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Cowin E7 Pro Review

One of the Best Bass Headphones on the Market

Cowin E7 Pro Review

There’s a plethora of headphones out on the market. With too many options available, it becomes harder for users to pick out the right headphones for their use. One of the foremost factors for choosing headphones is the price tag they come with. Not everyone wants headphones for professional purposes like gaming, DJ-ing or music production. Rather, most people buy headphones such as Cowin E7 Pro, for casual use.

Cowin E7 Pro

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the Cowin E7 Pro headphones are the best bass headphones that are also pocket-friendly and premium-quality.

What We Like

- Comfortable - Well-balanced bass - Reliable wireless connectivity - Brilliant audio

What We Don't Like

- Fairly portable
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Cowin seem to have come out with the solution that gives the customer the best of both worlds i.e. good quality at a cheaper price. The Cowin E7 Pro are the go to choice for users that do not like spending a fortune on headphones but still do not want to compromise on the quality by going to the lower end of the price spectrum.

Our professionals tested out the Cowin E7 Pro and the results were surprising. Let’s take a look at our in-depth analysis in our Cowin E7 Pro review.

Unboxing the Cowin E7 Pro Headphones

The Cowin E7 Pro come in a bold black box, that by itself makes you want to grab a pair. Otherwise, the box comes with the usual set of contents. We have the headphones, a micro USB charging cable, a 3.5 mm AUX audio cable and a beautiful Cowin hard carry case, present in the box. This should make for a nice gift for your friends or family.

Design, Structure and Quality

Cowin has ensured that everyone gets the E7 Pro headphones with the color of their choice. Therefore, they have given 7 different color options for the E7 Pro viz. Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and White. As of sturdiness, the headphones aren’t extraordinarily sturdy but are sturdy enough that if you’re a careful person, they’ll stay right by your side.

The cushioned ear cups are made from memory foam are very soft to provide users with a lot of comfort for long periods of use. The ear cups have a 90-degree swivel so as to fit easily in the carry case or for you to hang the headphones around your neck.

The  headphones come with buttons on the ear cups of the headphones to make your audio experience much more convenient than otherwise. The earcups come with buttons for playing/pausing, volume control, answering calls, switching to the previous or next track and turning on/off ‘Active Noise Cancellation’.

They also have a high quality built-in microphone in the ear cups. The Active Noise Cancellation technology coupled with the cushioned ear cups of the Cowin E7 Pro, allows noise reduction during travel, office work or otherwise.

Lastly, the headphones have a stable battery life of 30 hours on a full charge, which is more than sufficient for any user. All in all, the Cowin E7 Pro headphones are one of the most durable headphones on the market.

Sound Quality

The Cowin E7 Pro are much talked about as one of the best bass headphones on the market. They come with proprietary 45 mm audio drivers that ensure a powerful and crisp sound experience for the users. There is a very nice balance between the highs and the mids, but what stands these headphones out is its response to bass. It is hard to distinguish between high-end headphones and the E7 Pro. All this combined with the ‘Active Noise Cancellation’ makes for an immersive and brilliant audio experience. Our experts gave the sound quality a very high rating of 9/10.

Final Words on the Cowin E7 Pro Headphones

Without a doubt, the Cowin E7 Pro headphones are the best bass headphones that are also pocket-friendly and premium-quality. A good battery life, a sturdy enough build, comfortable ear cups, superior sound quality with great bass response and wireless connectivity make for a joyful experience for the users.

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