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7 Best Levitating Speakers in 2023

Wingardium Leviosa!

Levitating Speakers

Tonnes of speakers out there to choose from, but none satisfy your urge for “uniqueness”? Then you must not have heard about levitating speakers! As time passes, technology keeps taking steps forward. Unlike most Bluetooth speakers which are bulky and monotonous, levitating speakers have a really futuristic aesthetic. It is safe to say that levitating speakers are a more exciting version of Bluetooth speakers. Levitating speakers are also called floating speakers or orb speakers. They’re one and the same thing.

The thing with a levitating speaker is that it can be used as a floating Bluetooth speaker or even as a normal table speaker. Let us first try and understand the science behind he flotation of these speakers before we take a look at some of the best levitating speakers on the market!

Roundup of the Best Levitating Speakers

Overall Best Levitating SpeakerArc Star Floating Speaker
Levitating Speaker With Best DesignRUIXINDA Levitating UFO Speakers
Best Levitating Speaker for GiftingInfinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker Bluetooth
Levitating Speaker With Best BassJLSCR Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
Best Levitating Speaker for Home DecorInfinity Orb LED Lamp Levitating Speaker
Best Waterproof Levitating SpeakerMars by Crazybaby
Levitating Speaker With Coolest DesignRUIXINDA Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

How Does a Levitating Speaker Work?

The science behind the floating speakers is pretty simple. Firstly, these speakers have a speaker orb and a base to float over. They use magnets to float. The floating speaker orb has a magnet fit into it that repels with the magnetic base to create the magnetic levitation effect. Therefore, it is the repellent force that makes the speaker levitate.

Users must find the “sweet spot” to balance he magnetic speaker system over the base, which can b a tedious task. To make this task simpler, most manufacturers send a template with the speaker which can be used to easily place the orb over the magnetic base. All you need to do is place the orb inside the template, place the template over the base. Once your speaker is floating, you simply remove the template and there you go!

These speakers are usually small in size and might not be the best choice for Bluetooth speakers for music or gaming, but definitely make for a great conversation starter.

Also, an important thing to note is that these speakers can be used simply as portable speakers or magnetic speakers. The speaker can easily latch onto any metallic surface such as doors, fridge, windows etc. So that makes it a two in one!

Just get your Bluetooth enabled devices (NFC-pairing as well in some cases) and go ham! Let us now take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of buying levitating speakers!

Advantages of Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

1. Levitating Speakers Are Eye-Catching

The best part about these speakers is that they are very eye-catching. Imagine owning an ordinary Bluetooth speaker. You will not find yourself or your friends staring at it with a “Woah!” kinda look! But the same cannot be said for a floating Bluetooth speaker.

Most bases of these speaker sets come with LED lights which make the overall vibe even more fun and glamorous! We found ourselves staring at all the floating speakers we tested for long periods, like a child. They are definitely going to be an excellent conversation piece with your friends and family!

2. Levitating Speakers Look Very Attractive and Unique

Most levitating speakers have a very unique design that is extremely attractive to look at. It is sure to enhance the decor of any room it is kept in, be it in your home or your office. These are especially suitable for people that have a futuristic and modern room decor. You can even say that it is the missing piece of the puzzle!

These speakers would make for a perfect gift for your friends and family. You cannot not like levitating speakers, can you?

3. Levitating Speakers Can Be Used As Portable Bluetooth Speakers

If you keep aside the whole flotation side of things aside, you are still left with portable wireless speakers. The orb part of the of the levitating speaker system can be used as a normal portable speaker. You can carry them around in your bag. Some speakers are small enough to even fit inside your pocket.

So, you’re not just buying a levitating speaker, but also a portable speaker when you need it to be one!

4. Levitating Speakers Can Have Their Parts Used for Other Purposes

As discussed above, a levitating speaker orb can be used as a normal wireless portable speaker. Not only that, but it can also be used as a magnetic speaker that can stick itself on any magnetic surface. As for the base of the speaker, most speaker bases come with USB ports that are to be used for charging your Bluetooth orb. You can use those ports with a USB cable to charge other things as well such as phones, controllers, headphones etc.

