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HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

A Gamer’s Retreat?

HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

Gaming is all about relaxation for some and concentration for others. The immersive experience of video games is why most of us take out time to indulge in them. But, what makes the experience truly immersive? An amazing sound experience. And, what makes this sound experience all the better? The right gaming headphones. Yes, our HyperX Cloud Stinger review is all about having the perfect gaming headphones.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Bottom Line

HyperX Cloud Stinger is a bargain at under $50 for any gamer. The headphones are comfortable and provide great sound quality.

What We Like

- Easily affordable - Great noise isolation - Phenomenal sound quality

What We Don't Like

- Made of poor quality plastic
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Exactly, good headphones can be a make or break element for any gaming experience and HyperX is a name commonly associated with good gaming equipment, be it a mouse, keyboards or headphones. One of their latest headphones is  HyperX Cloud Stinger.

So, does the HyperX Cloud Stinger has what it takes to be among the best headphones for gaming? We found out the answer for you by doing multiple tests on these headphones. So, let’s look at HyperX Cloud Stinger review!

Unboxing the HyperX Cloud Stinger Headphones

The look of the box itself gives away the fact that these headphones have been designed specifically for games. The classy looking red and black box does not contain much more than a user manual, the HyperX Cloud Stinger headphones, the audio cable and a bunch of different connectors for microphone and headphone output.

Design, Structure and Quality

Much like the box, the HyperX Cloud Stinger headphones themselves look like gaming headphones right off the bat, something any gamer would want to flaunt. Contrary to its prior color scheme of red and black, HyperX have stuck to keeping the Cloud Stinger all black in color, giving it that extra boldness.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger has both a wired and a wireless variant. The wireless variant uses Bluetooth connectivity and is charged using a normal USB cable. It has a battery life of up to 17 hours on a single charge which is something one can’t complain about.

For gaming headphones, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is pretty lightweight, something a gamer who sits for longer periods for gaming may appreciate. But, just because they weigh less, doesn’t make them any less sturdy. After putting them through so thorough testing, we concluded that the Cloud Stinger could hold its own when it came to durability.

The adjustable steel slider is a statement of the same durability, as most headphones in today’s time use plastic sliders. The ear cups on these headphones are rotatable to 90 degrees, for easier wrapping around the neck for long periods of gaming.

The foam on the earcups is the signature HyperX Memory Foam, to provide the utmost comfort to the users’ ears for elongated periods of gaming. Lastly, the microphone of the Stinger comes with a “swivel to mute” feature, wherein you just swivel the microphone to a vertical position and it mutes your microphone. Convenient, isn’t it?

Sound Quality

With 50 mm directional drivers, the Cloud Stinger’s sound quality isn’t much in question. The sound quality of these headphones isn’t anything extraordinary for us to wow over, but it’s great for the purpose it wishes to serve i.e. gaming. Even though there is a nice balance between the highs, mids and lows, we believe that there could have been better detailing of the sounds at the lower levels and the higher mids.

Otherwise, the sound quality of the Stinger is pretty crisp and warm, something a gamer wanting to hear the finer sounds would appreciate. The noise cancellation of these headphones was really nice, making the whole gaming experience more immersive and royal.

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Final Words

We certainly believe that these headphones are a bargain at under $50, for any gamer. They are comfortable; they have noise cancellation, great sound quality from a gaming perspective, and a very reliable microphone.

We hope our HyperX Cloud Stinger review was helpful to you, allowing you to get those achievements unlocked quicker while you choose to have these headphones on you. Also, if you have any queries, questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!