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Earin A-3 Truly Wireless Earbuds Review 

Earin A3 Review

Are you on the hunt for a pair of earbuds that take your audio experience to the next level and look stylish doing it? The little powerhouse Earin A-3 is an impressive piece of tech, delivering superior sound quality and a minimalistic design that’s truly eye-catching. 

So if you’re a music enthusiast or someone who wants a comfortable and reliable audio experience while on-the-go, Earin A-3 is for you. In this review, we will be sharing our thoughts on the design, sound quality, and overall performance of the Earin A-3, as well as providing our final verdict on whether they are worth the investment.

  • Excellent sound quality with rich, balanced bass and crisp highs
  • Comfortable and secure fit with a minimalist, stylish design
  • Touch controls that are intuitive and easy to use
  • Earin app offers useful customization options, including an equalizer and firmware updates
  • No active noise cancelation, which may be a drawback for some users
  • Shorter battery life compared to some other premium earbuds

Bottom Line

The Earin A-3 has great sound quality and a sleek, simple design that’s easy to wear. However, some users may find that its absence of ANC and its battery life are turnoffs.

Unboxing the Earin A-3

The Earin A-3 came in with a nice packaging in a Earin branded package. In the package there were:

Unboxing the Earin A-3
Unboxing the Earin A-3
  • The charging case
  • The earbuds
  • USB-C cable

Earin A-3 Design and Style

The Earin A-3 earbuds have got some style! They look sleek and modern. Moreover, then have no ear-tips and an open design.

Earin A-3 Design and Style
Earin A-3 Design and Style

With their sleek and modern design, these buds are meant to look premium and feel comfortable simultaneously. Each earbud is minuscule, measuring just 16.5 mm in diameter and 25 mm in length, and weighing only 0.007 lb each – they’re so light, you’ll hardly know they’re in your ears!

They come with a rad charging case that’s just as sleek and minimalistic as the earbuds themselves. The charging case is made from brushed matte black aluminum that’s smooth to the touch, and the magnetic lid ensures a snug fit for your earbuds when you’re not using them. Plus, the case is small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, so you can charge your earbuds on the go without any hassle.

“I was absolutely blown away by the quality of these earbuds. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and you can tell that no expense was spared in their construction. But what really impressed me was the sleek and stylish aluminum hard case that comes with them. It’s compact yet rugged, providing the perfect balance of protection and portability for all your on-the-go adventures.

Whether you’re taking a cross-country road trip or simply running errands around town, these earbuds and their trusty companion case will keep your tunes pumping and your spirits soaring!”

Rachel Wilson (Audio Tester and Content Writer)

Earin A-3 Comfort and Fit

The Earin A-3 earbuds are super lightweight, which is great for comfort. You can wear them for a quick jam sesh or a long listening session, and you’ll hardly even notice they’re there! The thing is, they don’t fit into your ears quite like other earbuds do, since they don’t have a specific shape.

Earin A-3 Comfort and Fit
Earin A-3 Comfort and Fit

This means they don’t always sit quite right in your ears, sometimes they can move around a bit too much, or be at a slightly off angle.

Now, this isn’t a huge deal. The earbuds aren’t going to fall out or anything. But, if they’re not sitting in your ears just right, it can definitely impact the sound quality. If the earbuds are angled too far into your ear canal, you might get too much bass, which can be a little overwhelming.

But, if they’re angled too far away, the sound might be a little weak. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where the sound is just right.

“Earins A-3 earbuds are a game-changer! They are incredibly comfortable for long-term use, unlike some other earbuds out there.”

Rachel Wilson

Earin A-3 Suitable Uses 

The Earin A-3 are ideal for people who value convenience and portability. You can wear them for extended periods without experiencing any fatigue or discomfort due to their low weight. They are also safer than traditional headphones since there are no cables or wires to trip over.

These earbuds are ideal for the person who is always on the go, whether for business or play. You can throw them in your pocket or purse and pull them out anytime you need a musical boost.

“These true wireless earbuds are an absolute must-have! They’re perfect for kicking back and enjoying your favorite tunes, podcasts, and audiobooks. Plus, they’re great for taking phone calls or joining Zoom meetings.”

Rachel Wilson

Earin A-3 Waterproof and Sweatproof Rating

The Earin A-3 are not going to let you swim with dolphins, but they’ll definitely hold up to a little bit of rain and some intense workout sweat.

Earin A-3 Waterproof and Sweatproof Rating
Earin A-3 Waterproof and Sweatproof Rating

Now, these earbuds have a waterproof rating of IP52, which isn’t the best waterproof rating, but they’ll definitely do the job for most people’s needs. The rating basically means they can handle a little water exposure without getting all messed up.

So, whether you’re out on a run in the rain or just sweating up a storm during a tough workout, the Earin A-3 earbuds have got you covered. They’ve got some fancy design features that help keep the water and sweat out, like this special nano-coating on the inside that repels water, and some little vents that keep the air circulating and prevent moisture buildup inside the earbuds.

Earin A-3 Battery Life and Charging Case

The Earin A-3 earbuds have got some serious battery power, thanks to this magnificent charging case that can give you up to 30 hours of playback. That’s a whole lotta jams.

