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12 Best Home Theater Lighting Options in 2023

Light Up Your Home Theater Room Like Never Before!

Best Home Theater Lighting

Most people probably think, “shouldn’t it be dark inside a home theater room?” No, that’s not correct! The last thing you’d want is to stub your toe when you get up to refill a cup of coffee or get more food.

Home theater lighting can completely transform a space into a real movie theater.

In this article, we will tell you all about home theater lighting options available in the market and how to best use them to create your dream space. So let’s dive in.

Roundup of the Best Home Theater Lighting

Overall Best Home Theater LightingCHINLY App Bluetooth Twinkle Starlight Kit
Best Projector Home Theater LightingRossetta Galaxy Projector for Home Theater
Best Lighting for Large Home TheaterTubicen LED Dimmable Wall Sconce
Best LED Strip Light for Home TheaterMicomlan Smart LED Strip Lights
Best Home Theater Scone LightingPhansthy Industrial Wall Lamp Black Double Wall Sconce Light
Best Lighting for Small Home TheaterGGIENRUI Modern Wall Sconce Lights
Best Hanging Light for Home TheaterASGYISA Semi Flush Mount Modern Ceiling Light Fixture
Best Color-Changing Home Theater Lightingrosykite RF Remote Control RGB Colour Changing Lighting
Best Home Theater Recessed LightingLumary Smart LED Recessed Lights 13W
Best Home Theater Ceiling LightingOUQI LED Ceiling Light
Best Home Theater Floor LightingLEONC Design 65” Creative LED Floor Lamp
Best Home Theater Step LightingLEONLITE Dimmable 120V LED Step Lights

What Color Light Is Best for Theater Room?

When it comes to look and feel of a home theater looks, the color temperature of the lighting matters a lot. The color temperature measures the perceived warmth or coolness of a color. The unit for expressing color is Kelvin.

Using varied light color temperatures in various colored spaces is a good idea. If you set the color temperature incorrectly, you will throw off a room’s appearance and feel. Instead, use 2700K lighting in shades of brown, green, or other colors in areas with stained wood and darker carpeting.

Stained wood will appear more prominently, while warmer-colored textures will be less reflected. It would be best if you used cooler lighting in spaces that are primarily black, gray, or blue (4500K – 5000K). Home theater lighting that is too warm or too cool may appear strange, but it will not ruin your experience.

By employing RGB lighting, you may prevent problems like these. For example, it’s not uncommon for color-changing lights to show warm and cold hues. It is an excellent feature since it allows you to customize the lighting to your needs.

Other Things to Consider When Looking for Home Theater Lighting

Even if you have the best multi-channel home theater systems, your home theater room is incomplete without interesting lighting options.

Ensure the home theater lighting you are using is adjustable to different levels. Home theaters must need lighting that can be dimmed since you do not want the light to be too bright. Bright lights will wash out the picture on the TV or projector screen, diverting your attention away from the movie, TV program, etc.

The following is a brief overview of each style of lighting that you can use in a home theater:

Overhead Lighting

Overhead Lighting

In a home theater, the most crucial source of light is the ceiling lighting. You should be able to adjust the brightness of the overhead lights to have the best experience.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Incorporating recessed lighting strips into space adds both style and function. These ceiling-mounted lights do not protrude. Depending on your needs, you may use them to brighten the room while preparing snacks or darken the area while watching a movie or television show. Home theaters benefit from multi-functional lighting since you can regulate the amount of light required for your job.

Remotely Operated Lights

Remotely Operated Lights

Regarding home theater lighting, remote control access from any location in the room is a game changer. You don’t have to get out of your chair to adjust the lighting for an intense home theater experience — no tripping over cables or your guests’ feet, no stumbling about in the dark. Turning on the lights is as easy as pressing a button.

Strips of LED Lights

Strips of LED Lights

LED light strips are long strands of LED lights that can generally change colors, and you can also dim them. LED light strips are becoming more popular. They are not required, but they do an excellent job adding accent lighting to the space.

Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces

A sconce is a particular kind of light fixture mounted on the wall and relies only on the support of the wall itself. In most cases, wall scones direct the light upwards or downwards, never outwards.

