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8 Best Solar Bluetooth Speakers in 2023

Harness the Power of the Sun to Enjoy Music

Best Solar Bluetooth Speakers

Adventurers and campers who love music are always on the lookout for new speakers and devices. What’s better than spending time out in the open while music plays nonstop to keep you company? If portable speakers and waterproof speakers are much in demand, so are the best solar Bluetooth speakers.

What do these speakers do? Well, they take solar light and convert it to power to play music. Since these are usually wireless speakers, they are connected to input sources using Bluetooth. So, what do we have here?

We have solar Bluetooth speakers that are portable, probably weather-resistant, and suitable for outdoor use. Since you’ll be using renewable resources (solar energy), you don’t have to worry about throwing away used batteries or recharging them using electricity. Moreover, there’s no recurring expenditure of buying batteries to power the speakers. Sounds cool, right?

Now comes the question of buying the best solar Bluetooth speaker for your needs. How do you decide which one is the best in the market? What factors to consider when buying a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker? Let’s find out in this article.

We have personally tested the speakers to see how they work in rough outside conditions and whether or not the speakers live up to the specifications listed by manufacturers.

Overall Best Solar Bluetooth Speaker SystemEton Rugged Rukus Rechargeable & Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Sound System & Smartphone Charger
Best Solar Powered Rock SpeakerAlpine Corporation QLP542SLR-GR Bluetooth Enabled Rock Solar Speaker
Best Solar Powered Speaker for the GardenION Audio Solar Stone
Best Solar Powered Speaker for TrekkingGoal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Rechargeable Speaker
Best Budget Solar Bluetooth SpeakerSolar Speaker ABFOCE
Best Solar Powered Speaker for Decoration PurposeWestinghouse Solar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Lantern
Best Solar Powered Speaker for Home UseReveal Solar Speaker
Most Compact Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker Sunfox Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Things to Consider when Looking for the Best Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers

The following are some important things to consider when searching for the top solar-powered Bluetooth speakers in the market:

Material and Design

The solar-powered Bluetooth speakers are used out in the open, be it on the hills, in the forests, on boats, or in the caves. In such instances, the solar speaker needs to be strong, durable, and resilient. It should be made from high-quality materials so that the speaker can survive a fall or at least not break into pieces after a few trips.

The speaker’s design should be convenient to carry in the backpack or a waist pouch. It shouldn’t be too big or heavy. The shape shouldn’t have odd angles that might hurt you if you aren’t careful when hiking or traveling.

Audio Quality

A solar Bluetooth speaker is useful only if it plays quality audio output, isn’t it? If the sound quality is not up to the standards, you’ll be better off using a regular portable speaker. Consider the frequency response of the solar speaker. The lows, mids, and highs should be clear in the output. The audio quality should be crisp and close to the original.

Weather Resistance

The main purpose of solar speakers is to play music outdoors. That means the devices have to sustain the changing weather conditions. Look for waterproof speakers or, at the least, water and splash-resistant models. Dustproof is another recommended feature to consider. The IP rating of the speaker will tell you more about its waterproofing and dust-proofing abilities.

Charging Modes

Even though it’s a solar speaker, it should preferably have another option to charge the batteries. What if there isn’t enough sunlight to generate solar power? What if you’re camping so deep in the forest that the sunlight is mild and not enough to power the speaker?

Look for a USB charging option so that you can charge the battery using a power bank or your smartphone/ notebook. This feature helps when you don’t need to charge the speaker to its full capacity. You can simply plug it in for a while and take it with you on a boat, etc.

Battery Life

How long should the solar speaker last after it’s fully charged by the sun? Well, battery life is a common factor, no matter which type of speaker you choose. A solar Bluetooth speaker can have a battery life of eight to ten hours or around twenty to twenty-four hours or anything in between.

Other Features

What other features should you consider when buying a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker? Buttons on the device are one aspect. How will you control the speaker? Using the buttons on it or through an app on your phone? Maybe both?

Does the speaker have useful features like a flashlight to show the way in the dark? This isn’t mandatory, of course. It depends on what you need from the solar speaker.

Budget and Price

Finally, we come to the main factor that determines your purchase. Solar Bluetooth speakers are available for a throwaway price, as well as for high-end prices. While the cheap models are decent, you’ll have to shell out more to get high-quality speakers.

