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General Talk 20 Interesting Music Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

20 Interesting Music Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

Get Ready to Rock Them on Your Body

20 Brilliant Music Tattoo Ideas

No matter which part of the world you come from, or what language you speak, there’s no doubt that you will agree that music unites all of us. It’s the one language that all of us speak. Whether you are part of the music industry or a music fanatic, you can’t deny that you have considered getting a music tattoo at least once in your life. Not only this but you have several music tattoo ideas but are not confident in sharing them with people around you.

Tattoos related to music signify different things for different people. If music is your profession, you are probably thinking of getting a tattoo that signifies your love and passion for music.

For many others, a song reminds them of a powerful, impactful moment in their life. At times, music may have been your companion and your comfort in life. You might want to get a tattoo of an instrument you play, or a loved one plays. Tattoos, just like music, tell a story. 

With so many tattoo ideas and designs all over the internet, choosing which one you want to get inked can be a puzzling task. In order to make things easier for you, we have put together 20 of the most interesting music tattoo ideas that you are bound to love. Keep reading to find the perfect music tattoo for you!

Music Tattoo Ideas for Men

Here are some interesting music tattoo ideas for men:

1. Forearm Music Tattoo

Source: TrendingTattoo

Forearm tattoos have been popular since many years now. Not only are they easily visible, but your forearm also provides enough surface area to get a tattoo of whatever size and design you want.

If you are looking for a simplistic design, a musical note like the one in the image is a great idea. You can choose the size suitable to you, and can also decide upon whether you want a black ink tattoo, a monocolor, or you want a colorful one; your choices are endless. 

2. Small Music Tattoo

Source: TrendingTattoo

If you are looking for a small music tattoo, getting a simple treble clef is a great idea. You can get it inked in your favorite color and get the tattoo wherever you want. You can get it is on your finger as shown in the image, or your shoulder; the choice is completely yours. 

3. Music Note Tattoo Behind the Ear

Source: TrendingTattoo

We believe this tattoo speaks for itself. Whether you get it in a smaller size as shown in the image or a slightly larger one, it’s bound to look fantastic. As you can see, the treble and the anchor merge into one, signifying that music is the anchor in your life – the one thing that keeps you grounded. 

4. Music Symbol Tattoo

Source: Style and Designs

You can choose to get all four of the music symbols in the image, or perhaps opt for getting just one, either way your tattoo is going to look splendid! The beauty of music symbol tattoos is their versatility – no matter where you get them inked, they will look fabulous. 

5. Music Note Heart Tattoo

Source: Deviant Art

If you look carefully at this tattoo design, you will find that it contains not only a gorgeous rose, but also a treble clef and a bass clef, in the form of a heart. It’s a beautiful way to showcase your love for music and the importance it holds in your life.

6. Music Wrist Tattoo

Source: Next Luxury

A simple and sweet treble clef looks wonderful on the wrist. You can choose what size and color suits you, and we are certain you’ll sport the tattoo with royalty. After all, there’s no way to go wrong with a small wrist tattoo! 

7. Music Flower Tattoo

Source: Pinterest

The beauty of this tattoo design stunned us. Out of all the music tattoo ideas for men, we liked this one the most. If you are a violin or guitar player, this tattoo is all you need. Whether you want to get it on your wrist or have it inked across the length of your back, there’s no denying that it speaks the language of music beautifully.

8. Music Tattoo on Neck

Source: TrendingTattoo

This neck tattoo will look great in any size, thanks to its simplicity and detailing. As you can see, it consists of a treble clef and an anchor. Look carefully and you will see that the two complete one another, in the same way music completes you. The anchor signifies that music keeps you grounded.

9. Cool Music Tattoo

Source: TrendingTattoo

Another great tattoo idea is a musical instrument of your choice, just like a guitar or a violin. You can also get a line or a stanza of your favourite musical piece inked onto your forearm. It’s a creative idea to have your favorite song with you wherever you go! 

10. Music Tattoo Ankle


With this tattoo design, you can get the notes for your favorite song or tune inked across your ankle. Due to its size, it is not too large, nor too small so it will surely draw attention but won’t be an ‘in-your-face’ kind of tattoo. Feeling adventurous? This tattoo is just for you! 

Music Tattoo Ideas for Females

Now let’s look at some creative music tattoo ideas for females:

1. Forearm Music Tattoos


For many of us, music is our lifeline. We all associate memories with some song; a song that made you feel a particular way. This alluring tattoo with a treble clef lying in the center of a heart rate tracing is quite pleasing to the eye, and holds great importance, depending on which way you choose to take it in.

 2. Small Music Tattoo 

Source: Pretty Designs

This music tattoo is yet another creative design. The treble clef and the heart complete one another in this astounding design, in the same way that music completes us. You can get this tattoo inked wherever you want to, and we are certain it will look marvelous. 