Fiber Optic Lighting

In a sense, fiber optic lighting provides a “pipe” of light that you can use to illuminate specific locations. For example, you can use these flexible tubes to line walls, floors, pathways, and even staircases in home theaters. Moreover, you can even bend them to fit around corners. 

You can also use fiber optics to produce starfield illumination in a home theater. For example, you can bring back drive-in movie nostalgia into your house with the help of “starry night” fiber optic strings strung from the ceiling.

Seat-Side Lamps

As long as your home theater has end tables on each side of the chairs, seat-side lighting is a great option. Furthermore, you may utilize them if you have a momentary need for some light, for example, to locate the remote control or to go to the bathroom.

Top 12 Home Theater Lighting Options

We will give you some home theater lighting ideas for your media room.

1. CHINLY App Bluetooth Twinkle Starlight Kit

Overall Best Home Theater Lighting

  • Excellent quality
  • Easy installation
  • Colorful and sound-activated
  • Variable luminance and velocity
  • Versatile
  • Not waterproof

The CHINLY App Bluetooth Twinkle Starlight Set is the overall best on our list as it is sound-activated and visually appealing. You may choose any of the 16 million colors available (even pure white) on the APP, and you can set the color wheel to change color randomly. You may also choose from other options like fading and flashing.

We found that its brightness and speed are both simply adjustable. When in sound mode, the ceiling stars move in time to the music, adding a unique and beautiful touch.

This starry headliner kit’s use is another outstanding feature that our team liked. The lighting in this space gives the impression that it is glittering and lovely, like stars. It is perfect for the ceiling of a home, a room, a hotel, a restaurant, a vehicle, a fun place like a KTV or a movie theater, etc.

In conclusion, the CHINLY App Bluetooth Twinkle Starlight Kit is everything you would want and more. It works great, is easy to install, and has flawless quality. The Bluetooth feature is something you would appreciate a lot. Despite these benefits, the projector is not water-resistant so use it carefully.

View on Amazon: CHINLY App Bluetooth Twinkle Starlight Kit

2. Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Home Theater

Best Projector Home Theater Lighting

  • Small and compact design
  • Up to 16 color options
  • Displays celestial and aurora lighting effects
  • Includes a remote for adjusting the mode and brightness
  • No motor noise when operating
  • Simple installation and operation
  • No adjustable stand and AC adapter

The Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Home Theater transforms any space into a tranquil haven by acting as an aurora projector, Bluetooth speaker, and white noise generator. It is the best projector for home theater lighting on our list.

Our team found that the Star Projector creates a spectacular light display of northern lights and starry sky on ceilings and walls using 16 colors and two projection lenses on your home theater.

You may listen to relaxing music on the built-in speaker while you go off to sleep. Or, for a little more entertainment, switch on the sound-activated mode and see the lights jive to your favorite tunes while using your home theater system.

Additionally, the projector has a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to play music while displaying lights after pairing with your phone. We liked the included white noise music. There is a choice, and the lights may be adjusted to dim, making it simpler to fall asleep.

In conclusion, the Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Home Theater will not let you down and will give you a great show of light with your home theater system. So, if you want to bring a feeling of the night sky inside or enjoy some awe-inspiring environs in your living room, Rossetta is the perfect option!

View on Amazon: Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Home Theater

3. Tubicen LED Dimmable Wall Sconce

Best Lighting for Large Home Theater

  • Easy installation
  • Great value for money
  • Small, compact and durable
  • Gives a mighty beautiful pattern
  • Bright, sleek, and modern
  • Not waterproof

Don’t get fooled by the small size of Tubicen LED Dimmable Wall Sconce; the lighting effect they give is fantastic. The design is not only stunning, and they cast out a beautiful pattern, and we have chosen the best lighting if you have an extensive home theater system.

We found that despite the lights being brilliant, the architecture surrounding the light bulbs prevents them from shining directly into your eyes. So, the stabbing effect is absent. We love that the light is bright, dims gradually, and casts a fascinating pattern of light on the wall so that you get an incredible effect on your home theater system.

Tubicen LED Dimmable Wall Sconce is relatively straightforward and enhances the aesthetic value wherever you put them on. The fixture’s appearance and the way the light beam ascends the wall scream quality.

In conclusion, Tubicen LED Dimmable Wall Sconce is a winner if you want to revamp your large home theater system. Moreover, all the provided hardware necessary is sufficient and durable for almost any user. Hugely recommend!