Earin A-3 Battery Life and Charging Case
Earin A-3 Battery Life and Charging Case

Now, the earbuds themselves can last for about 5 hours on a single charge, which is pretty solid. But what’s really cool is that when you pop them back in the charging case, they start juicing up automatically. 

The charging case is pretty easy to use too. You just charge your case and then let it be. Then whenever you want to charge your earbuds, you just put the earbuds into the case and the case charges your earbuds quickly.

“Charging these earbuds is a breeze – just pop them in the case and let the magic happen! Once fully charged, you’ll be amazed at how long they last. In fact, they’ve lasted for days on end during my extensive testing, with multiple charges still left in the case. And if you do need to give them a quick boost, fear not – they’ll be up and running in no time.

With their lightning-fast charging capabilities, these earbuds are the ultimate powerhouses, ready to keep your music and conversations going strong!”

Rachel Wilson

Earin A-3 Performance and Sound Quality

The Earin A-3 earbuds have great sound quality! With 14.3mm dynamic drivers, the Earin A-3 earbuds are known for reproducing clear, powerful, and accurate sound. 

Starting with the bass, these earbuds pack a serious punch with a deep, powerful low-end that doesn’t take over the show. You can feel the kick drum and bass guitar in your bones while still being able to hear every other instrument in the mix. 

These Earin A-3 earbuds have a warm and natural sound that’s not too forward or too recessed. The vocals are crystal clear and present; you can hear every detail in those mid-range instruments like guitars and pianos. It’s a tonality that makes the music sound smooth and enjoyable.

The highs are crisp, detailed, and well-extended, with excellent clarity and separation in the high-frequency range. You’ll feel like you’re right there in the studio with the artist, hearing every shimmering cymbal and hi-hat with incredible lifelike realism. And the best part? These high frequencies won’t make your ears bleed or get all fatigued – you can listen for hours on end and still be loving every minute of it.

The frequency range of the Earin A-3 is 20Hz to 20kHz, which covers the entire spectrum of audible sound. In terms of loudness, the earbuds shine with a maximum output of 110dB SPL. Additionally, the impedance is really low at 16 Ohms, meaning you can use the earbuds with almost any device.

“Get ready to experience music like never before! These earbuds deliver an impressive sound quality with just the right amount of bass. You’ll be blown away by the clarity and overall audio performance.”

Rachel Wilson

Earin A-3 Buttons and Controls

The Earin A-3 earbuds come with some serious touch-sensitive buttons that let you control your music with ease.

We’ve got the play and pause button – a real lifesaver when you need to quickly stop the music for a second. And if you’re feeling like switching things up, you can skip tracks with a quick tap or go back a track with a double tap on either earbud! No more fiddling with your phone to switch tracks or adjust the volume. You’ve also got a button on the charging case for pairing.

How to Pair Earin A-3 With Your Devices?

Follow these steps to pair the Earin A-3 with your devices:

  1. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth
  2. Place both earbuds into the charging case, and leave the lid open
  3. To enter pairing mode, press the case button for 2 seconds. The light will become blue
  4. From the Bluetooth menu, choose “Earin A-3”
  5. Accept the Bluetooth connection request

And you’re done!

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Earin A-3 Close Comparisons

Since Earin offers only 1 earbud model, we are comparing to 2 other earbuds that are highly similar but somewhat different to the Earin A-3.

Earin A-3 vs. Senheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Here are 3 primary differences between the two earbuds:

  • While both earbuds offer excellent audio performance, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds have a brighter and more detailed sound, with a wider soundstage and better separation between instruments, while the Earin A-3 earbuds have a warmer and more bass-heavy sound.
  • The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds have a longer battery life, offering up to 7 hours of playtime on a single charge, while the Earin A-3 earbuds offer up to 5 hours of playtime. 
  • The third difference is the battery capacity of the charging case. The Momentum charging case allows for up to 28 hours of total playtime, while the Earin A-3’s charging case offers up to 30 hours of total playtime.

View on Amazon: Senheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Earin A-3 vs. Jabra Elite 85t

Here are some of the main differences between the Earin A-3 and the Jabra Elite 85t.

  • The Jabra Elite 85t earbuds offer active noise cancellation (ANC), which blocks out external noise and creates a more immersive listening experience. The Earin A-3 earbuds, on the other hand, do not offer ANC, but they do have good passive noise isolation.
  • Battery life is also where the 2 earbuds differ. The Jabra Elite 85t has a longer single charge battery life than the Earin A-3. The Jabra Elite 85t offers up to 5.5 hours of battery life on a single charge whereas the Earin A-3 earbuds offer up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge. However, the Earin A-3 offer better combines battery life with 35 hours of total playtime compared to the 32.5 hours of total playtime on the Jabra Elite 85t earbuds. 
  • The third difference is in the price. There’s a difference of around 15$ among the two earbuds. However, we feel that the Jabra Elite 85t is a better buy due to the slightly lesser pricing.

View on Amazon: Jabra Elite 85t

Final Words on Earin A-3 Earbuds

Earin A-3 are a great pair of earbuds that pack a punch regarding sound quality and style. With their crisp highs and punchy bass, it’s no wonder music enthusiasts are raving about them. Its minimalistic design still manages to turn heads with its sleek look.

And let’s not forget the intuitive touch controls and earbud app that offer various customization options.