How To Listen To Music In The Shower?

From Singing in Shower to Listening in the Shower!

We all love music. Sometimes we want to hear our favorite songs even when taking a shower using the best shower headphones. Isn’t it? Listening to music is one of the most pleasurable and relaxing things to do. Music not only helps you improve your memory but also provides immense joy to the brain. It releases dopamine, a happy chemical that gives you chills and feels like a reward from your system.

But we often avoid taking our phone to the shower for the sake of its own life. One slip and it’s all gone. We are here to help you with this daunting task. We will tell you how to listen to music in the shower. 

Why You Should Listen To Music In The Shower

After a hectic day, we all crave some “me-time.” Therefore, to make your day extra special, just play your favorite song. Listening to music that is close to us strengthens our emotional core and enhances positive thinking. It not only boosts our mood but also has several psychological benefits as reported by experts. 

 Here are some of the benefits of listening to music while showering: 

  1. Neurology and nostalgia are interconnected. Music being the language of memory helps you recall incidents from the past. So when you listen to music that makes you happy, there is a rush of happy hormones. It is powerful and good for both the mind and body.
  1. Positivity has always been the focus of psychologists. Water and music are both great sources of positive energy. Therefore, when combined, they form a great source of positive energy. 
  1. After a hectic day at home or work, it is important to unwind. The combined sound of water and music provides great relaxation

It is extremely important to devote some time to pamper yourself. Taking care of your body will not be fruitful if your mind is in chaos. It has been scientifically proven that listening to music improves our neural connections and makes us smarter.

How to Listen to Music in the Shower? 

Are you obsessed with a recent track that you are ready to risk it all?  What if we tell you that we have some hacks up our sleeves that will help you listen to music in the shower without causing any harm to your phone? Though you need to be very careful while using any audio improvement in the shower as the steam or the water can cause damage or can lead to accidents. 

We have listed below a few devices that will help you listen to music in the shower:

1. Waterproof Speaker

Use a waterproof speaker

A waterproof speaker is the simplest method to enjoy your music while in the shower. Waterproof speakers are convenient and do not consume much space. You won’t have to worry about connectivity also. Therefore, they make your showering experience fun and entertaining.

There are a variety of waterproof speakers available on the market. Some are made of waterproof material themselves whereas some use a waterproof membrane like rubber sheep between the hole and the speaker to prevent any damage from water.

 2. Waterproof Phone

With the advancement in technology,  there are waterproof phones on the market that will save you all the struggle. We recommend you check the details of the phone before using it in your shower as some phones only have cases that are waterproof whereas some can be safe even in shallow water approximately up to 5 feet for 30 minutes. There are some great phones available on the market which are famous for their waterproof feature along with other cool features.

3. Waterproof Headphones

Waterproof Headphones

We thank manufacturers for coming up with such a brilliant idea of creating waterproof headphones.  They are not only helpful when in the shower but will also protect themselves from the sudden rain. 

If you are a morning bird and do not want to disturb other people in the house by blasting the music, you can get into the shower and use the best shower headphones to play your favorite songs. You can also search for the best sweat proof headphones to find waterproof headphones.

4. In-wall or In-ceiling Speaker

In-wall or In-ceiling Speaker

What’s better than experiencing music just like in a studio in the comfort of your house and even in the shower? In-wall or In-ceiling speakers will surely amaze you every time you press the play button. These speakers are not only waterproof but will also provide more dimension to your music and will also give you a studio-type effect. Though they are passive speakers and do not have built-in amplifiers they won’t affect the sound quality and accuracy of your music.

They might be an expensive investment but will forever take away the worry of drowning your phone in water.

5. Waterproof Shower Radio

Waterproof Shower Radio

What if we say that we have got something for you to use in the shower that gains its power from the water itself. If you are familiar with hydro-powered devices then waterproof shower radio is no surprise to you. 