View on Amazon: Tubicen LED Dimmable Wall Sconce

4. Micomlan Smart LED Strip Lights

Best LED Strip Light for Home Theater

  • Remote or mobile app control
  • 16 million unique colors
  • Great adhesive
  • Multiple luminosity effects
  • Modes for music and microphone in a mobile app
  • 82-feet long; ample material for any concept
  • We did not experience any issues with this product

The 82-foot Micomlan Music Sync LED Strip Light has color-changing and music-effect capabilities. You may use a remote control or the Micomlan smartphone app to operate the device, and we have included the best strip light for home theater on our list.

There are 16 million color possibilities, 22 dynamic settings, and various brightness effects. Music and microphone modes are included in the light fixture so that it may sync with the music and match the rhythm.

We found that we can change the brightness of the LED strip lights to have a perfect look in the dark, and it comes with a remote. You can simply press the down button on your volume control and turn it off when you are ready to sleep.

They sync to the music, and you can dim or make them brighter. You can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone in the power receiver. Micomlan Strip Lights have excellent adhesion and are legit bright lights that will light up an entire room.

In conclusion, the Micomlan Smart LED Strip Lights deliver everything they promises. The adhesive sticks firmly to the wall; their different settings make it possible to light them up in every way possible. They check all the boxes and are super easy to install. Therefore, you recommend them highly if you want to give a new look to your home theater system.

View on Amazon: Micomlan Smart LED Strip Lights

5. Phansthy Industrial Wall Lamp Black Double Wall Sconce Light

Best Home Theater Scone Lighting

  • Beautiful and stylish design
  • Versatile
  • Available in four color options
  • Clean, bright and easy to install
  • Affordable price
  • We did not experience any issues with the product

The Phansthy Industrial Wall Lamp Black Double Wall Sconce Light is a beautiful, designer light that will lend your home theatre system a lovely ambiance. It is an aesthetic piece of décor for your home, and owing to all these factors, we have chosen the best home theater scone lighting.

We found that they have made Phansthy using the time-honored glassblowing technique, which not only satisfies your requirements in the realm of art but also preserves the natural qualities of glass while maximizing its attractiveness and transparency. Moreover, they are straightforward to install, and you can do this in little time and give your home theater a completely new look.

Another feature we liked was that it was easy to regulate the light fixture with a twist of the socket’s ON/OFF switch. You can keep one or two lights on, depending on your preference.

In conclusion, the Phansthy Industrial Wall Lamp Black Double Wall Sconce Light is a beautiful and stylish light fixture that will give your room a high-end feel and bright, clear, and crisp light. Phansthy is where your search ends if you are searching for a wall lamp scone light for your home theater.

View on Amazon: Phansthy Industrial Wall Lamp Black Double Wall Sconce Light 

6. GGIENRUI Modern Wall Sconce Lights

Best Lighting for Small Home Theater

  • Wonderful light design
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Warm illumination effects
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy design
  • Versatile; suitable for various occasions
  • Bright and crisp light
  • We did not find any issues

The GGIERRUI Modern Wall Sconce Lights have a marvelous design, are sturdy, and are easy to install. It casts an eye-catching shadow on the wall. They are LED and put off light in both directions, so we have chosen them as the best lighting for small home theater systems.

We liked that they provide just the proper quantity of light that is also white that isn’t stark but rather cozy. We had no issue in the installation process, which went super smooth. We were glad to see that when the light reaches the wall, it bounces back down the route, illuminating the area approximately three feet up and three feet down from the wall, giving out a beautiful pattern you would love.

In conclusion, the GGIENRUI Modern Wall Sconce Lights have a small profile design and give out the correct amount of light. You can use them around your small home theater to give it a cool touch. They don’t let out any heat, are super cool, and build of durable material.

View on Amazon: GGIENRUI Modern Wall Sconce Lights

7. ASGYISA Semi Flush Mount Modern Ceiling Light Fixture

Best Hanging Light for Home Theater

  • Modern and stylish design
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Perfect light output in every corner
  • Nice & easy to assemble
  • We found the instructions for installation confusing

The ASGYISA Semi Flush Mount Modern Ceiling Light Fixture does not take a lot of overhead room and puts out a tremendous amount of light. Moreover, their modern and attractive design also tilts the balance in their favor regarding choosing the best hanging light for home theater on our list.