Therefore it won’t be wrong to say that levitating speakers have multiple uses, besides the wondrous levitation element!

5. Levitating Speakers Provide 360-Degree Sound

Once you set your orb to float on top of the base, your speaker can rotate to give you 360 degree sound. Some speakers are specifically designed to give a 360 degree sound experience, thanks to the spherical orb design. Other levitating speakers automatically rotate the orb speaker once it comes into contact with the magnetic field of the base. You can manually give it a twist and it will continue to rotate for a while!

Disadvantages of Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

1. Levitating Speakers Are Not Correctly Balanced

The most common complaint we see coming from users is that it sometimes get very difficult to find the right point of magnetic balance to get your speaker to levitate. You may call it an unnecessary waste of your time.

To fight this disadvantage, manufacturers send plastic templates with these speakers, as mentioned above, for the convenience of users.

2. Levitating Speakers Comprise Complex Controls

One of the things that makes using levitating speakers all the more tedious is that they cannot be controlled easily. Let us explain why. As we know, all speakers or headphones come with some set of control buttons on them. To use the buttons (volume up/down, pause, etc.) on a levitating speaker is extremely difficult as they are suspended in the air.

Therefore, users must remove them from above the base, every-time they wish to use the controls on the speaker. We have already learnt that finding the magnetic balance between the levitating sphere and the magnetic base is not easy. Imagine having to constantly remove the speaker from the base and trying to put it back into “levitation mode” every now and then!

This one does not need much explaining. Having a levitating speaker with pets around is not a great idea. Unique items attract the attention of pets, such as dogs and cats, anyway. On top of that, it is extremely easy for the levitating orb to fall, if the magnetic balance is disturbed. We’ve all seen cat videos, haven’t we? We all know what’s coming next!

You’ll end up with a fallen speaker more times than you’d think. That being said, if you manage to ensure that the speaker stays out of reach of your pets, there should be no problem.

4. Levitating Speakers Are More of a Novelty Item

This kind of a speaker is more of a novelty item than simply being a speaker with great overall sound quality. In other words, you could find a great non-levitating speaker for the price at which you get an average levitating speaker. Sound quality is not their strong suit and they are as much for your eyes, as your ears.

Top 7 Floating and Levitating Speakers

Having understood the concept of levitating speakers, let us know take a look at some of the best floating Bluetooth speakers out there!

1. Arc Star Floating Speaker

Overall Best Levitating Speaker

  • Modern and unique design
  • Great overall quality speaker
  • Green lights add to the already beautiful aesthetics
  • Supports NFC pairing besides Bluetooth
  • Good battery life
  • Charge time is long
  • Wireless range could be better
  • Does not come with a template for balancing

Out of all the speakers we tested, the Arc Star Floating Speaker is the best overall levitating speaker. This speaker has the perfect combination of excellent sound quality, great design and sturdy build quality.

Aesthetically Appealing

Firstly, the speaker is inspired by the Death Star from Star Wars and does absolute justice to the same. What we liked the most about the aesthetic of this speaker was the green and black combination. The base as well as the speaker have green LED lights which come to life when you turn on the speaker! The color combination gives it a proper sci-fi vibe which is perfect for a levitating speaker. On top of that, the speaker rotates to add to that vibe.

Great Sound

Secondly, we weren’t expecting something spectacular on the audio front, but it would be a crime if we didn’t mention how good this speaker actually sounded. The Arc Star Floating Speaker produced loud audio with clear bass and mild trebles. Pretty decent for a speaker of this size.

Good Battery Life; Takes Time to Charge

Lastly, the speaker has a good batter life that lasts for up to 8 hours, but the charge time is long. Also, the wireless range is 10m around which the sound starting cackling when we moved further. The base of the speaker can be used as a charging dock for your mobiles as well.

