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11 Loudest Bluetooth Speaker Options in 2023

Crank Up the Volume!

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker

Are you looking for the loudest Bluetooth speaker to help your next party get off to a great start? You have landed at the correct spot, then! We all want speakers that go boom, digging down to the darkest depths and pushing our subwoofers to the ultimate test. We also wish to have speakers that amplify each cello and violin as though we were sitting in the orchestra’s front row.

But if a Bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality has no dynamic loudness, it’s all for naught. When it comes to finding a loud Bluetooth speaker, things might become a little confusing. For your benefit, though, we’ve sacrificed our hearing to find the loudest Bluetooth speaker available.

Roundup of the Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoor UseThe SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3)
Loudest Bluetooth Speaker For Pool PartiesUltimate Ears MEGABOOM 3
Loudest Bluetooth Smart SpeakerSonos Move
Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for SmartphoneDevialet Phantom II
Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Home UseBose Soundlink Revolve (Series II)
Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for TravelJBL Flip 5
Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for PartiesJBL Partybox 710
Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for TailgatingAiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for CampingBose Micro Soundlink
Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Professional UseElectro-Voice ZLX-12BT 12″ 1000W Bluetooth Powered Loudspeaker
Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for KaraokeIon Block Rocker Plus

First, let us tell you how loud can a Bluetooth speaker sound?

How Can You Tell How Loud a Bluetooth Speaker Is?

Listening to the speaker’s sound is the best method for determining how loud it is. However, it is not possible at this age and time. As most like to make purchases online or even if they choose to buy from a regular shop, many sellers either will not have the demo unit of the speaker you want to purchase or may refuse to open a sealed package before you make a purchase. Here is where one feature, sensitivity, measured in decibels (dB), comes to your rescue.

What Is Speaker Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a speaker reveals its loudness in either a non-echoing or a room setting. In their specifications, some manufacturers state that the sensitivity was assessed in a normal room setting, while others say that they measured the sensitivity in a non-reverberant environment. The greater the sensitivity rating, the louder your speaker will be. A typical speaker has a sensitivity of roughly 87dB to 88dB. A speaker with a 90 decibels (dB) sensitivity rating is outstanding.

Do you know how much 87db or 88db is? These examples will help you understand how loud 87 dB is. For instance, if the decibel level of quiet is 0 dB, then 15-25 dB for a whisper, background noise in the home or office ranges between 40-60 dB, normal speaking voice is 65-70 dB, a lawnmower is 9dB, and a car horn has 110dB of sensitivity.

It is vital to understand that you do decibel measurement on a logarithmic scale. This indicates that the sound becomes ten times louder for every ten-decibel rise! Simply said, a speaker that generates sound at a decibel level of 100 is ten times louder than one that makes a sound at a decibel level of 90.

After this physics 101 lesson, let’s take you on a beautiful ride to find out the loudest Bluetooth speakers to get the party going!

Top 11 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers on the Market

We’ll walk you through the perplexing world of loudspeakers, telling you what to look for and avoid and pinpointing the features you should consider when shopping for a particularly loud Bluetooth speaker.

This article will look at the eleven loudest portable Bluetooth speakers available on the market, which can set the tone for your next house party with a thrashing bass!

1. The SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3)

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoor Use

  • Massive audio
  • Incredible battery life
  • Strong construction
  • Many audio input choices
  • Comes in five grill colors
  • IP65 rating
  • Mid and treble ranges can be a little overpowering
  • Bulky at 15.4 kgs

The SoundBoks (Gen. 3) is a performance speaker that features Bluetooth, auxiliary, quarter-inch, and XLR inputs, among other connectivity options. You can use it indoors or outdoors, using a power source or a rechargeable battery.

The third-generation Soundboks is as big as a house, measuring 66 x 43 x 32cm (25.6 x 17 x 13 inches) and weighs 15.4kg, whereas an average Bluetooth speaker is approximately the size of a brick (34 pounds). There are two carry handles on either side of the bass reflex ports to enable you to move it from your car to the park, beach, or a rave.

It produces a stunning 126dB of sound courtesy to two 10-inch 96dB woofers and a 104dB compression driver tweeter. This speaker begins to reveal indications of its power potential at mid-volume, but it wasn’t until you turn it up to three-quarters that it truly begins to lift you off your feet.

You can customize the volume to your liking by using the Soundboks app that has an EQ. This speaker is ideal for outdoor gatherings, not just because of its powerful audio output. When playing music at medium volume, you’ll receive about 40 hours of battery life so that you can go on rocking non-stop!