Decide the price range that’s convenient for you. The mid-range solar speakers are worthy models that come for an affordable price and offer good features.

Top 8 Solar Powered Speakers for Outdoor Adventures, Parties, and More

The following are some of the best solar-powered Bluetooth speakers available for outdoor excursions and parties in the market.

1. Eton Rugged Rukus Rechargeable & Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Sound System & Smartphone Charger

Overall Best Solar Bluetooth Speaker System

  • Drop-proof and IPX4 splash proof
  • Dual charging modes
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Compact size
  • Weather radio
  • Sensitive solar panel
  • Not waterproof

Eton Rugged Rukus Rechargeable & Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Sound System is the best overall Bluetooth solar speaker system in the mid-range market. The speaker is compact and easily portable.

Firstly, the solar Bluetooth speaker is versatile and can be used in various locations. We took it to the beach, a forest trail, the valleys, and the poolside. The speaker isn’t way too loud, but good enough that the music doesn’t get lost in the background noise.

Secondly, the speaker can be charged using a solar panel or a USB cord. It also works as a charger to charge iPhones and iPads. We do suggest not to do that unless it’s an emergency. Also, take special care of the solar panels. The surface is rather sensitive and prone to scratching. We keep it in a separate pouch when carrying it and place it on a flat surface when using it outdoors.

To conclude, Eton Rugged Rukus has a battery life of 8 hours. The solar panel can charge the speaker in around 5 hours. We always charge it to the full before the sun goes down. That way, the speaker lasts through the night. The weather alert radio works very well. We use it regularly when hiking. The sound quality is decent too. We noticed that it doesn’t have strong bass, but the notes are audible. Remember to leave the smartphone within the Bluetooth range to maintain connectivity.

View on Amazon: Eton Rugged Rukus Rechargeable & Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Sound System & Smartphone Charger

2. Alpine Corporation QLP542SLR-GR Bluetooth Enabled Rock Solar Speaker

Best Solar Powered Rock Speaker

  • Lightweight
  • Weather-resistant
  • High-fidelity sound output
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth range of 16.6 yards (50 feet)
  • We did not experience any issues with this speaker

Alpine Corporation QLP542SLR-GR is the best Bluetooth Enabled Rock Solar Speaker that’s perfect for outdoor use. Place it in the yard, near the pool, or the porch. Use it for parties or when alone.

Firstly, the solar Bluetooth speaker is made of resin and is a lightweight model. It looks like a rock but doesn’t weigh like one for sure. That’s the reason we take it with us to outdoor parties and even when camping. Imagine a rock playing music when sitting amidst huge trees! The kids love it.

Secondly, the speaker lives up to its reputation of being waterproof and weather-resistant. Though we wouldn’t advise you to leave it outside for months, you can let it sit there for long hours. Once charged, the speaker works for half a day without an issue.

Finally, Alpine Corporation QLP542SLR-GR is a super cool Bluetooth speaker that connects to just about any smartphone. Not kidding. We’ve connected it with all our phones, and it worked every time. Since the speaker is wireless, we didn’t have to worry about loose connections or broken wires. These speakers are our go-to choice for BBQ and yard parties. The audio quality is worth mentioning, and no one has to look at bulky speakers spoiling the ambiance.

View on Amazon: Alpine Corporation QLP542SLR-GR Bluetooth Enabled Rock Solar Speaker

3. ION Audio Solar Stone

Best Solar Powered Speaker for the Garden

  • 33 yards (100 feet) Bluetooth connectivity
  • 48-hour battery life
  • Wireless stereo pairing
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • Dual charging capacity
  • Bass could be better

ION Audio Solar Stone is the best solar Bluetooth speaker for your garden. Shaped like a cute little rock, the wireless speaker has solar panels on the top and a protected slot for AC charging.

Firstly, the speaker is a smart choice if you have a lot of parties and get-togethers in the garden. It’ll sit nice and tight like any other rock. Rather, we placed four speakers in our garden at strategic places to elevate its beauty and play some great music. The long battery life ensures that the speakers don’t die during the party.

Secondly, the speaker has a built-in amplifier that can push the volume high. The mids and highs are quite clear. We felt that the bass wasn’t as good, but it’s okay enough. However, the speakers are easy to pair with Bluetooth and with each other. The dual charging ability is another advantage.

