Music You Should Listen to While Drinking

We've Got Great Suggestions For All Drinking Enthusiasts

Music You Should Listen to While Drinking

Whether it’s a mundane, old weeknight or a lonely weekend, there’s always some reason to pop open a drink and relax. In fact, there’s no better way to unwind than to sip on your favorite beverage. But what if we told you that you could make this relaxing activity all the more enjoyable with some ambient music? That’s right. Music and drinks; the combination is out of the world. But, do you know what music you should listen to while drinking?

We are sure you are aware of how soothing listening to music can be. No matter what the situation is, you will find your solace in music. Whether you are dealing with a heart break, have had a horrible, tedious day at work, or perhaps you just got a promotion – a good song will always come to your rescue, to put you in even better spirits than you were in before. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say that a good drink in your hand will make you feel the exact same way, as well. Now imagine; what if you could mix a good drink with some good music? Sounds perfect to us! 

Keep reading to find out what genre of music your playlist should consist of this weekend. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

What Do the Experts Recommend? 

Relaxing With Music and Drink
Relaxing With Music and Drink

After conducting an elaborate study, our team of experts found that there is no fixed answer to what sort of music you should listen to while drinking. In fact, it depends on your choice of music genre as well as your preferred drink. Of course, your reason for drinking and your mood play an important role here. As a matter of fact, your age and what you drink could also play a vital role in deciding what you should listen to! 

Our experts recommend listening to low fi, peaceful beats if you are in the mood to relax and welcome the weekend; however, with the most comfortable headphones. Having said that, however, you could pair up any genre of music with any beverage. Yet, there’s always some genre of music that hits it off perfectly with a particular beverage; we have done the homework for you. Just keep reading! 

What Music Should I Listen to While Drinking Wine? 

If you are someone who really loves a good, luxurious wine, our researchers recommend playing some low jazz beats to set the mood. Or, if you have friends, family or work colleagues over, feel free to pour yourself some exquisite wine and play jazz music softly in the background.

What Music Should I Listen to While Drinking Wine
What Music Should I Listen to While Drinking Wine

If you are a jazz-lover, you must have surely heard of Joe Sample. If you haven’t, do so right away!

Although it’s a little difficult trying to put into words what jazz music makes you feel, we are sure you are feeling the mood and vibe right now, and trust us, it truly is a wonderful vibe.

What Music Should I Listen to After Pouring Myself Some Whiskey?

Picture this; you’ve come home after a long, tiring day at work. You sit down to relax and unwind with your glass of whiskey, reaching for the TV remote. Then suddenly you remember how exhausting your day has been, starting from your computer screen and how many hours you spent in front of it.

What do you do now? You definitely don’t want to finish your drink in absolute silence; some soothing background music is an absolute must! 

If you are a whiskey lover, you will agree with us that guitar and whiskey add up to become the best combination ever. So, if you are strictly planning to relax, listening to the blues by your favorite artist is the way to go. Our experts suggest artists like Steven Wilson and David Gilmour.

We have heard that The Black Noodle Project has some good guitar music too. Let us know if you have heard of this musical group before, and what you think of their music, in the comments section below! 

What is the Best Genre of Music for Beer Lovers?

Upon research, our experts found that people enjoyed their cold beer a lot more when they were listening to EDM (electronic dance music), trancecore or crabcore music. If you are a fan of malt beers, with its touch of sweetness and a hint of spice (or chocolate, which is our personal favorite), we suggest playing some rock music in the background. 

Music for Beer Lovers
Music for Beer Lovers

Studies have shown that drinking beer with music playing in the background has had a positive impact on the way an individual feels, in comparison to having no music playing. So, even if you are at a house party with a lot of noise, play some music anyway, and you will notice how instantly someone’s face will light up. 

Which Songs Are Good to Listen to Before You Start Drinking?

Can’t figure out what music to put on to help you unwind? Don’t worry, as always, we have got you covered. If you have decided that tonight is the night you drink, then you definitely need some good music to put you in the mood. As a matter of fact, you will find that there is an entire, never-ending list of songs that have been recorded for the sole purpose of drinking. 

Which Songs Are Good to Listen to Before You Start Drinking
Which Songs Are Good to Listen to Before You Start Drinking

A few of the evergreen, trending, and some of our favorite drinking-related songs are: 

Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg

Brass Monkey by Beastie Boys 

Cigarettes and Alcohol by Oasis 

Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra 

Whiskey in the Jar by Thin Lizzy 

Drink You Away by Justin Timberlake

Drunk in Love by Beyoncé

Cheers (Drink to That) by Rihanna 

Bubbles in my Beer by Bob Wills 

Taste the Music 

Music and Drink on the Weekend

It is safe to say that no matter what music you listen to, you will have a gala time when listening to music while drinking. In fact, doing anything with music in the background can instantly lift your mood, even if the activity is something as boring as doing the dishes. 

Although some teachers may disagree, lyric-less music can be your best friend when it comes to studying! You can also read our article on things you should do while listening to music for more ideas! You will find that not only do you remember things crisp and clear, but you are able to study it much better and with greater efficiency. 

Often, the pairing of music and alcohol reminds us of bars and clubs, with their lovely ambience.

Turn down the lights, play some melodious music and grab a chilled drink; you have created that bar-like ambience in the comfort of your own home! 

We are certain that by now you have already settled down into your couch to welcome the weekend and got the perfect track playing in the background. If there’s still some time till the weekend blesses you with its presence, perhaps you have already made a list of the songs you want to play when it arrives. 

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