In conclusion, The SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) isn’t the most portable or fashionable speaker. However, these things should not matter if you’re only looking at a “loud” speaker. The SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) is a great sound system for your parties and get-togethers.

View on Amazon: The SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3)

2. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker For Pool Parties

  • Energizing and engaging sound
  • 360-degree delivery
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Tough but appealing design
  • The new play/playlist button
  • Easy to operate
  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Could be a little clearer in the midrange
  • No 3.5mm input

Megaboom has always been intended for outdoor usage – by the pool, at a festival, muddy camping, and other adventurous activities – and the high-density fabric shielding the current version of the speaker is engineered to accommodate this.

Megaboom 3 is dust-proof, and it will survive a 30-minute submersion in 1 meter of water without losing its functionality. It is now IP67 certified, which means it floats. It is also highly durable. This third-generation Boom speaker can bob next to you in the pool while still playing music — don’t keep it in there for an extended period.

The 360-degree sound dispersion is remarkable, effortlessly filling a space. You’ll hear its limit if you push it too hard, but the sound is satisfyingly substantial, with well-defined edges, a generous amount of detail, and a fantastic sense of rhythm. In addition, Ultimate Ears has improved its passive radiator to provide booming bass on the Megaboom 3.

You’ll need the accompanying Ultimate Ears app to create numerous playlists, and you’ll be able to skip through them by pressing the button on your phone many times. It’s an excellent little update that allows you to quickly access your music without wasting precious seconds tapping away at your screen.

In conclusion, we think that even though there are many waterproof portable speakers available, Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 has made a name for itself by combining a unique design, exciting features, and crystal clear sound to provide an unforgettable listening experience.

View on Amazon: Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

3. Sonos Move

Loudest Bluetooth Smart Speaker

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Pre-installed Automatic TruePlay technology
  • Converting Wi-Fi to Bluetooth is simple
  • Durable
  • Easy to connect to other Sonos devices.
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant on board
  • No smart features in Bluetooth mode
  • For a portable gadget, it is rather heavy
  • Not suitable for use as back movie speakers

The first thing you will notice is that the Move is a large speaker that weighs more than 6.6 pounds and is about 10 inches tall. As a result, it’s not ideal for short-distance travel. The Move is something you can move around your home or patio, rather than something you’ll want to take on vacation.

Sonos incorporated a handle inside the speaker’s molded plastic casing to make moving the speaker a breeze. However, it isn’t something you’ll want to lug the Move about on extended excursions.

Sonos truly shines when it comes to the sound quality of the Move, and that’s why we’re so excited about it. Incredibly, the Move can fill even the largest of spaces without sounding like it’s suffering or overworked. The Move provides an omnidirectional soundscape with a downward-firing tweeter, allowing you to hear the music regardless of where you are sitting.

The speaker sounds nearly the same whether you connect it to your device through Bluetooth or the standard Wi-Fi configuration. Switching between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is accomplished by a button on the back of the speaker, and when you switch modes, the Move will attempt to connect to the last device it was associated with.

In conclusion, the Sonos Move is a decent smart speaker, but we’d call it a wireless one before calling it a portable Bluetooth speaker. Because of its weight and lack of Bluetooth smarts, we won’t recommend you bring it on a day trip, but you can enjoy it around the house and in your backyard.

View on Amazon: Sonos Move

4. Devialet Phantom II

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Smartphone

  • Excellent performance at high volume
  • Large, expansive, and reverberant sound
  • Bass that makes your heart race
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Universal Plug’ n’ Play compatibility (UPnP)
  • Inadequate in terms of clarity and subtlety
  • Spatial performance is below average
  • Aggressive limiting affects dynamics
  • Inconsistent tonal balance

Devialet, the Parisian company, was created with two key aims: combining elegant design with cutting-edge technologies, and Phantom II also lives up to the hype. The Devialet Phantom II 95 dB’s sleek teardrop design is unmistakable. And the sound quality — and quantity — of this powered speaker are similarly exceptional, especially given its small size.

Powered by two aluminum woofers, the Phantom II 95dB delivers strong, hard-hitting bass in a compact and lightweight design. When used in conjunction with the centered aluminum full-range driver, these speakers produce a wide soundstage that covers the room completely.

The Phantom II 95dB contains an integrated DAC (digital-to-analog converter) to play high-resolution digital music. The Phantom II 95dB has 350 watts of continuous (RMS) power, allowing you to feel right in the middle of the action during a concert. The side-firing bass drivers are the most exciting feature. Those speakers produce practically visceral bass, especially at high levels. Hip-hop tunes with a lot of bass pound!

