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7 Best Headphone Stand Options in 2023

Your Headphones Deserve Some Personal Space Too!

Best Headphone Stand Options

So, you’ve recently bought expensive headphones and want to be cautious while storing them? Well, you’re thinking in the right direction, and you probably need the best headphone stand to display and store them.

Headphone stands not only help you store your expensive headphones but also reduce clutter and ensure your headphones remain tangle-free. While you can use objects, such as hangers and boxes to store your headphones, it is a good idea to invest in a headphone stand and give your much-loved headphones all the space they deserve. However, picking the right headphone stand can be a daunting task; after all there are so many headphone stands on the market – different designs, styles, shapes, price and so on.

Therefore, to help you make an informed purchase, we handpicked 15 headphone stands and tested them to narrow down our choice to these 7 best headphone stands.

Quick Roundup of the Best Headphone Stands

Best Overall HeadsetRazer Base Station Chroma Mercury
Best Gaming Headset StandCorsair ST100 RGB Premium
Best Budget Headphone StandAvantree Universal Aluminum and Wooden
Best Headphone Stand With USBSatechi Aluminum USB Headphone
Best Headphone Stand With Wireless ChargerNew Bee Fast Wireless Charging Headphone Holder
Best Designer Headphone HolderAmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand
Best Dual Headphone StandAvantree Neetto

In this guide, we’ll list our top 7 choices, discuss our experience with each product in detail, as well as the pros and cons of each product. Read further to know more.

3 Important Factors You Should Look At When Buying a Headphone Stand

Now that you have read about the 7 best headphone hangers on the market, you probably have a fair idea of the factors that one should look at when buying a headphone hanger. Nevertheless, we’ll relook at the factors in this section to make things clearer for you.



First things first, ensure that the headphone stand you are planning to buy is compatible with your headphones. While most headphone stands on the market come with universal compatibility, you will also come across products that can hold selected headphones only. Therefore, don’t just buy any headphone stand randomly. Ensure you check the compatibility before purchasing.



Connectivity will be a critical deciding factor if you are looking for a USB headphone stand. How many USB ports does the stand have? Does it have a USB hub? What can you do using the USB ports? Can you charge your headphones too? Ensure you get answers to all these questions before purchasing a USB headphone stand.

Also, some headphone stands, such as the Corsair headphone stand listed below, come with a 3.5 mm input that allows you to connect your headphones and enjoy 7.1 Surround Sound. Therefore, you have plenty of connectivity options to consider and explore before purchasing a headphone holder.

Aesthetics, Construction and Materials

Aesthetics, Construction and Materials

Headphone stands are available in different shapes, sizes and materials (as you have seen above). However, it’s completely up to you if you want to purchase a headphone stand based on the aesthetics, construction and materials, or utility alone? After all, the primary purpose of getting a headphone stand is desk organization. Based on our personal experiences, we would suggest purchasing a wooden headphone stand as it is durable yet not very heavy (unlike an aluminum headphone stand).

Also, ensure the headphone stand has a rubberized grip on the top and base to ensure your headphones don’t slip while resting on the stand and the stand doesn’t lose balance in case of multiple headphones or single, heavy headphones.

7 Best Headphone Holders in 2023

To be honest, it was not easy to pick the 7 best headphone hangers out of the lot. All 15 products that we initially picked were at par with each other. Nevertheless, we conducted the testing exercise over 2 weeks and collected feedback from several headphones experts on our team to present before you the best of the best. Let’s look at the headphone stands one by one now.

1. Razer Base Station Chroma Mercury

Best Overall Headset Stand

  • Impressive RGB lighting options
  • Durable and well-made
  • Comprises a USB hub on the base
  • Can hold up to 2 headphones at once
  • Software provides a plethora of customization and lighting options
  • Compatible with Razer Synapse 3
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Looks stylish
  • Base is made of plastic

For most headphones users, a headphone stand is not only a hanger or holder for their headphones but also an accessory. Therefore, while looking for the best overall headset stand, we considered the following factors – aesthetic appeal, durability, price, use and additional features. And, luckily, we found all these features in the Razer Base Station Chroma Mercury Headphone Stand.

Firstly, the headphone stand looks beautiful on your desk. In fact, the headphone stand comprises a unique design, which allows you to detach the headphone stand from the base and use it independently. The base of the headphone stand comes with a 3-port USB hub. You can use it for charging and connecting different USB devices.

Secondly, the headphone stand comes with 16.8 million preconfigured lighting options that can be set and used through Razer Synapse. Therefore, if you have other Razer Chroma-enabled devices on your desk, you can sync all of them and match the lighting to create a phenomenal user experience.

In conclusion, Razer Base Station Chroma Mercury is the best overall headphone stand for those who love lights, and are looking for a sturdy and budget-friendly headphone stand. The USB ports on the base of the stand are great for removing clutter and keeping the desk neat.

