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HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Review 

The Silent Assassin — Not

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Review

Are you a music aficionado? Then, listen up! Great sound quality is the be-all and end-all when it comes to headphones. The right pair can make your favorite tracks come alive, taking you on an epic auditory journey. That’s why we’re excited to present our HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version review!

These headphones have been generating a ton of hype among audiophiles for a good reason. With their sleek design and mighty sound, the Arya Stealth Magnet Version headphones deliver an unparalleled listening experience that will blow your mind!

This review will delve deep into what sets these headphones apart and why they can be the missing piece in your audio puzzle. From the cutting-edge stealth magnet technology to their massive frequency response, these headphones have features that’ll have you jamming out in no time. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

  • Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm for eliminating distortion and delivering crystal-clear sound
  • Acoustically invisible stealth magnet for a wider soundstage and better sound reproduction
  • Super wide frequency range of 8 Hz to 65 kHz for listening to even the most basic details in sound
  • High-quality metal and plastic build for a premium feel and durability
  • Patented “Window Shade” system for a more natural sound reproduction
  • Sound leakage due to open-back design
  • Not easy to drive using lower output devices; you’ll need a headphone amp for the best sound
  • Pricey compared to other planar headphones

Bottom Line

The HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version offers superb reproduction and distortion-free studio-quality sound. However, its high impedance, price, and too much open-back design could be turn-offs for some users.

Unboxing the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Headphones

The HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version arrived in neat packaging, and we liked how the contents inside the box were packed. Here are the things that you’ll find in the box:

  • A pair of headphones
  • A user manual
  • A1.5m-long cable with 6.35 mm to dual 3.5 mm plugs
  • A headphone stand
  • A printed manual and warranty card
Unboxing the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Headphones

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Design and Style

The HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Headphones are circum-aural, open-back headphones.

Stylish Design; Made From High-Quality Materials

We found them to be stylish and chic. With their elegant black finish and matte texture, the headphones ooze an air of high-end refinement that’s hard to ignore. We liked that they are made from high-quality steel and plastic. Therefore, they look rough and tough.

Large Earcups with Swiveling Mechanism

The earcups of the Arya are massive and have an asymmetrical shape to fit the natural shape of your ears. We had no problems achieving a proper fit with these headphones, and they sealed our ears pretty decently. They are generously padded, making them a dream to wear even for extended periods. Another thing we loved about these headphones is the earcups’ swiveling mechanism.

Design and Style of the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Headphones
Design and Style of the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Headphones

Adjustable Headband

During our evaluation, we noticed that attached to these luxurious and comfortable ear cups is an adjustable headband designed to fit a vast array of head sizes, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit for all who wear the Arya. The headband is made entirely from metal and has a padded leather strap atop your head. You can adjust it to your liking, ensuring the Arya Stealth Magnet Version is comfortable for long listening sessions. 

Durable and Custom Cable

The headphones also come with a stylish custom cable, which is high quality and sports a black-and-silver color scheme that will turn heads. It is a 1.5 m long crystalline copper cable. There is a 6.5 mm connector on one side and a dual 3.5 mm connector on the other. The cable felt very durable in our hands, and we’re sure it will hold for years!

Relatively Compact and Lightweight

Per our evaluation, the Arya is pretty impressive in size and weight-wise. It only weighs 14.3 oz and. Yes, it’s not the most lightweight option, but it does the job without compromising comfort. The Arya is also relatively compact for a pair of planar magnetic headphones, making it perfect for on-the-go listening. 

One thing we didn’t like about Arya’s design was that it is open-back, often resulting in sound leakage and an influx of outside noise. 

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Comfort and Fit

We wore the Arya Stealth for extended periods and they were really comfortable. The earpads are constructed from a soft and breathable pleather and polyester material, allowing them to contour to the shape of your ears, preventing discomfort and pressure. 

Comfort and Fit of HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Headphones
Comfort and Fit of HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Headphones

Flexible and Cushioned Headband

The cushioned and flexible headband ensures a snug fit on various heads. We made multiple people wear the Arya, and none had any problems with the fit. Hence, we can safely conclude that the adjustable headband ensures a snug and comfy fit no matter your head shape or size.

No Sweating When Worn for Extended Periods

The Arya Stealth Magnet Version’s open-back design lets air through and ventilates your ears, keeping you cool during intense listening sessions. We wore the Arya for around 7 hours, but our ears didn’t sweat, and we had no problems with the comfort. However, it also means the headphones don’t block any external noise, which could be problematic depending on how you plan to use them. 