The treble and bass are both well-defined. When playing music at a low volume, this makes a significant impact. It makes no difference how loud or soft you play the music; the quality remains the same.

In conclusion, Devialet Phantom II is a small speaker that delivers outstanding performance at loud volumes; the thing where it falls short is spatial attribute due to its design and nature, which means that you won’t get the surround sound feeling.

View on Amazon: Devialet Phantom II

5. Bose Soundlink Revolve (Series II)

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Home Use

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Strong volume
  • Can be combined with additional Soundlink models
  • Very good battery life
  • Excellent directional ability
  • Comes in three colors
  • Expensive
  • Lacks bass
  • No graphic EQ

Bose’s SoundLink Revolve (Series II) is a feature-packed perfect speaker ideal for any gathering. What’s more, you may use it to connect to other gadgets in your house wirelessly, and it floats!

The sound profile of the Revolve II is neutral; thus, you can use it to listen to a wide range of audio files. In addition, its 360-degree shape provides superb directivity, giving in a vast soundstage that means that it will provide you with surround sound.

Even the most demanding audiophiles will be delighted by the speaker’s compact size and the terrific bass response, making the music even more enjoyable. This speaker generates strong bass like other Bose speakers without sacrificing clarity in the highs or mids at greater levels.

The SoundLink Revolve Series II offers a “party mode” that allows you to play music at up to 130 decibels and an extra stereo option (sounds better when listening with headphones). Moreover, BOSE® SoundLink Revolve comes with the Bose Connect software, which will enable you to pair and sync your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth. The software also assists you in locating misplaced smartphones by displaying nearby active ones.

The controls on the SoundLink Revolve II are great. You may control the speaker’s level by pressing the + and – buttons, which causes the speaker to flash a little light. When you’re on a call, you may use these two buttons to mute and unmute the speaker’s microphone.

In conclusion, Soundlink Revolve II wins our top honors, outperforming the competition with improved audio quality even at high levels. It’s absolutely perfect for home use.

View on Amazon: Bose Soundlink Revolve (Series II)


Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Travel

  • Excellent bass and timing
  • Fantastic acoustic sense
  • Stereo pairing for PartyBoost
  • Simple to use
  • USB-C Quick Charging
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes in 11 different colors
  • No Bluetooth 5 or high-quality codecs
  • No 3.5mm input
  • No microphone for hands-free calling
  • Connect+ incompatibility

The Flip 5 is a rugged portable Bluetooth speaker that comes in several colorful and vibrant colors and more subdued black and white. A mesh fabric material mainly covers Flip 5, with the ends composed of tough rubber. The speaker has a strap on one end and is waterproof up to IPX7, which means you can submerge it into one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

The speaker has outstanding tonal balance across various recordings and genres. You don’t have to put it on maximum volume to feel involved, but if you do, since you’ve given it an open field stage, it avoids feeling distorted or being pushed too hard. You won’t feel obligated to sit near it, though, because the Flip 5 can boldly spread its sound beyond its compact proportions. So even if you stand many meters away, you’ll find yourself singing along.

In terms of battery life, the Flip 5 delivers. The Flip 5 promises to have a playtime of 12 hours. We discovered that the battery life remarkably survived this period, effortlessly passing the 24-hour mark. We did test the speaker at low to medium volume, but the playtime is likely to be shorter in scenarios when the sound is higher, such as parties.

In conclusion, the JBL Flip 5 is an excellent choice for anybody searching for a low-cost loud Bluetooth speaker that can take a fair amount of wear and tear. However, it does not have a built-in microphone which means you can’t make phone calls on the speaker or use your voice assistant to operate it while it’s connected.

View on Amazon: JBL Flip 5

7. JBL PartyBox 710

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Parties

  • Compelling sound
  • Fun RGB light display
  • You can pair multiple devices
  • Can generate a very long low-bass
  • It’s huge, so not very portable

This powerful speaker has programmable RGB lights, mic, and guitar inputs and can go extremely loud, making it suited for usage at huge packed events.

The JBL Partybox 710 is enormous, measuring 399 x 905 x 436.0mm and looking like a mini-fridge. It’s also rather hefty, weighing in at 27.8 kg. Fortunately, it comes equipped with two wheels and a handle to make moving it around easier.

You can use it either horizontally or vertically. It comes with rubberized feet on the bottom and the side, depending on where you set it. It’s primarily black, with a JBL logo on the front.