3. Music Note Tattoo Behind the Ear 

Source: Your Tango

If you are looking for a subtle, low-key type of music tattoo, this is a great one to choose. If your place of work or profession prevents you from getting large or visible tattoos, this simple and hidden tattoo is just right.

4. Music Symbol Tattoo 

Source: Inkbox

When you set your eyes on this tattoo, it will read the word ‘love’ to you. But if you look a little closer, you will see that love is spelt out in the form of musical symbols. It’s a wonderful and innovative way to express your love for music.

5. Music Note Heart Tattoo  

Crazy Tattoo Designs

Perhaps you are on the lookout for a music tattoo that also incorporates a heart. This tattoo is a brilliant option to choose. Both the heart and the treble clef share equal spotlight and both play a hand in making this music tattoo look incredible.

6. Music Tattoos on the Wrist 

Source: Fashion Sum

Wrist tattoos look absolutely lovely, no matter what the tattoo is about. Generally, tattoos on the wrist tend to be a little smaller in size. This lovely note that transforms into a heart rate holds a lot of significance, depending on what way you choose to perceive it.

To begin with, it can signify that music is your life and the one thing that truly makes your soul rejoice. Having said that, perhaps a loved one who is very near and dear to you holds a strong bond with music, and in order to honor them, you may want to get a tattoo similar to this one.

Source: Etsy

We loved this gorgeous tattoo too. If you look closely, you will notice that this music tattoo consists of the two clefs – the treble clef and the bass one, both of which give the appearance of a heart. What a creative idea! If you are looking for a simple, sweet yet an innovative tattoo, get this tattooed! 

7. Music Flower Tattoo

Source: Pop Sugar

Look at the detailing in this tattoo! At first glance, you will see a bunch of lovely flowers arranged in a beautiful manner. Out of all the music tattoo ideas for female, we liked this one the most. Having said that, if you look at it closely, you will find that the flowers are arranged in the form of a musical treble! It’s a creative tattoo indeed. 

8. Music Tattoo on the Neck

Source: Wild Tattoo Art

As of late, getting small, delicate tattoos on the back of the neck has become a trend among women. Due to the scattered musical notes, this tattoo has a very unique look about it. The black musical notes appear to be floating in an inclined, upwards direction.

In a way, this can signify a bright, chirpy melody, signifying that there’s always a high, after a low. Depending on how big you want the tattoo and how scattered out you want it to be, you can decide how many notes you want, and any specific musical notes you may want to get inked onto your neck.

Source: Au Feminin

We fell in love with this minimalistic and simple tattoo idea – a delicate musical note on your neck. A beautiful tattoo, isn’t it? If your place of work or profession prevents you from getting a visible tattoo, a music tattoo on the back of your neck is a perfect place to get one.

Your hair will cover the tattoo up and make it almost invisible to the eye. Choose the size of the tattoo as per your preference and get it inked!

9. Cool Music Tattoo 

Source: Tattoo Do

You must have surely seen this tattoo idea all over the internet – after all, it is quite creative, isn’t it? Instead of the text ‘Music Is Life’ you can get the name of your favorite song inked. The versatility of this tattoo is commendable too. You can get it on your wrist, your forearm, your ankle, the back of the neck, your shoulder; the opportunities are endless!

Source: Tattoo Do

This tattoo is quite similar to the one above, just a little more simple. In fact, since this music tattoo is narrow, not only can you get it inked on your waist, your wrist, your forearm, ankle, the back of your neck, or on your shoulders, you can also have it tattooed on the side of your fingers, or the side of your wrist.

Perhaps, if you are feeling a little more creative, you can tattoo it down your back. You are going to love the way it turns out to look! 

10. Music Ankle Tattoo

Source: Bored Art

This is yet another simple and sweet tattoo. You will notice that the music notes are floating, and they flow upwards. In a way, this can signify a happy, chirpy melody. On top of that, it can also be an indicator that things get better. Of course, you can choose what notes you want to get inked, and get the tattoo in your favorite color. In fact, why not get more than three notes?

Source: Buzzfeed

The general trend is to have small and cute tattoos on the ankle. Unless your tattoo extends all the way up the back of the calf, minute and tiny tattoos look elegant and chic, just like this one. Get a cute treble or a bass clef on the side or the back of your ankle to rock a sporty yet elegant look! 


As you can see in this music tattoo ideas guide, music tattoos hold different meanings, depending on the design you choose. Not only do they add to your personality and charm, but they are a great way to connect with others that share the same passion for music as you do. Music always helps bring people together. 

It doesn’t matter what music tattoo design you choose to get inked – the meaning of it and the impact it leaves on you will stay forever. 

If you have any questions, doubts or queries, feel free to drop a comment in our comment section below, and our experts will get back to you with an answer in no time. If there is anything you would like for us to write about, or give a review on, do write to us!