As our investigation revealed, the arms are movable, and you can set them in any position desired. They are easy to install, and if you are unable to follow the instructions, there is a step-by-step video also which you can watch. We also loved the black matte finish of this light fixture.

In conclusion, we think the ASGYISA Semi Flush Mount Modern Ceiling Light Fixture is an excellent value. It exceeded our expectations in every way. However, it is essential to know that you must plug in each bulb individually before you buy.

View on Amazon: ASGYISA Semi Flush Mount Modern Ceiling Light Fixture

8. rosykite RF Remote Control RGB Colour Changing Lighting

Best Color-Changing Home Theater Lighting

  • IP54 Waterproof and rust-resistant
  • Beautiful and decorative
  • 9 light modes – color change and fixed
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Versatile; can be used anywhere
  • Not very bright

The rosykite RF Remote Control RGB Color Changing Lighting can give your home theater the aesthetics it deserves. It’s a gorgeous ornamental light that shines up, center, and down like sconce lighting and is the best color-changing home theater lighting option on our list.

On closer observation, they are well-built, made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, and durable. rosykite RGB lights add ambiance without being overbearing and are a perfect fit. While they do not seem much during the daytime, in the dark, they’re fantastic. You can change intensity and color through the remote control and see your home theater ooze class.

In conclusion, if you want to give home theater a subtle and modern look, the rosykite RF Remote Control RGB Colour Changing Lighting is perfect. It comes with everything you need to install, durable, waterproof, and rust-resistant. We highly recommend if you want any color-changing light option for your home theater.

View on Amazon: rosykite RF Remote Control RGB Colour Changing Lighting

9. Lumary Smart LED Recessed Lights 13W

Best Home Theater Recessed Lighting

  • Voice command
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • 16 million different light color choices
  • Include an app
  • Do not need to be attached to the ceiling
  • Requires WiFi connection
  • May need expert installation

Consider the Lumary Smart lights if you want to manage your recessed lighting from your smartphone or give it verbal commands. You can use your voice to activate or deactivate them because you can synchronize these smart lights with either Alexa or the Google Home Assistant.

We discovered that you could use a free program to control them from your smartphone or another digital device. You may easily install ceiling lights if you have a basic understanding of electrical wiring. We liked that the lights did not need any attachment to the ceiling joists, thanks to the spring clips that keep them firmly in place.

Our favorite feature was that you might choose from 16 million light colors to give your space a unique radiance. Each light in the white mode produces the same amount of light as an 80-watt incandescent bulb; however, the color modes have less brightness.

In conclusion, Lumary Smart LED Recessed Lights 13W will give your home theater a completely new look. If you have been searching for lights you can control through your smartphone; this one is for you!

View on Amazon: Lumary Smart LED Recessed Lights 13W

10. OUQI LED Ceiling Light

Best Home Theater Ceiling Lighting

  • Eye protection feature
  • Energy saver
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Remote control operation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Multiple color hues
  • We found no issue

The OUQI LED Ceiling Light gives an aesthetically pleasing view of the ceiling and the whole room from a distance, so we have chosen it as the best ceiling light for your home theater room. It’s also bright, and comes with a neat remote. Using the remove, you can control the dimming, color temperature or turn the light on/off.

We found the installation quick and easy once you figured out the instructions and followed them wholly. The greatest thing is that you may dim it from 100% to 20% in whatever hue on the color spectrum you like. In our experience, it’s difficult to find this feature in LED lights.

In conclusion, the OUQI LED Ceiling Lights can be an excellent buy for your home theater room ceiling. Even when dimmed, they shine brightly. They astonishingly switch between various color temperatures and are beautiful and easy to operate.

View on Amazon: OUQI LED Ceiling Light

11. LEONC Design 65” Creative LED Floor Lamp

Best Home Theater Floor Lighting

  • Easy to install
  • Good design
  • Durable
  • Warm lighting effects
  • Bright light
  • We did not find any issues

The LEONC Design 65” Creative LED Floor Lamp has a traditional look and is the ideal size for any space. Because of its understated elegance, you can incorporate it into any home area’s décor. 