PartyBox 710 endures; it’s sturdy and even has an IPX4 rating, which indicates it can withstand sprays of water and should be safe from mishaps.

The sound is undoubtedly massive at 800W. The JBL PartyBox 710 will practically shake your walls, especially when turning on the bass boost. It’s a pleasure to listen to. It’s clear and crisp, with every instrument and lyric audible, and it’s brimming with enthusiasm.

Through and through, this is a speaker for a party. The pulsing and strobing of the RGB lights create a hypnotic atmosphere. This speaker can transform your living room into a nightclub if you have the space.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a robust music system and a stunning light display, go no further than the JBL Partybox 710; however, it will set you back by a couple of bucks.

View on Amazon: JBL Partybox 710

8. Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Tailgating

  • Can get exceptionally loud
  • Multi-band EQ
  • Affordable price
  • Serious bass output
  • One-year warranty
  • Not waterproof

The Exos-9 is one of the loudest portable Bluetooth speakers on the market in terms of its dimensions. The speaker features include a graphic equalizer, long battery life, and a better-than-average Bluetooth range. It primarily uses plastic, save for the metal grill on the front, which is removable.

Two 1′′ silk tweeters, 3″ dual neodymium drivers, and one dual voice coil 6.5′′ woofer make up the front of the speaker. The bass reflex system and the detachable Bluetooth battery are on the device’s rear side.

The audio quality is equivalent to home audio systems and vehicle stereos. The 200 watts of power produce bass-heavy music with no clipping. You can even turn it to max volume and get distortion-free loud volume. The mids are present and distinct, while the highs are not overpowering. The Exos-9 can shake your house at full level, and the music does not distort in the least, which is astounding for a battery-powered wireless Bluetooth speaker.

This device has a five-band equalizer that can be switched on or off, allowing you to fine-tune the sound. In addition, five presets for saving your preferred EQ settings are also included.

Another unique feature of this speaker is that the Bluetooth connection employs an APTX codec (for a cleaner signal) and has a 50-foot range, nearly double the average 30-foot capacity of most Bluetooth speakers. Its Bluetooth connectivity is superb and can maintain a wireless range without interruptions or dips.

In conclusion, Exos-9 is an excellent pick if you need a portable Bluetooth speaker to play loud music and have fantastic sound quality. However, it lacks current capabilities like AirPlay, Google Cast, and a built-in voice assistant, making it less ideal for the house.

View on Amazon: Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

9. Bose Micro Soundlink

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Camping

  • Ultra-portable
  • Incredibly loud
  • Built-in mic
  • Comes with a USB cable
  • Wireless range up to 9m or 30ft
  • IPX7 rating, completely waterproof
  • Can connect to multiple devices
  • Loops onto anything
  • You can pair it with two SoundLink speakers
  • Tear-resistant flexible rubber strap
  • Problems with latency
  • When you compare it to other Bluetooth speakers, the battery life is not the best

The Bose Soundlink combines mobility, wireless audio streaming, and helpful voice prompts to allow you to stream your favorite music via the two passive radiators and 40mm speaker. This feature-packed speaker uses a soft-touch material with a rubberized finish making it easy to hold it in your hand.

It features a silicone strap that allows you to easily connect it to a bike rack, a backpack, or anything else you can wrap this speaker around. Bose SoundLink is a rugged, portable Bluetooth speaker that can resist everything you throw at it.

The SoundLink Micro speaker’s sound can fill a small space, but the music may drown out if you use it outside or in a bigger setting. Despite this, the sound quality when using it in the open air is rather good.

Using the Bose Connect app, you can easily connect this SoundLink to your smartphone or tablet. Connecting to the speaker is as simple as pressing the device’s pairing button on your smartphone. The battery life is only 5 hours which is a real dampener, and the long charging time to fully juice up.

In conclusion, if you are a bike rider or a hiker, and like outdoor experiences, Bose Micro Soundlink can be just the right choice. This speaker is also an excellent choice for camping excursions and beach days, among other things.

View on Amazon: Bose Micro Soundlink

10. Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT 12″ 1000W Bluetooth Powered Loudspeaker

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Professional Use

  • Tough as a tank
  • Mids and highs are excellent
  • Wide range of tuning options
  • Affordable price
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Outstanding onboard features
  • Lacking in the lower end

The Electro-Voice ZLX12BT equips a 12-inch woofer and a 1.5-inch titanium compression driver for high frequencies. At just 34.3 pounds, the ZLX-12BT loudspeaker packs a powerful punch, which is what you’d expect from a 1,000-watt loudspeaker using the now-standard Class-D amplifier.