View on Amazon: Razer Base Station Chroma Mercury

2. Corsair ST100 RGB Premium

Best Gaming Headset Stand

  • Comprises a wide variety of RGB lighting options
  • USB ports in the case can be used to charge your gaming headset or transfer data
  • Durable and sturdy; made of high-quality materials
  • Strong rubber grip keeps the stand in place even when heavy headsets are placed on it
  • iCue software controls audio settings, RGB lighting and so on
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound provides an exceptional gaming experience
  • USB charging is not fast

Since most gamers purchase high-end gaming headsets, it makes sense to purchase a premium-quality gaming headset stand too. And, this is where the Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Gaming Headset Stand ranks on top. Like most other gaming accessories, such as gaming headsets, mice, keyboards and so on, this gaming headset stand also comprises a variety of technical features that you won’t find elsewhere.

Firstly, the ST100 gaming headset stand comes with RGB lighting (a must-have for gamers) in its base. We placed Corsair ST100 next to our gaming PC and the way the RGB lighting blended with the Corsair gaming mouse and keyboard was a visual delight. Dynamic RGB lighting (LED) across 9 zones provides gamers with a wide variety of color options.

Secondly, the gaming headset stand comprises a built-in 3.5 mm input to enjoy 7.1 surround sound and 2 USB 3.0 inputs, which can be used to charge your gaming headset, mobile and so on.

Lastly (and most importantly), the gaming headset stand is made of a durable material and comes with a rubber-covered base to prevent slipping.

In conclusion, we simply loved every bit of the Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Gaming Headset Stand.

View on Amazon: Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Gaming Headset Stand

3. Avantree Universal Aluminum and Wooden

Best Budget Headphone Stand

  • Easy to assemble and use; all you need to do is push them together
  • Top part of the headphone stand is curved to fit a wide variety of headphones
  • Metal part of the body is durable and sturdy; high-quality metal is used in the construction of the body
  • Easily affordable
  • Large base keeps the stand steady like a rock
  • Quality is excellent for the price
  • Rubberized mat at the bottom of the stand prevents it from slipping
  • The part of the headphone stand made of bamboo can damage headphones with padding on the headband

The Avantree Universal Aluminium and Wooden Headphone Stand can be an awesome pick for those who are on a shoestring budget. While testing the product, most of us had no idea about the price of the product (apart from our teammate who bought the product for testing purposes). We tested the stand with some of the most premium-end and heavy-duty headphones, such as the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, and experienced no issues.

We got to know the price of the headphone stand later into the trial and were left speechless at its quality and usefulness. The stylish headphone hanger is durable and sturdy, and provides a stable base for all types of headphones. The wooden base can also be used as a cable holder. We also felt that the Avantree Universal Aluminum and Wooden Headphone Stand is taller than many other headphone stands on the market; therefore, it is compatible with most headphone brands and models on the market.

View on Amazon: Avantree Universal Aluminium and Wooden Headphone Stand

4. Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

Best Headphone Stand With USB

  • Durable and sturdy; made of high-grade aluminum
  • Looks stylish; simplistic and clean product
  • Comprises 3 x USB 3.0 ports for wireless charging, data transfer and data backup, and 1 x 3.5 mm input for connecting the headphones
  • Universal compatibility
  • Affordable
  • Pairs well with the aesthetics of Macbook
  • Comes with blue LED indicator for power
  • Product cannot be unassembled once put together

The Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand can be a great pick for headphones users who are looking for a good quality headphone stand for their headphones along with the convenience of multiple USB ports.

While you can easily find a wide range of USB headphone stands on the market, we picked Satechi as the best headphone stand with USB for its durability, ease of use and multiple USB ports.

The headphone stand comes with 3 USB 3.0 ports that can be used for wireless charging, data transfer and data backup. The headphone stand also comprises a hook on the back to easily store the headphones’ cable and a rubberized grip on the top portion to ensure your headphones don’t slip while they are resting on the stand.

Lastly, the Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand is compatible with all top headphones brands on the market, such as Bose, Beats, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser and so on.

View on Amazon: Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

5. New Bee Fast Wireless Charging Headphone Holder

Best Headphone Stand With Wireless Charger

  • Wireless charging stand can securely hold your headphones, as well as charge your mobile phone
  • Charging is very fast
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Durable and sturdy; high-quality headphone stand
  • Compatible with a wide variety of headphones, such as Bluetooth, active noise-canceling, gaming and so on
  • Comes with LED indicator lights
  • Cannot be used to charge headphones

With so many fans of the “wireless technology” on our team, it is inevitable to miss out on anything wireless. While we were testing the Corsair and Razer headphone stands, one of our team members, who hate wires, bought the New Bee Fast Wireless Charging Headphone Holder for testing purposes. And, that’s how our relationship with the headphone stand started.

As the name of the product suggests, it is a dual-purpose headphone stand, which means that you can use it as a resting spot for your headphones and a wireless charger for your mobile phone.

Firstly, the wireless charger at the base of the headphone stand comprises a rubberized grip to ensure your mobile doesn’t slip when charging. The body of the stand is made of aluminum with a TPU rubber top to ensure your headphones stay in place when resting on the stand.