To sum up, the ION Audio Solar Stone is a worthy garden speaker that can be connected to any smartphone via Bluetooth. It also comes with a voice function, which we disable for the parties. Be careful about the positioning, though. We had to move a speaker to safety when the kids started running around with the dogs. That’s when the wireless feature is an advantage.

View on Amazon: ION Audio Solar Stone

4. Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Rechargeable Speaker

Best Solar Powered Speaker for Trekking

  • Weatherproof
  • Dual charging ability
  • Fabric-lined pocket and attached bungee
  • Darkbass technology
  • Built-in microphone
  • Average battery life

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 is the best Solar Rechargeable Speaker for trekking and hiking. It’s budget-friendly, loud, weatherproof, and ready to go on an adventure with you.

Firstly, the speaker has a fabric covering that keeps it safe on rough terrains and in changing weather conditions. Even though the net strap is a bit weird and should have been better, we have no issues with the rest of the design or the fabric casing.

Secondly, the speaker is loud, and we mean really loud. It pumps out great music with identifiable bass notes. That’s why we don’t play it at the full volume when hiking. It isn’t necessary. The battery life says eight hours, but ours last a little around four and five.

In conclusion, Rock Out 2 is an affordable trekking speaker that’s easy to carry with the rest of the gear. We sometimes hang it on the bike’s handle when cycling. That allows the speaker to charge on the way and keeps it ready when we need it. The Bluetooth connectivity offered no problems, either. Oh, we forgot to mention the microphone. It’s not top-class (obviously) but works fine to answer a call when riding or hiking. can do so using the app that comes with Jabra Elite Active 75t. Even though the in-ear headphones are somewhat expensive, they are highly suitable for use in and around water.

View on Amazon: Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Rechargeable Speaker

5. Solar Speaker ABFOCE

Best Budget Solar Bluetooth Speaker

  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panel
  • IPX6 waterproof and shockproof
  • Built-in microphone
  • Mountable
  • Good battery life
  • Volume could be louder

Solar Speaker ABFOCE is the best budget solar-powered speaker with fast charging, good battery life, and great performance for the price. The Bluetooth speaker is square and compact and easily portable.

Firstly, the speaker is a square, little box with good stereo sound and noticeable bass. We use the speaker indoors and outdoors. The kids take it from one room to another and even when riding their bikes. The elder one screws it to the handle using the slot at the bottom. However, it’ll put pressure on the handle when there’s wind.

Secondly, solar charging is impressive. Since we play it at around 3/4th of its volume, the charging lasts for around 12-15 hours. Simply leave it in the sun for 10 minutes, and the speaker is good to play for 30 minutes. Cool, isn’t it?

Finally, the solar speaker is sturdy and better than other models. If it could last through multiple stumbles and tumbles, and not to mention falling into the pool, it sure is a solid device. We don’t advise actively dunking it in water (like the younger one did), but yeah, don’t worry if it gets wet. The speaker and its solar panel will not be affected. It’s dustproof too, but we recommend keeping it clean for the solar panel to do its job.

View on Amazon: Solar Speaker ABFOCE

6. Westinghouse Solar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

Best Solar Powered Speaker for Decoration Purpose

  • Comes with LED light
  • Dual charging ability
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Auto-shutoff after 15 minutes of no activity
  • Budget-friendly
  • Long battery life
  • Not waterproof

Westinghouse Solar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Lantern is the best solar-powered Bluetooth speaker for decorative use. The speaker looks like a beautiful lantern with a glowing LED light that flickers like a candle!

Firstly, we love how lovely the speaker looks on the patio. The light is soft and just enough to create the ambiance of coziness and help us relax after a long day. Since the speaker also plays some melodious music, it’s perfect for us to unwind with a glass of red.

Secondly, the speakers make a great gift item. We’ve gifted at least four of our friends because they fell in love with ours. Though two speakers can’t be paired, we use the phone settings to play the same track on both speakers. Pretty awesome, right?

To conclude, the Westinghouse Solar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Lantern is easy to charge (just leave it in the sun) and use via Bluetooth. However, don’t keep the speaker outside if there’s rain. It’s not waterproof. Don’t drop it either. We take these small measures to enjoy the sound quality and the output of the speakers. The volume is loud, so we play it at a lower level. By the way, the speaker looks bigger than what it appears. It was a pleasant surprise.

