How Do You Pair Wireless Earbuds With Each Other?

A Detailed Guide!

How Do You Pair Wireless Earbuds With Each Other

Before you connect your wireless earbuds with your device, it’s of the utmost importance to pair them with each other. So, it’s critical for you to understand how to pair both earbuds. In this short post, we’ll discuss how to pair Bluetooth earbuds with each other. Read further to know more.

Turning On the Wireless Earbuds

Once you remove the wireless earbuds from the charging case, they typically automatically turn on. However, if they don’t turn on themselves, take the manual route. Also, even after both the wireless earbuds turn on automatically, they may not pair with each other. Therefore, in the next section, we’ll discuss how to pair both earbuds.

How to Pair Both Earbuds – Here’s What You Should Do

Before you try to connect both wireless earbuds manually, we recommend trying the automatic method once again. Here’s how you can try to connect them automatically.

How to Establish Automatic Connection

Take out both earbuds from the charging case at the same time and wait for a few seconds for both of them to turn on and connect to each other. However, if they don’t pair to each other automatically, put them back in the charging case and repeat the process of removing them simultaneously. If they still don’t connect to each other automatically, then you have no option but to take the manual route. Let’s now see how you can pair both earbuds manually.

How to Establish Manual Connection

There are two ways to establish a manual connection between wireless earbuds:

  • Turn them on simultaneously
  • Turn them on one by one

Let’s look at both the approaches in detail.

The “Simultaneously Turn On” Approach

Before you try to connect wireless earbuds with each other, ensure they are initially turned off. Then manually turn on both the earbuds. Initially, you’ll notice lights (white/red/green depending on the brand) blinking on both earbuds, and then slowly blinking on the right earbud. This is when you can rest assured that the wireless earbuds have paired. Now you can enable the Bluetooth on your device and connect both earbuds. 

The “One At a Time” Approach

If the method mentioned above does not work, you can try the “one earbud at a time approach.” Turn off both wireless earbuds and place them in the charging case. Then pick the right earbud first and turn it on manually. Then pick the left one and turn it on. Keep your fingers crossed; both will get paired in no time.


If none of the methods mentioned above seem to work, we suggest getting in touch with the brand’s customer service to ensure the earbuds are not defective. We’ve tried both the methods mentioned in the post, and they have worked for us pretty well.

We hope you found the post on how do you pair wireless earbuds with each other useful. If there’s any other tried and tested method that you would like to share, please share it in the comment section below.