They might be a little tricky to use as you will have to know where to place it exactly so that it can operate itself from the power of the flowing water. They are usually installed by the shower   (thus the name) where the water is flowing continuously. They can easily be connected using Bluetooth or an Aux cord. These devices also store some power so that they can play music even after the water stops.

6. Musical Showerhead

Musical Showerhead

We are storming our brains so much to find a perfect waterproof device for you. But what if we say that now you can turn your shower head into a music system. A fascinating and useful device that will help you listen to music while in the shower is a musical showerhead.

Bluetooth and wireless connections made this thing possible where you are shower heads will not only help you relax by spewing some water but will also play music for you.  All you have to do to make this work is to connect it to any device via Bluetooth. Then you have your 2 in 1 showerhead.

7. Musical Bath Bombs

Musical Bath Bombs

If you are feeling fancy today then you might like exploring the musical bath bombs. Imagine listening to soft and slow music while underwater. These musical bath bombs give you the exact feeling.

 Though these speakers are waterproof we won’t recommend you leave them for a long time under the water. They are affordable, convenient, and easily portable and can be your next best friend.

Tips to Use Your Existing Device in the Shower

We understand if you do not want to invest in any device and want to work with your existing ones.  So, we have come up with some quick tips to make your existing equipment waterproof as well.

1. Ensure the Device Is Waterproof

Ensure the Device Is Waterproof

First things first, before using any device under the shower you should check if it is truly waterproof.  Splash proof devices are kind of waterproof but cannot be submerged in water. They can only withstand a few splashes of water and once the limit exceeds they start to malfunction.

2. Keep the Device Away From Steam

Keep the Device Away From Steam

You might like a hot shower after a hectic day but your devices won’t.  So, keeping your device is away from the steam of the shower is ideal. 

3. Place the Device in a Waterproof Bag or Case

Place the Device in a Waterproof Bag or Case

Another easy way to save you from the fuss is a water phone case or bag. You won’t have to buy any waterproof device and can easily keep your phone and this bag while in the shower.

They are made of a durable thermoplastic polyurethane material that gives it is soft feeling and protects it from water. These bags usually come with a strap that can be easily used to hang them in a corner. This is the easiest way to listen to music while in the shower and will also save you a few bucks.

4. Place the Device Outside the Shower

Place the Device Outside the Shower

This tip might not be the most ideal one but will surely save your device. If you can place your speaker outside the shower and still listen to music then you won’t have to buy any waterproof device.  For this to work you will have to check that your speakers are loud enough so that you can hear the song over the sound of the running water. 

5. Create a Makeshift Amplifier

We love some quick fix to our problems. Therefore, we created our make-shift amplifier to listen to music while in the shower. If you want to listen to music in the shower without a speaker you can also build an amplifier by simply putting your phone inside a glass. This is a hit and trial method as you will have to try different glasses to get the sound of your choice.

6. Prepare a Playlist

Prepare a Playlist

If you are not ready to invest in any waterproof device or also not relying on any of the tips we have mentioned above then you can simply create your playlist before you start showering. 

Skipping songs while in the shower is a tough job and so creating your playlist beforehand will save you some time and your devices won’t get wet!

7. Consider Installing a Fan

Consider Installing a Fan

Moisture build-up in the shower can also harm your devices. Regular use of them in a shower will cause them to malfunction.  Running a fan when you are in the shower will avoid the build-up of moisture around your devices and will thus protect them. 

We want you to use a fan even if you have kept your device in a protected waterproof case to avoid any chance of damage.

Final thoughts

Listening to music comes with several advantages and when it is done in the shower it provides extra relaxation. It thoroughly creates positive effects on both body and mind and contributes to our overall development.

We recommend you to listen to music in the shower at night as there is no time restriction and you can take your time to pamper yourself. In this article, we have compiled a list of devices and tips that will make your music listening experience in the shower easier and better.  Let us know if you found this article helpful and comment down in the section below what you want to hear next from us.