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Best Bose Aviation Headset in 2023

It's Not Easy to Pick One

Bose Aviation Headset

Pilots across the world will agree that aviation headsets top the list of “things to carry onboard,” especially the best Bose aviation headset. They are a necessity in terms of both comfort and safety, and aid pilots in clear communication. Many new pilots may assume that a cockpit is a quiet place, which it is, relatively. Having said that, once you try an aviation headset, you will understand the difference it can make. The best Bose aviation headsets are designed to be noise-canceling as it’s necessary to have absolutely zero background noises while flying. 

Whether you are a new pilot or have been flying aircraft for many years – you will always need a good and reliable aviation headset. We have reviewed the best Bose aviation headsets on the market. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Bose Aviation Headsets Are the Best

Why Bose Aviation Headsets Are the Best
Bose Aviation Headsets

The name ‘Bose’ is no new name to any of us. The company makes sure that quality and comfort are its top priority and have proven this time and time again. Upon research, we found that many pilots use Bose aviation headsets due to their impressive noise reduction property. Also, Bose is well-known for the durability and sturdiness of its products too. 

Most Bose devices are designed for everyday use and so their sound and build quality have been designed accordingly.  Adding to this, you will find that the cushioning of the headsets is quite soft and also prevents any sound leakage. 

In general, people tend to like Bose products because they offer the same quality and sound experience, if not better, than most of the brand’s competitors, in the same price range.

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Best Bose Aviation Headset – Experts’ Choices

Let’s now look at the top two Bose aviation headsets handpicked by our headphones experts:

1. Bose A20 Aviation Headset

  • 30% less clamping force than other aviation headsets
  • Fully certified
  • Good sound clarity
  • Comfortable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Greater noise reduction than other aviation headsets
  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lightweight
  • High-end quality
  • Active equalization
  • Easy to operate
  • Customizable audio prioritization
  • Great battery life
  • Short connecting cables
  • Expensive
  • Available in a single color

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset is a pair of wired headphones. Currently, it is only available in the color black. It has been termed as “one of the best aviation headsets by Bose,” offering the best noise-cancellation on the market. Upon research, our team of experts found that it can cancel up to 30% more noise than other aviation headsets. 

Secondly, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset does not compromise on comfort. Pilots have to wear aviation headsets for the entire duration of a flight. We really liked the fact that these sit comfortably over the head and aren’t bulky.  The headset has a dual plug straight cable which allows it to be used in a wide range of general aviation and commercial aircraft. Unfortunately, we weren’t very happy to find that the connecting cables are a little short, which can restrict movement. 

Thirdly, the audio quality of the Bose A20 Headset is commendable. You won’t need to worry about muffled sounds or distorted communication due to your headset, as the sound is crisp and clear, allowing you to hear each and every word distinctly.

In fact, since the audio prioritization controls are customizable, you will be able to distinguish the communication signals that you receive. The side swappable mic allows you to connect it to either the left or right ear cup, depending on your comfort and preference. We were impressed with its audio quality. 

Also, you will be pleased to know that you won’t need to worry about charging your headset again and again. The Bose A20 Aviation headset provides you with over 45 hours of battery life, from only two AA batteries. 

In conclusion, if spending a little money isn’t an issue, the Bose A20 is a great aviation headset to consider investing in. There are no overly fancy buttons you would need to worry about either- you simply need to plug it in and you are ready to go. You will be comfortable with wearing it for a long period, and will not have to compromise on quality – neither in terms of build nor sound.

Bose Proflight Series 2 Aviation Headset 

  • Light, flexible cable
  • Wireless
  • Adjustable mic
  • Lightweight
  • Updated tap control for talk-through communication
  • Digital active noise cancellation (ANC)
  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity
  • Active equalization
  • 5-year worldwide warranty
  • Expensive
  • Available in a single color

Similar to the Bose A20 Aviation Headset, the Bose Proflight Series is only available in the color black. It is a wireless headset, although it also comes with an improved, lighter, thinner and more flexible cable. This allows the pilot to have less restricted movement. Along with this, the mic is easily adjustable, allowing you to use it smoothly. 

Secondly, this Bose Headset is the “smallest, lightest, most comfortable” Bose aviation headset. It has been designed for noisy, turbine-powered airplanes. It weighs 128 grams (4.5 ounces), meaning that it will feel as light as a feather, well, almost.

Thirdly, you are going to love that Bose offers easy Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to the audio prioritization, you will be able to mix Bluetooth audio with the sound coming from your intercom. The Bose Connect app allows you to share audio, connect, manage, pair and unpair devices without any hassles. 

In conclusion, with the daily wear-and-tear of the headset, there are chances that you may face some issues with it. Luckily, Bose has provided a 5-year worldwide warranty so you won’t have to worry about anything. 

Also, if you are fine with spending a good amount of money, you must truly consider investing in the Bose Proflight Series 2 Aviation Headset.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bose Aviation Headsets

Are Bose aviation headsets worth it?

Yes, as we have repeatedly mentioned in this post, Bose aviation headsets are definitely worth purchasing. Even though they are somewhat expensive, they comprise everything you need for a comfortable and smooth flying experience.

Where are Bose aviation headsets made?

Bose aviation headsets are made in the USA.

Final Words

If you are looking to buy a new aviation headset, it’s no surprise that Bose is a brand you’d want to look at. Even though the aviation headsets may be on the more expensive side, they are definitely a run for their money. They have a durable and sturdy build, with commendable sound quality – two things that matter a lot when you are a pilot. 

We sincerely hope you liked our review of the best Bose aviation headsets. If you have any questions, doubts, or queries, feel free to drop a comment in our comment section below, and our experts will get back to you with an answer in no time. If there are any products you have in mind that you would like for us to review and compare, do write to us!