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Dubslabs Bedphones – A Thorough Review

Dream Music with Dubslabs

Dubslabs Bedphones

Have you tried to sleep with headphones or earbuds in your ears? It’s uncomfortable, painful, and annoying when the headband or the earbuds poke you at random and slip out of the ears. Before giving up, we’ve tried various wired and wireless headphones (and earbuds). It’s easier to play the music on a speaker at a low volume. But this didn’t stop us from searching for exclusive headphones designed for sleep. Yes, we’re talking about the Bedphones!

Bottom Line

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Luckily, our search came to a fruitful end when we read about bedphones by Dubslabs. The name is self-explanatory. These are headphones designed for sleep. 

Of course, we weren’t sure how the bedphones would work. After all, we’ve suffered through some painful experiments. Imagine our surprise (and relief) when we tried the bedphones for the first time!

These sleep headphones are perfect in almost every way. These are over-ear headphones designed to be comfortable when sleeping. Not just that, the sound quality is decent, the memory wire is adjustable, and you can answer phone calls too. The soft foam padding rests gently on the ears instead of poking into the ear canal. The thin design doesn’t hurt the ears when you turn to your sides in sleep. 

No more ouch moments, we say!

The one-year manufacturer’s warranty is another advantage, and there’s a lot more to talk about Dubslabs bedphones. So we chose to write an extensive review of these. Read through our detailed Dubslabs bedphones review to understand the working, advantages, disadvantages, and features of these lovely headphones that let us fall asleep without a worry. 

Why You Need Bedphones

About Dubslabs

Dubslabs was founded in 2011 by a nuclear submarine propulsion engineer, Eric Dubs, who aimed to create headphones that would be comfortable when asleep. Dubslabs wanted to help people to sleep better and have a relaxing night. This led to bedphones, adjustable pillows, weighted blankets, and a sleep mask. Indeed a complete package to fall asleep easily. 

Moonbow by Dubslabs is a collection of bedphones containing two variants of over-ear headphones designed to be used when sleeping. One is a wired version, and the other is a wireless version. The bedphones fit almost all ear shapes and sizes as they sit on the ears and not inside. 

The Moonbow collection includes:

  • An adjustable plush memory pillow.
  • Black speaker replacement foams for bedphones.
  • A total dark sleep mask.
  • An all-season weighted blanket to keep you cozy and warm. 

The Moonbow accessories help you have an undisturbed sleep through the night. Whether you have difficulty falling asleep or tend to wake up frequently, the Dubslabs headphones and the Moonbow accessories should come to aid and solve the problem (to an extent). 

Additionally, you can buy the products directly from the company website. And guess what, it takes just 2-5 business days for domestic shipping. We received ours within a week. Also, the one-year manufacturer’s warranty and promised customer support make Dubslabs a worthy manufacturer in the market. The customer support team sounded friendly when we had a little chat with them. 

Hey, don’t forget to check out the sleep tips on the manufacturer’s website. They’ve got great advice. 

How Do Dubslabs Bedphones Work?

The Best Sleep Headphones

Bedphones are the world’s thinnest sleep headphones. The speakers come with 23mm full-range drivers and a 20 – 20 kHz frequency response. Now let’s look at how the wireless model works. 

The wireless bedphones connect through the Bluetooth receiver. You need to pair the headphones with your smartphone/ tablet and select the playlist. Leave the device on the bedside table while you relax under the covers. The bedphones have the same working as regular headphones. The only difference is in the design and fitting. Instead of snugly fitting inside the ear, the bedphones gently sit outside the ear. 

Get the inline mic closer to your mouth and speak if you receive a phone call. We find it easier to hold the mic close to the mouth than let it rest somewhere against the pillow. The callers complained that they couldn’t hear us properly. 

We tried to turn to a side when on a phone call. That worked, too, until the other person yelled into the phone. Answering calls when lying flat on the back seemed like a better option. The mic and remote are at the same place, on the right side of the bedphones. The battery is located on the left side to balance the weight.

We love that the bedphones come in a cute little carrying case. The pouch is sturdy and fits easily in the handbag. It’s tempting to tuck it into the pocket (we know we tried it) but don’t. The bedphones will stay safer in the bag. 