To conclude, the Arc Star Floating Speaker is an amazing levitating speaker. It delivers in terms of both look and sound. You’re sure to have a good time using this speaker, just like we did. Also, compared to some other speakers, balancing the sphere was easier on this speaker, even without the template, compared to some others. All in all, it is definitely value for money!

View on Amazon: Arc Star Floating Speaker

2. RUIXINDA Levitating UFO Speakers

Levitating Speaker With Best Design

  • Unique UFO shaped levitating speaker
  • Beautiful LED lights
  • 360-degree stereo sound
  • Bulkier than spherical speakers
  • Average sound quality

Although all levitating speakers have a mesmerizing design, we found RUIXINDA Levitating UFO Speaker to be the levitating speaker with the best design! Who isn’t mesmerized by UFOs after-all?

Eye-Catching UFO Shape

Firstly, this levitating Bluetooth speaker immediate caught our eyes, thanks to its beautiful UFO shape. That, combined with the beautiful black color and the multi-colored LED lights were enough to convince us that this had to be the best designed levitating Bluetooth speaker. Although, we do feel that the audio quality is not as sturdy as of some other speakers.

Average Sound Quality

Secondly, on the audio front, it didn’t perform all that bad but not that great as well. The 5W audio drivers provide an average quality sound. But then again, if audio was the sole purpose, we wouldn’t really be looking at levitating speakers.

Good Battery Life

Lastly, the speaker has a 10m wireless range and a battery life of 6 hours (1200 mAh li-ion battery). We feel that both could have been better, but keeping the price-point in mind, its passable.

To conclude, the RUIXINDA Levitating UFO Speaker is a spectacular option if you want to gift it to someone. We couldn’t take our eyes off of the speaker for a while, as it brought back memories of UFO stories we used to hear in our childhood! Although, if your main priority is great sound quality, we would not recommend this speaker. You should opt for regular speakers instead.

View on Amazon: RUIXINDA Levitating UFO Speakers

3. Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker Bluetooth

Best Levitating Speaker for Gifting

  • Beautiful design
  • Beautiful multi-colored LED lights
  • Has 3D surround-sound
  • Value for money, great for gifting
  • Touch enabled control buttons hard to use while levitating
  • Glossy finish attracts fingerprints and smudges
  • Has Bluetooth 4.0 as against Bluetooth 5.0

The Infinity Orb Magnetic Speaker is our pick for the best levitating speaker for gifting. This is mainly due to two reasons. First, that it costs lesser than some other levitating speakers, and second that the stylish design combined with the glossy finish makes it a wonderful gift!

Lovely Glossy Finish

Firstly, as we mentioned before already, there is something about black colored levitating Bluetooth speakers that catches your eye. The case is no different with the Infinity Orb Magnetic Speaker. The speaker is not just black but has some bling to it as well. Although, that might not be pleasing to some people, as the glossy finish highlights fingerprints and smudge marks.

Comes With a 3D Sound Effect

Secondly, we tested the 3D surround-sound the speaker promised. The speaker does have a 3D sound effect thanks to its cone-shaped sound guide but the overall performance on the sound front was average. The speaker has a tendency to produce muffled sounds at higher volumes.

Touch-Enabled Control Panel

Lastly, the Infinity Orb Magnetic Speaker comes with a touch-enabled control panel at the top of the speaker. This makes using controls easier than otherwise used “button controls”, but still proved to be hard to handle as the orb levitated. The battery life on this speaker is pretty decent.

To conclude, the Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker is a great gifting option, thanks to its low price, bling finish, beautiful LED lights and wow factor (which honestly is a part of every floating speaker). The audio quality as well as build quality could be better but the design definitely makes up a bit for that.