View on Amazon: Westinghouse Solar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Lantern

7. Reveal Solar Speaker

Best Solar Powered Speaker for Home Use

  • Beautiful wood design
  • Easy to use Bluetooth connection that works well
  • Easy to set up, very portable
  • Booming voice
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Charges phone 
  • Durable design
  • Expensive 
  • Not weather resistant

The Reveal Solar Speaker is a lightweight speaker made of bamboo. Firstly, the speaker’s sound is decent, and the enclosure requires maintenance but is otherwise unobtrusive. You won’t find many other solar speakers with similar durability. However, it’s somewhat expensive.

Secondly, monocrystalline solar panels power the batteries of this speaker. It has a battery life of roughly 15 hours on a single charge. In order to fully charge it, you need to plug it into an AC outlet rather than using a USB cable. Afterward, you may utilize solar energy to keep it running. However, a complete charge with solar energy might take a very long period.

In conclusion, the Reveal Solar Speaker is the best solar powered speaker for home use on our list. It can connect to any Bluetooth device, including those running iOS and Android. This speaker also doubles as a charger, so you can power your gadgets as you listen. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the battery life indicator. The audio quality is pretty admirable too.

View on Amazon: Reveal Solar Speaker

8. Sunfox Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Most Compact Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

  • IPX6 waterproof
  • Sand and shockproof
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Long battery life
  • Dual charging ability
  • Shorter distance for Bluetooth connectivity

Sunfox Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is the most compact solar speaker in the market. It’s pocket-friendly, portable, and can be carried anywhere we go. The speaker hardly takes up any space.

Firstly, the solar speaker can also be charged using a USB cable. We plug it into the USB when we don’t have much time to wait for it to charge using solar energy. We carry it to beaches and pools without any worry. It even fell in the pool a couple of times but is working just as good.

Secondly, the lightweight material is surprisingly sturdy. We were worried it would break upon crashing to the floor, but no. It survived. The battery lasts for around 10 hours, but that’s still good, given the price.

In conclusion, the Sunfox Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is versatile and a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor use. It makes a great gift item too. Since the audio quality is worth mentioning, music lovers will enjoy listening to their favorite tracks on this one. How do we know? We’ve gifted one each to our grandparents. They’ve been taking the speaker with them everywhere and leaving it on the sill to charge in the sun during the day.

View on Amazon: Sunfox Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Solar Bluetooth Speakers

How do solar-powered speakers work?

A solar speaker has a solar panel somewhere on the outer surface of the unit. It could be on the top or the sides. This solar panel has Photovoltaic cells made from metal. These act as conductors of electricity and collect electrons to send them through the wires. The electrons are converted to electricity to charge and power the battery. All this is easily done when you place the solar speaker in direct sunlight. Just make sure the surface of the solar panel is dust-free for it to work efficiently.

What is a rock speaker?

A rock speaker is a speaker that resembles a rock. Simple! The unit doesn’t look like a metal or a plastic case we usually expect in a speaker. The rock speakers (also known as stone speakers) are designed to resemble the natural rocks seen around us. These speakers have an artistic value as they blend into the background. Rock speakers come in different shapes and colors to suit the various types of rocks in nature.

How do I connect my solar speakers?

Turn on the speaker using the power on/off button. Press the Bluetooth connection mode and wait for it to enter the connecting mode. Pair it with your smart device. The speaker will show/ announce when the pairing is done. Choose your favorite tracks and play them through the solar Bluetooth speakers.

How long do outdoor rock speakers last?

A fully charged rock speaker, when used at 25% or 50% volume can last for up to forty-eight hours. While this also depends on the model you own, rock speakers tend to have good battery life. These speakers also have a long lifespan and can last for many years before you need to replace them. However, if you leave the rock speakers outdoors in cold conditions, wait for the speakers to warm up before using them again.

Final Words

We hope you now have a better idea about the best solar Bluetooth speakers and how they can be useful in various situations. We recommend Eton Rugged Rukus for its versatility, Westinghouse Solar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Lantern for its design, and ION Audio Solar Stone for those who love rock speakers.

That said, we suggest you take the time to go through the specifications and reviews for each model and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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And hey, do let us know which solar Bluetooth speaker you’ve decided to buy. Drop a comment below!