For example, if you are looking for headphones for studio monitoring or recording, closed-back headphones would be a better option. However, if your utility is more inclined toward studio recording, then these headphones could be a good choice because of their natural soundstage. 

No Ear Fatigue; Comfortable for Extended Use

In terms of overall comfort and fit, the Arya Stealth Magnet Version is relatively light for its size at 14.3 oz, and the earcups pivot, allowing them to match your ears’ angle. The earcups adjusted perfectly every time we tried adjusting them. This feature guarantees the drivers are properly aligned with your ears, improving sound quality and reducing ear fatigue. 

View on Amazon: HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Suitable Uses

The headphones’ best use is for audiophiles who demand the highest sound quality and clarity. They are perfect for audiophiles who want to soak up every detail and nuance in their favorite songs. 

Deep Bass, Rich Mids, and Clear Highs

Seriously, you’ll feel like you’re in the same room as the musicians. Moreover, the planar magnetic drivers in these headphones can produce deep, detailed bass; rich and warm mids, and clear and extended treble. This makes them ideal for listening to various music genres, including classical, jazz, rock, and heavy metal.

Ideal for Studio Recording

And if you’re a studio engineer, the Arya is a must-have tool in your arsenal. It’s so accurate and detailed that you’ll easily spot and fix any issues in your mixes. You’ll be producing the highest-quality tracks in no time!

Good for Gaming and Home Theater Use

The Arya is also ideal for gaming and home theater use. With its open-back design and spacious soundstage, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. You’ll be able to hear every little sound effect from every direction (thanks to Arya’s excellent spatial sound) and every bit of dialogue with crystal-clear clarity.

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Waterproof and Sweatproof Rating

The HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version is not waterproof or sweatproof, and HIFIMAN doesn’t advertise these headphones to be waterproof either. Instead, these headphones are meant for indoor use and studio listening. They are unsuitable for outdoor or rough usage

Waterproof and Sweatproof Rating of HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version

Durable but Not Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Though durable, these headphones cannot resist moisture or water due to the absence of any waterproofing qualities. Hence, we advise you to take care of your Arya Stealth and don’t recommend you use it in water.

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Performance and Sound Quality

With its revolutionary “Stealth Magnet” technology, the Arya provides an unparalleled sound experience characterized by exceptional detail, clarity, and accuracy

Sound Performance of the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version
Sound Performance of the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version

Natural Tonal Balance

We are very picky and strict while testing the sound quality of any headphones. And we were strict this time as well. But, we have to say, Arya hits all the right notes. It’s got a natural tonal balance that’ll leave your ears singing. 

Tight and Controlled Bass

Moreover, the bass response is deep, tight, and controlled, never overpowering other frequencies. We could feel every bass drop in Tremors by Dmitri Vegas and Martin Garrix. The overall bass was punchy.

Great for Heavy Metal and Rock Songs

We heard many metal and rock songs on the Arya, and we were highly impressed. The mids were upfront and transparent while listening to Spit It Out by Slipknot, while the treble was silky smooth and free of any harshness or sibilance. Overall, these headphones offer a neutral and transparent sound signature perfect for scrutinizing every note of your favorite songs. 

Based on our experience of listening to multiple rock and metal songs, we can conclude that this headphone is one of the best headphones for metal and rock in 2023!

Overall Immersive Sound; Fantastic Stereo Imaging

From the moment you put on these headphones, you’ll be transported to another world of immersive sound. The headphones’ open-back design produces a wide and deep soundstage, giving you the feeling of being in the middle of the music. Plus, we loved the stereo imaging! Stereo imaging is another level! We could easily distinguish each instrument and voice located in the mix.

Excellent Frequency Range

The frequency range is something else entirely, spanning from 8 Hz all the way up to 65 kHz. That’s practically the whole spectrum! We tested it with various genres of music, and were blown away by the level of clarity. We could differentiate every note, every beat, and every breath in incredible detail. 

The planar magnetic driver technology used in the Arya Stealth Magnet Version allows for faster, more precise movement of the diaphragm, resulting in a more detailed and dynamic sound.

Decent Impedance; Easy to Drive

And the impedance? At just 32 ohms, these headphones are easy to drive and can be used with various sources. But let’s be real, to unlock the full potential of these headphones truly, you may need a powerful headphone amp to really make it sing! 

Moreover, the Arya Stealth is massively loud. With a sensitivity rating of 94 dB, these headphones can deliver serious volume without distortion or clipping; perfect for cranking up the tunes and getting lost in the music.