View on Amazon: Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker Bluetooth

4. JLSCR Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Levitating Speaker With Best Bass

  • Rapid, immediate pairing
  • 8 hours (on 60% volume) 
  • Superb bass
  • 360-degree rotation easily provides surround sound
  • It may be carried without the magnetic base
  • Supports all Bluetooth devices, including iPhone, iPad, and tablet
  • The speaker may serve as a dock for charging other gadgets.
  • The speaker’s base isn’t flat, so you can’t place it on a flat surface
  • Setup is a bit tricky

JLSCR Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is our choice for the levitating speaker with the best bass. It’s high-quality in appearance and construction, and it seems to be quite solid and long-lasting.

Great Design

Orbs served as inspiration for the design of the JLSCR Levitating Speaker. Because of its compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0, you can send the data without any deterioration in quality. The Bluetooth speaker itself is the main attraction of the JLSCR Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. If you put this speaker on your coffee table and friends come over, they will immediately recognize it as the Death Star from the Star Wars movies. Listening to music from John Williams’ official Star Wars soundtrack while setting the mood is sure to ignite a discussion.

Seamless Pairing and Great Battery Life

The speaker is equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology, allowing it to be rapidly linked to other devices by touch. The 1500 mAh battery allows for almost 8 hours of continuous use. The battery holds a charge for a very long time, and you can use it while it’s charging.

Great Sound Quality With Resonating Bass

The speaker performs well throughout the audible spectrum. The singing is well-blended into the track. Given that it can charge your phone while simultaneously providing excellent music, this speaker deserves a permanent spot on your bedside or end table.

To conclude, JLSCR Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is simple to use, syncs quickly with your gadgets, takes up little space, and looks amazing. Superb sound quality with a respectable amount of bass and surprisingly high volume for its size characterize the JLSCR Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, which you can recharge through micro USB and whose magnetic base is powered by a barrel connection (included).

View on Amazon: JLSCR Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

5. Infinity Orb LED Lamp Levitating Speaker

Best Levitating Speaker for Home Decor

  • Can be used as a lamp
  • Perfect fit for your home decor
  • Looks very modern and unique
  • Uses wireless charging technology
  • Multiple light modes
  • Average sound quality
  • Troublesome to get the speaker levitating
  • Bulky, takes up space unlike most levitating Bluetooth speakers
  • More expensive choice

Infinity Orb is back and this time with a flying-saucer! The best levitating speaker for home decor is the Infinity Orb LED Lamp Levitating Speaker. Home decor involves lamps. The base of this speaker is a lamp. 1 + 1 = 2!

Durable Build; Interesting Design

Firstly, the 28 cm magnetic lamp stand has a sturdy build and makes for a great addition to your existing room decor. The flying-saucer on top gives it the edge that it needs to become a conversation piece!

Wireless Charging

What makes the Infinity Orb Lamp Speaker even better is the fact that it uses wireless charging technology, i.e,. you can charge the speaker while it levitates over the lamp-shaped base! What can be better than to have your speaker charging while you use it?

Good Sound Quality

On the audio front, it is no different to most of the speakers on the market. The audio output was average and we though it lacked any kind of oomph an audiophile will look for. But then again, this isn’t a product we would recommend to audiophiles anyway! It is better suited as a casual speaker to listen to your favorite music.

To conclude, the Infinity Orb LED Lamp Levitating Speaker is the best choice floating speaker for your home decor. You can now light up your room while listening to your favorite songs. Although, we suggest being careful around the speaker as it was really easy to topple it. The wireless charging technology really gives it an added advantage over other speakers.

View on Amazon: Infinity Orb LED Lamp Levitating Speaker

6. Mars by Crazybaby

Best Waterproof Levitating Speaker

  • Unique auto-levitation and auto-landing feature
  • Auto proximity-based volume control
  • Waterproof up to 3 feet deep
  • Great audio quality
  • Base acts as a subwoofer
  • Has a microphone to help switching to calls
  • Great battery life
  • Very elegant design
  • CrazyBaby app allows easy speaker management
  • Takes space; is bulky
  • Expensive compared to other floating speakers

Now this is the one we’ve been rubbing our hands for. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Mars levitating Bluetooth speaker by CrazyBaby is the best waterproof levitating speaker as well as the best levitating speaker on the market in our opinion. Let us learn why!