You can also check this video for step-by-step instructions on how to wear the Bedphones:

Key Features of Bedphones

  • The Bedphones come with flat speakers and foam padding. An extra pair of padding comes in the package. 
  • The battery life is thirteen hours long. The Bedphones can last through the last as you continue to have a night of interrupted sleep. 
  • The on-ear design makes the headphones easy to wear when sleeping on the back or sides. However, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to find the best position. 
  • The Bedphones are not limited to being used in bed. They make fabulous travel headphones too. You can put them in the carrying case and take them anywhere. 
  • Dubslabs Bedphones are made using quality materials and last long, unlike the cheap junk. That said, they are still lightweight to wear through the night. 
  • The inline microphone lets you make and answer phone calls through the Bedphones. The wired and wireless versions come with a remote for volume and input control. 
  • The memory wires are infinitely adjustable. Move them any way you want until the earphones sit gently against the ears. 
  • The cable slider helps position the wires around the head and sleep peacefully. 
  • The Bedphones don’t have active noise cancellation as they are designed to let you listen to outside noise. You can still hear your kids or family members calling your name. 
  • The sound quality is good, and the output is clear, even at a low volume. However, the Bedphones don’t have punchy bass. 

Pros and Cons of Bedphones

Well, we did say that the Bedphones are almost perfect. They have a few cons, though the pros outweigh them significantly. 

  • Lightweight 
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Super soft foam padding 
  • Not hot on the ears 
  • Ambient music and noise 
  • Portable carrying case
  • Travel-friendly 
  • Inline microphone 
  • One year warranty
  • Great battery life 
  • No active noise-canceling feature 
  • Needs some adjustment initially 
  • Can still hear outside sound 
  • Slightly expensive 

Dubslabs Bedphones – Sound Quality

We’ll state upfront that the Dubslabs Bedphones don’t have the most outstanding sound quality or compete with high-end audiophile headphones. Yes, these are expensive, but more because of the design than the sound quality. 

However, if we focus on the purpose of the Bedphones, we are more than happy with the quality. The sound detailing is good, and the tracks are clear at low to mid volumes. The soothing notes help us relax and make falling asleep easier. The outside noise will be dulled but not completely blocked. We could hear the kids calling us, which is a must because it could be an emergency. 

Dubslabs Bedphones – Design and Style

Dubslabs Bedphones have been designed to let you sleep wearing them. The speakers are flat discs, slightly larger than the size of a coin incredibly thin. They fit snugly over the ears and have a flexible memory wire design. The design ensures that the speakers don’t heat up in warmer conditions. The last thing we want is red ears due to hot headphones. 

The wireless Bedphones are more convenient, which is not surprising. If you toss around your headphones, you better order the wireless one. The headphones come in a black and blue color combination. They are good-looking and stylish to flaunt at the bedside. 

We used the cable slider to adjust the wire around the throat (these are not true wireless). It wouldn’t do to strangle ourselves, right? wink

Dubslabs Bedphones – Comfort and Fitting

Bedphones are some of the best sleep products in the market. Unlike other models, it didn’t take us numerous attempts to get the right fitting Yeah, it was a bit uncomfortable the first time, but a minor adjustment solved the problem. Overall, listening to music while sleeping is pretty comfortable with the Bedphones. In fact, Bedphones are one of the most comfortable and best headphones for sleeping, on the market.

Side sleepers and people who lie flat on their back will both like the thin design of the speakers and the shape of the bedphones. The speakers will hurt only if the pillow is super hard, in which case, you’ll also have a headache and a sprained neck by morning. 

We are delighted with the adjustable memory wire with a plastic coating for durability. We didn’t have to worry about the cables getting crushed or tangled. The wire connecting the two speakers has an in-line control on one side and a battery on the other. Before you ask, no, these don’t poke into the neck or throat. Not unless you’ve got it all twisted. You can also use these Bluetooth headphones on a plane.

Dubslabs Bedphones – Noise Cancelation

Bedphones don’t have active noise cancelation. That’s not the intended purpose. However, we couldn’t hear other sounds like snoring or barks when we put these. Louder noises will penetrate through as the speakers sit over the ear. 

We weren’t looking for ANC Bedphones, so the performance was highly satisfying (ignoring the mutterings of the partner who could hear the sound bleeding from the Bedphones). 

If you want versatile ear headphones to use anywhere and anytime, Bedphones may not be the right choice. 

Dubslabs Bedphones – Battery Life and Charging (How Long Does It Take for Bedphones to Charge?)

The Bedphones have a 12-13 hours battery life once you fully charge them. We tested them multiple times, and they lasted close to twelve hours each time. While this is already a plus, we noticed that the Bedphones charge fast. They need around an hour to be fully charged and can go on for half a day. That’s cool, isn’t it? So you can charge them during dinner and use them at bedtime.

Dubslabs Bedphones – Controls

Simple controls make it easy to use. The in-line controller has keys for volume adjustment and a microphone. Press the keys to change the volume or the soundtracks. It’s a relief to know that the bedphones work with mobile phones, Android, or iPhones. The wired Bedphones are compatible with other phones like Nokia, Windows, and MP3 players. They come with the standard 3.5mm headphones jack. 