We listened to music by cranking the volume all the way up, and the sound didn’t distort or feel like breaking at any point.

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Special Features

The HIFIMAN Arya Stealth has various unique and special design elements. For example, a nanometer thickness diaphragm, an acoustically invisible stealth magnet, and a patented Window Shade system. These features deliver outstanding sound quality, which is distortion-free and has a wide soundstage.

Ultra-Thin Diaphragm

The nanometer-thickness diaphragm is a game-changer. The diaphragm is a fundamental component in the headphones’ sound production that undergoes vibration to generate sound waves. In a smart move, HIFIMAN has developed an ultra-thin diaphragm, boasting a thickness of only a few nanometers. 

We discovered that the thin dimensions of this diaphragm enable rapid and precise sound reproduction, rendering it adept at responding to changes in the audio signal. A salient feature of the wafer-thin diaphragm we love is that it mitigates distortion, translating into a more natural and transparent sound. This attention to detail was pretty clear during our music testing!

Acoustically Invisible Stealth Magnet

The next design component is the acoustically invisible stealth magnet. Traditional planar magnetic headphones employ large magnets to power the diaphragm, but such magnets can hinder sound waves and create distortion. HIFIMAN, in its trailblazing fashion, has come up with a magnet design that is acoustically transparent, meaning that it does not interfere with sound waves

By allowing sound waves to travel unimpeded, this cutting-edge technology affords more precise sound reproduction and a broader soundstage. We feel this is why this headphone has such crystal clear sound reproduction!

Patented Window Shade System

The HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version also boasts a patented “window shade” system. This system has been ingeniously designed to dodge reflections and diffraction that can arise when sound waves bounce off the ear cups and collide with each other. The “window shade” system involves an arrangement of horizontal metal strips in front of the diaphragm

These strips interrupt the sound waves, reducing reflections and producing a more natural and transparent sound. And we could feel the difference that this technology made! The sound was super crystal clear without any distortion or interference.

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version Close Comparisons

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth vs. Dan Clark Audio Ether 2

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth vs. Dan Clark Audio Ether 2
HIFIMAN Arya Stealth vs. Dan Clark Audio Ether 2

The HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version and Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 are high-end open-back planar magnetic headphones. While they are very similar, here are some of the key differences between them:

  • The HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version has an impedance of 32 ohms. On the other hand, the Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 has an impedance of 16 ohms. This means the Clark Audio Ether 2 is easier to drive and requires less input power.
  • Both headphones have a neutral and transparent sound signature. However, the Arya leans toward a bit more midrange and treble, which might make things sound a tad more detailed and analytical. Meanwhile, the Ether 2 is slightly warmer and smoother, which could make your tunes sound a bit more musical and enjoyable.
  • The Arya has some pretty sizable ear cups and a bit of heft, so it might not be the most comfortable choice for everyone. The Ether 2, on the other hand, has a more compact and lightweight design that’s perfect for long listening sessions.
  • The Arya is a more wallet-friendly option, which is great for people who want a high-end planar magnetic headphone without breaking the bank. The Ether 2 is on the pricier side.

View on Amazon: Dan Clark Audio Ether 2

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version vs. HIFIMAN SUNDARA

HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version vs. HIFIMAN SUNDARA
HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version vs. HIFIMAN SUNDARA

Here are some key differences between the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version and the HIFIMAN Sundara.

  • The frequency response of the Arya is 8 Hz to 65 kHz, which is really impressive. However, the frequency response of the SUNDARA is even wider and comes in at 6 Hz to 75 kHz. This means the sound quality of the SUNDARA is better because it can capture more details than the Arya.
  • The SUNDARA is slightly lighter than the Arya. The Arya weighs about 14.3 oz, whereas the SUNDARA weighs about 13 oz.
  • The SUNDARA has a higher impedance than the Arya. Hence, the Arya is easier to drive and power. The SUNDARA has an impedance of 37 ohms. On the other hand, the Arya has an impedance of 32 ohms.
  • The size of the Arya is bigger than the SUNDARA. The Arya has larger ear cushions and overall structure. The SUNDARA has smaller ear cushions.


Final Words

After spending quality time with the HIFIMAN Arya Stealth Magnet Version, we are thoroughly impressed. The planar magnetic drivers and the upgraded stealth magnets create a sound quality that is out of this world! The headphones design is sleek, lightweight, and ergonomically designed to ensure you can wear it for hours without discomfort.

While the price may turn off some users, the value for money these headphones offer is fantastic. We highly recommend these headphones for audiophiles who want the best sound quality from their headphones.