Auto Takeoff and Landing System

The Marks Speaker offers two incredible features that most speakers don’t. First is the speaker’s auto takeoff and auto-landing system. Simply place the disc-shaped speaker on top of the cylindrical base and once turned on, the speaker will automatically levitate. Similarly when you turn it off, it will slowly , automatically come back down to the base.

Proximity-Based Volume Control

The second feature that really stands out is the auto-volume control based on your proximity. As we moved away from the speaker, it automatically turned the volume down a notch! Besides that, the speaker is dust-proof and waterproof up to 3 feet deep water. It could be a really good companion while cycling or exercising.

Excellent Sound Quality

The sound quality of the speaker was top-notch as well. The bass has a punch and the highs are very clear. The speaker can be managed and modulated using the CrazyBaby app. It also allows you to choose the LED light pattern of your choice.

The only thing that acts as a deterrent in a big way is the price of the speaker itself. It is very expensive and if someone wants to spend so much on a speaker with good performance, they might as well get a regular speaker.

If you’re really looking to go big for a levitating Bluetooth speaker, without a shadow of a doubt it should be the Mars Speaker. It looks elegant, sounds wonderful and offers a tonne of extra features that will come in handy. The price is a little steep but we can assure you its great value for money!

View on Amazon: Mars by Crazybaby

7. RUIXINDA Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Levitating Speaker With Coolest Design

  • UFO inspired design that looks super cool
  • Three lighting modes
  • Bluetooth 5.0 version
  • Easy and quick to charge
  • Decent sound quality
  • Has a tiny, flat base that doesn’t provide much support
  • Bass is okayish

The RUIXINDA Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is our choice for the best levitating speaker with the coolest design on our list. Its design is reminiscent of a UFO and makes a fun gift item. Even though most of the speakers on our list look like UFOs, there’s something special about the design of this speaker that makes it look funky and vibrant.

A Cool Alien Spacecraft Design

The Ruixinda Levitating Speaker’s outer shell was conceptualized after an alien spacecraft. In the dark, the speaker and its base, which hover in midair, generate a steady stream of LED lights of varying colors that looks super cool.

Decent Sound; Great Value for Money

The sound quality is decent but the sound is not very loud. This speakers comes with a disco light effect, but one thing which caught our attention is that it does not produce much bass. Still, if we consider the size and the price, it is a good value for money.

Good Battery Life

The RUIXINDA Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker’s battery life is pretty decent; the speaker can work continuously for about 6 hours playback time. The Bluetooth connection is seamless and has a good range up to 33 ft.  It works with almost all Bluetooth gadgets, including phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs.

To conclude, the RUIXINDA Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is a cool looking levitating speaker When compared to its little size, the speaker’s sound is surprisingly crisp and full. The magnetic spinning effect is mesmerizing, and it continues to spin even after the speaker is switched off. Highly recommended.

View on Amazon: RUIXINDA Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions About Levitating Speakers

Is a levitating speaker worth it?

The answer to this question is subjective. But if we were to give you our two bucks about it, then a levitating speaker is definitely worth it if you can move past the average audio quality. This is more of a novelty item which is to be used as a casual speaker!

Can a levitating speaker be used without the base?

One of the main advantages of having a levitating speaker is that it can also be used as a normal speaker or even a portable speaker without using the magnetic base. You can stick it to any metallic surface or even stand it on a table or rack to be used as a regular speaker!

Final Words

It is crazy how technology keeps throwing new items at us every now and then. How a small speaker can keep you staring at it for so long is actually funny. We would say that a floating Bluetooth speaker is a fun thing to have. Out of all the speakers we tested, the Mars Speaker by CrazyBaby has to be our pick! It boasts a lot of features, as well as great quality sound and elegant looks! The Arc Star Floating would be our second choice as it is more budget-friendly in comparison to the Mars Speaker!

With that we come to the end of our flight and its time to and dock! If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments below!