Dubslabs Bedphones – Microphone

The Bedphones have a microphone to take calls without using your mobile phone. We didn’t notice any connection cutting or connection drops when using Bluetooth to listen to music and answer phone calls through the Bedphones. Get the mic (inline controller) close to your mouth so that the caller can hear your voice clearly. The mic quality is decent and serves the purpose. We have no complaints. 

Are Bedphones Good Sleep Headphones for Travel?

Yes! The Bedphones review posted on most sites will agree that these are good for travel. The company calls them travel-ready headphones, and we agree. We took them on multiple short and longer trips during the weekends, and the Bedphones worked perfectly. Remember the sleep mask that comes in the package? We tuck it into the carrying case along with the Bedphones. The combo works like a charm. 

There’s a slight issue about noise cancelation or the lack of it. If you’re traveling in a noisy vehicle, you will likely feel disturbed. It wasn’t very pleasant at one stage. But once everyone settled down and the voices lowered, it was silent enough to feel peaceful and calm finally. The bedphones didn’t poke or slip as we turned on the seats. Instead, the speakers cushioned the ears from the headrest without making the ears hot. All in all, we have no issues using sleep headphones when traveling. 

Are Bedphones Safe for Children?

Well, yes, Bedphones are safe enough for kids. Our young ones do use them at times. But they know not to listen to anything at loud volume. Loud music on headphones (of any kind) is not suitable for the ears irrespective of age. We’ve drilled this into their minds, and they are careful to listen to music and podcasts at a lower volume. The Bedphones work well because the sound quality is good at the lower volumes. 

Moreover, the kids get to hear us when we talk to them. Not having noise cancelation is an advantage in this case. The little one doesn’t like ambient music as much but is now used to it. That said, we wouldn’t recommend bedphones for kids every night or throughout the night. Instead, tuck them in and give them the sleep headphones if they are restless or irritated. That’ll soothe them up. 

Are Bedphones Compatible With iPhone?

Short answer, yes. Dubslabs bedphones are compatible with most smartphones. The wireless version requires a Bluetooth connection. However, the wired version will need an extra adapter to connect to iPhone 7 or higher models. That’s not a big deal because we saw many decent adapters on the market. 

The adapter adds extra distance between you and the phone. It can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on whether you are a side sleeper or a straight sleeper and the layout of the bed. 

Are Bedphones Suitable for Workouts?

The snug fit makes the Bedphones a decent choice for workouts, but we don’t recommend replacing your regular headphones with these. No noise cancelling means you can hear others and listen to what you listen to. 

The bedphones won’t fall off when working out, we tried them (obviously), but it’s embarrassing when the person working-out beside you can listen to the sound output from the Bedphones. 

Furthermore, the Moonbow by Dubslabs aren’t sweatproof. Instead, the speakers might get damaged if sweat seeps into them. 

Dubslabs created Versafit Headphones for workouts, designed similarly to headphones, and have only a wireless design; however, these are sweatproof and can handle some amount of sweat. 

Can You Answer Phone Calls Using Bedphones?

Of course, yes. We have a couple of friends who call at night, and the Bedphones are convenient to answer calls. It’s also easy to return phone calls, though we have to use the device. You’ll learn to adjust the volume when speaking (as we understood instinctively). It’s a relief not to hold the phone to the ear when lying on the bed.  

Do Bedphones Have Just Average Sound Quality?

Sadly, yes. Bedphones have average sound quality. They are better than cheaper headphones and the Chinese junk we get in the market (Lord knows we’ve tried enough of those) but aren’t what we’d call audiophile headphones. 

The speakers do have a full-range sound. However, the sound is clear when the volume is low to mid. High notes or bass aren’t effective, and we sure didn’t like how rock and metal sounded through these bedphones. 

But then again, we don’t listen to rock to get a good night’s sleep. We prefer classics, and these are ideal headphones to drift asleep to soothing musical notes. The sound bleeding through might annoy your partner, though it will block their snoring and let you sleep.

Final Words – Are Dubslabs Bedphones Good?

To sum up, yes. Dubslabs Bedphones are (very) good for the intended purpose of having an uninterrupted sleep through the night. Wear Bedphones when you lie down, adjust them around the ears, and play your favorites as you drift to sleep. 

It is important to remember that the one-year manufacturer’s warranty is applicable only when you buy the Bedphones from the company website or authorized sellers.

Reach customer support through email for repair works or warranty requests. Dubslabs takes special care with customer satisfaction. You don’t get the usual canned reply in most instances. Instead, the team will come up with proper response and help you out. 

Dubslabs Bedphones are an excellent choice for headphones to use when sleeping. Use them to have a relaxing night’s sleep and find relief from insomnia, anxiety, or restlessness.