Secondly, the headphone stand provides 3 different charging modes, i.e., 5W, 7.5W and 10W for charging different devices. Talk about the headphone stand’s compatibility with different headphones and during the testing phase we found out that it can easily hold most headphones with a headband width within 1.8 inch/4.6 cm and device height within 8.85 inch/22.5 cm.

In conclusion, the New Bee Fast Wireless Charging Headphone Stand can work wonders as an overnight charger and resting spot for your headphones. Even though the stand’s price is a little high, it is worth purchasing if you don’t like the nuisance created by wires.

View on Amazon: New Bee Fast Wireless Charging Headphone Holder

6. AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand

Best Designer Headphone Holder

  • Good-quality product
  • Simple and clean design
  • Shape is perfect for all types of headphones
  • Headphones squeeze tightly around the curved part of the stand and it keeps them from getting scuffed up
  • Can be used out of the box; no assembly required
  • Easily affordable
  • Does not comprises any rubberized grip at the base or top for added stability

An important factor that you should consider while purchasing a headphone stand is its material. And, as you have seen in this guide, headphone stands are available in different materials, such as wood, aluminum, acrylic and so on.

However, your choice will completely depend on your requirement. For instance, one of our team members has bulky headphones, so he bought an aluminum headphone stand, which is more durable and sturdy. Another member on our team bought a bamboo headphone stand as she is more into design and aesthetics.

Firstly, As the name suggests, the AmoVee Headphone Stand is an acrylic headphone stand. Therefore, it is more lightweight and portable than all the other headphone stands on our list. Even though it is thicker and more stable, you won’t feel the extra weight. Secondly, the shape of the headphone stand is curvy and beautiful.

When the headphones are not resting on the stand, it looks like a home decor item. No vibrant colors, no stylish patterns; only simplicity at its best. We tested the stand with a variety of headphones, including Sennheiser HD 700 and it took care of all the headphones seamlessly.

So, if you are looking for a lightweight, simple and useful headphone stand, we would strongly recommend purchasing AmoVee.

View on Amazon: AmoVee Headphone Stand

7. Avantree Neetto

Best Dual Headphone Stand

  • Easy to assemble
  • Can hold 2 or more headphones at once
  • Durable and strong
  • Stylish and affordable
  • High-quality headphone stand
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Does not comprise a rubberized grip at the top or under the base for added stability

The Avantree Neetto Dual Headphone Stand can be a great pick for those of you who are proud owners of multiple headphones or gamers. The headphone stand is sturdy enough to hold 2 headphones at once and comprises a base that can be used to store cables, pens, and so on.

The headphone stand is compatible with all headphones brands and models, and you can use it at home or in the office. We loved this multi-utility dual headphone stand.

In terms of design, the headphone stand comprises a reliable and stable base, and contoured handles to ensure the headphones don’t slip while resting on it. The base is nice and heavy. The vertical support in the center is made of steel; however, the top that holds the headphones is made of plastic.

Overall, Avantree Neetto is a great headphone stand for the price. The assembly is also simple and hardly takes 5-10 minutes. No screws or stickers required. We currently have the HyperX Cloud Stinger and Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones sitting on the stand.

View on Amazon: Avantree Neetto Dual Headphone Stand

Frequently Asked Questions About Comfortable Headphones

Will the stand fit my headphone or headset?

As already mentioned in the previous section, it’s of the utmost importance to check the compatibility of the headphone stand with your headphones or headset before purchasing it. Most headphone stands on the market are compatible with almost all headphone/headset brands and models. So, you don’t need to worry about the stand fitting your headphones or headset.

Which headphone stand should I buy – wood, acrylic or aluminum construction?

Once again, this is a subjective question and your choice would completely depend on your requirement. Wooden headphone stands are aesthetically appealing and suitable for those who want to use the headphone stand as both a decor item and headphone holder. If you are someone who’s looking for a lightweight option; a headphone stand with a basic and simple design, then acrylic construction would be a suitable choice. However, if you have bulky or heavy-duty headphones and are looking for a sturdy headphone stand, then we recommend you go with aluminum construction.

Are headphone stands necessary?

We strongly believe that any headphones are only good as long as they are comfortable for the person wearing it. Headphones with great sound quality but rough and uncomfortable padding would fall out of favor quicker than a comfortable headphone with  comparatively lower sound quality.

Can headphone stands damage headphones?

A headphone stand that is not properly constructed, especially the area where you will hang your headphones, can damage your headphones. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy headphone stands that have a rubberized cover on the portion where you will hang your headphones, to avoid any damage or scratching.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything about headphone stands, are you planning to purchase one? You can pick an option out of the 7 best headphone stands listed in our guide or explore other products on the market based on the top 3 factors you should consider while purchasing a headphone stand.

If you ask us to pick one, we would recommend purchasing Razer Base Station Chroma. This headphone stand comprises everything – beauty, sturdiness, durability, USB connectivity, 3.5 mm aux input, RGB lighting, and whatnot. Also, it is neither too expensive nor too cheap, and most headphones users can easily afford it.

We sincerely hope you found our guide to the 7 best headphone stands useful. If you have any thoughts to share, please post them in the comment section below.

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