The front grille has a distinctive pattern, giving it a more industrial look. The angled edges stand out from conventional flat-faced speakers. If you’re not installing them, the rubberized feet on the bottom give added stability. The EV logo is likewise modest and well-positioned, with a single power light beneath it.

It has a maximum SPL of 126 dB, making it ideal for small settings. You may need Subwoofers in medium-sized venues; however, you may do without one, depending on the volume needs. The Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT also has an SST waveguide, ensuring low distortion, perfect coverage, and the most significant acoustic loading.

You can quickly and easily choose between Music, Speech, Club, and Live modes with the Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT’s four built-in preset settings. To customize the speaker’s sound further, you may use the EQ to create your own presets and save them.

The big improvement here is Bluetooth connectivity, which is simple to use and allows you to rehearse or play live with backing tracks streaming from your cellphone.

In conclusion, in terms of size, weight, and mobility, the Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT 12″ 1000W Bluetooth Powered Loudspeaker is the ideal speaker for traveling artists because it doesn’t take up much room and won’t harm your back or that of your roadie when carried inside the venue.

View on Amazon: Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT 12″ 1000W Bluetooth Powered Loudspeaker

11. Ion Block Rocker Plus

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for Karaoke

  • Great sound quality with bass boost feature
  • Wireless battery powered
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comes with a karaoke wired mic
  • Light and portable
  • Radio tuner
  • Not lightweight

The Block Rocker Plus looks excellent in black, and while it isn’t very light, it does come with wheels to make it as portable as possible. It weighs slightly more than 20 pounds. However, that bulk implies a massive rechargeable battery that may provide up to 35 hours of use before requiring a plug-in. It also means a lot of power.

Its built-in 2-way speaker and 100W dynamic integrated amplifier produce a lively, genuine sound. This box’s broad dispersion 3-inch tweeter and powerful 8-inch woofer make it an excellent choice for clear, crisp, and present audio. The sound quality is outstanding, with that 100 W of power-producing a balanced sound with sufficient bottom punch to make it seem like a good party. So you can say, these are pretty loud bluetooth speakers

Additionally, the Rocker Plus supports both wired and wireless connectivity. As a result, it doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone or tablet you wish to input audio from. Instead, it offers Bluetooth, NFC, and 3.5 mm aux inputs for non-Bluetooth devices and wireless connections for Bluetooth devices. In addition, the dedicated playback buttons on the device’s front make controlling playback a breeze.

With a battery life of up to 35 hours, the Block Rocker Plus is an excellent choice for even the most extended and most memorable events where great sound reinforcement is required, but no AC power is available. Though the battery life is lower than most speakers, which fall in the same range, it is easily rechargeable, allowing for a rapid turnaround time for subsequent usage.

In conclusion, we recommend Ion Block Rocker Plus to anyone who needs high-quality sound, especially if you host parties, enjoy singing along to music, enjoy tailgating, or have a family.

View on Amazon: Ion Block Rocker Plus

Frequently Asked Questions About the Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Why should you pay attention to wattage of Bluetooth speakers?

Wattage is a measurement of the speaker’s output power. Higher wattage is associated with a more robust speaker. Low-end Bluetooth loudspeakers have little energy because they typically contain a single speaker. The rule of thumb here is that larger speaker sizes and higher wattages provide more volume.

Does more watts mean better sound?

Yes, the more watts a speaker has, the louder and more precise the sound it produces. But, on the other hand, small changes in power don’t produce much of an audible difference. The wattage would have to be doubled to detect a difference (a 3dB increase). In other words, you’d have to bump up your receiver’s output from 50 to 100 watts per channel to see a difference.

How loud should a Bluetooth speaker be?

If you’re looking for a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, make sure to check the decibel (dB) rating, which measures the volume of the sound. Make sure that any Bluetooth speaker you purchase has at least a 90 dB or higher volume rating.

Final Words

With so many Bluetooth speakers available on the market, you need to know precisely what you want from your loudest portable Bluetooth speaker before you buy it. Most of the time, it’ll be based on your personal tastes and way of life. You may use this data to narrow down your search for a speaker to meet your precise requirements.

We think that the Soundboks speaker has the highest maximum volume of any portable Bluetooth speaker on the market, at 126 dB! This is louder than a siren, which only has a dB rating of 120! This speaker is capable of filling an entire room – or home! – with sound.