Eject Water From Your Headphones in a Jiffy

Are your headphones not sounding loud enough? Are you worried about changes in the sound quality recently? Don’t worry; it’s just water stuck in your headphones’ speakers.

Tap this button to eject the water or moisture trapped in your headphones’ speakers.

How Does It Work?

Whether you’ve used regular headphones in the shower, left your headphones in rain, or dropped them in a bucket full of water, accidentally, you can use this quick solution to eject water from your headphones’ speakers in no time.

Water or moisture stuck in your headphones’ speakers can deteriorate the call and sound quality, lead to muffled noises, and impact the volume of your headphones. In some cases, excess water can even result in a short circuit in the headphones’ speakers. Nevertheless, you don’t need to panic if your headphones get wet.

This Water Ejection Tool works just like the water-ejection feature found in the Apple Watch. Sound waves force the water out of the speakers.

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