and use Bluetooth to enjoy music tracks of their choice. Therefore, all party attendees have their personal wireless Bluetooth headphones and audio devices to enjoy the party.

This is where the Powerlocus Wireless Bluetooth Headphones fit into the picture. Even though there’s no dearth of high-end wireless Bluetooth headphones on the market, we picked these headphones. Wondering why? Well, these headphones are comfortable, durable, affordable, and they sound great.

Firstly, these over-the-ear headphones feel like lightweight and soft earmuffs on your ears. The headband is made of premium-quality leather and foam and will not cause a dent on your head even if you wear the headphones for 7 to 8 hours straight. Therefore, the level of comfort is one of the key factors we considered while listing these headphones as one of the best silent disco headphones.

Secondly, these headphones pair instantly with other Bluetooth devices. We did not experience any issues while connecting these headphones with our Bluetooth devices. Also, we did not experience any audio lag or latency. Whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung smartphone, you can use these headphones without any compatibility concerns. 

In conclusion, the Powerlocus Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are excellent passive noise-canceling headphones for silent discos. They sound perfect. They deliver balanced bass and high-quality stereo sound. Moreover, they are easily affordable and truly a steal deal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Silent Disco Headphones

What do I need for a silent disco?

You need 3 things to organize a silent disco party. These include:
– 1 to 3 transmitter
– A pack of silent disco headphones
– Audio source for each transmitter

How much is it to rent silent disco headphones?

Renting a pair of silent disco headphones would cost you about $8 to $10. While renting is not a bad idea, we recommend buying a pair of silent headphones, especially in the current COVID-19 scenario. It’s best to get yourself a pair of personal silent party headphones to avoid sharing and preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

How do you use silent disco headphones?

To operate silent disco headphones, you first need to connect the transmitter(s) to an audio device using the headphone out socket. You can play up to 3 different playlists by combining 3 transmitters with 3 different audio devices (phones, laptops, MP3 players, and so on).

The silent disco headphones and transmitter connect to one another via RF, so you don’t need the internet or Wi-Fi. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve discovered the world of silent disco, are you planning to organize a silent party anytime soon? You must try! 

We sincerely hope you found our guide on the best silent disco headphones in 2021 useful. You can buy a silent disco headphones bundle/system or separate silent disco headphones based on your requirements. At this point, it would be a little difficult for us to pick a favorite since we’ve listed both bundle packs/headphone systems and separate headphones on our list. However, for a perfect silent disco party at your home or in a private venue, the Bar and Grill Silent Sound System Package can be a great buy. 

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us via the comment section below.