We like how this lamp, both in terms of its appearance and the feel of the fabric covering it, can turn any room into a cozy retreat. As a result of the lamp’s ability to illuminate the room in a plentiful but muted fashion, it might be a pleasant alternative to the bright overhead lighting you have in your home theater.

The lamp features a weighted four-steel-foot structure that prevents it from falling over. Additionally, a simple on/off pedal switch lets you tap by foot effortlessly in the lamp’s design. We enjoyed how simple it was to use.

In conclusion, the LEONC Design 65″ Creative LED Floor Lamp is unrivaled compared to its competitors regarding floor lamps. High-end LED 2,700K warm white technology is responsible for this lamp’s exceptional performance. Because it will not get overheated, this LED lighting will not need maintenance or replacement for more than twenty years.

View on Amazon: LEONC Design 65” Creative LED Floor Lamp

12. LEONLITE Dimmable 120V LED Step Lights

Best Home Theater Step Lighting

  • Adjustable from 5% to 100% dimmer
  • Made of aluminum
  • Contemporary and minimalist design
  • This light is both glare-free and very bright
  • Certification by ETL
  • No accompanying electrical box

If you want to replace any outdated staircase lights, the LEONLITE Dimmable 120V LED Step Lights will be an excellent solution for you to consider. They have a line voltage of 120V, so a transformer is unnecessary. Moreover, wiring them on a conventional junction box is simple, and there is no need to expose the screws.

It was amazing to see how adding some dimmers, and a stair step light with smooth dimming turned one of our experts’ home theaters from bright to dark by bringing the 100 percent down to 5 percent. We found that in addition to offering a wide variety of brightness options, this bulb emits a warm white light that is both comforting and visually appealing.

We loved the uncluttered and contemporary appearance of the lights as it has a sleek, stylish finish that seems durable. The step light comes in a horizontal or a vertical configuration, giving you a choice between the two.

In conclusion, if you want to install step lights in your home theater, the LEONLITE Dimmable 120V LED Step Lights are your best bet. Because they are of aluminum, which is more long-lasting, resistant to corrosion, and waterproof, you can also use them in damp environments.

View on Amazon: LEONLITE Dimmable 120V LED Step Lights

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Theater Lighting

How to install LED lighting strips around home theater screen?

Here are the steps you should follow to install LED lighting strips around your home theater screen:

– Measure your screen
– Remove any dust and dirt from the surface
– Unwind the light strip, and then glue it to the surface
– Turn on the LED light strip by connecting it to the outlet

What are the home theater lighting best practices?

Make All The Lighting Dimmable

All lighting should be adjustable so that you may adjust the brightness to suit your needs. For example, bright lighting is better for watching sports with friends, whereas softer lights are better for viewing a movie.

Install Safety Lighting Along The Steps

Ensure any elevated flooring in your home theater is plainly visible in the dark to prevent harm. LED strip lights may be placed beneath the lip of your risers to illuminate the stairs, or you can use tiny, decorative lights that send low light downward onto each step.

Use Accent Lighting

Accent lighting that is one of a kind will provide you additional chances to wow your visitors. Accent lighting turns a home theater from drab to dazzling, allowing your individuality to come through! Accent lighting may come in various shapes, from adjustable LED strips in coves to ornate wall sconces or column lighting.

Use Darker Shades of Paint for the Walls

It’s essential to keep your walls and ceilings black so that the image on your projector screen truly stands out. They will reflect less light if they are darker. For example, when it comes to dark paint colors, our experts suggest shades of dark gray, brown, blue, or even black, depending on your taste. Instead of gloss or eggshell paints, flat or matte finishes are best for reducing light reflection.

Don’t Let the Natural Light In

There should be no windows in home theaters. Moreover, direct sunlight may ruin even the best movie-going experiences. For example, you can use motorized blinds to keep light out of your home theater if you have windows.

Final Words

You’d be surprised at the impact that even the most minor adjustments to your home theater lighting can have. It is crucial to consider the location, design, and control choices available in your home theater to get the space of your dreams.

According to our recommendation, CHINLY App Bluetooth Twinkle Starlight Kit is the best option among the home theater lighting options. You can go through the list and select the most appropriate one according to your needs and requirements.