Obscurify – A Detailed Guide

Assess Your Taste in Music


Did you ever think it would be possible to put a rank against your music taste? Good news, it’s possible now!

We all harbor a remnant of our desire to show we have the greatest music taste of all time. This is where Obscurify fits the picture. It is a third-party app for Spotify that can help you determine where your music taste ranks among thousands of others users.

Read further to know more about Obscurify.

What Is Obscurify?


Developed by Alex Olivero and Nirmal Patel, Obscurify is a web application that helps users “better understand their music tastes.”

Just like Receiptify, it is a third-party app that utilizes Spotify’s web API to analyze your listening habits and provide you with your preferred genres and song recommendations.

Obscurify provides you with an overall rating based on your music preferences. The higher the rating, the more out of the ordinary is your music taste.

You’ll also see an analysis of playlist’s mood, which ranks your frequent songs according to how cheerful, lively, and danceable they are.

If that isn’t enough, you can also get a breakdown of your music preferences by decade, along with your favorite songs from each period and the top obscure artists you listen to.

To share your Obscurify profile with others, you must enable sharing from the app’s main menu and then give your friends and followers the link created for you.

What All Data Does Obscurify Show?

Here’s a detailed explanation of what details Obscurify reveals about you.

Types of Music You Frequently Like Listening

Types of Music You Frequently Like Listening

The app will provide you with a ranking of the most frequently played musical styles and genres. Fascinating stuff!

Insights Into How You Stack Up Against Other Users in Your Country

Insights Into How You Stack Up Against Other Users in Your Country

The app also compares your musical preferences to those of other users in your country. First, it shows an individual’s degree of distinct music taste using a graph. Next, it will reveal how many others on the site share your musical preferences.

Your Top Spotify Mood

Your Top Spotify Mood

The app also analyzes your listening habits depending on your emotions and activities. Moreover, tracking the songs you listen to while experiencing different emotions could be interesting to see if there’s a pattern to your general mood.

A Graph Outlining the Decades During Which the Majority of the Music You Listen to Was Released

A Graph Outlining the Decades During Which the Majority of the Music You Listen to Was Released

Lastly, Obscurify provides you with a significant amount of information that is derived from the tracks that you listen to on Spotify. It takes this a step further by calculating the average decade in which your preferred music was published, then graphing this information.

It may be rather illuminating since it can reveal whether or not your musical preferences are particularly unusual or common. For example, do you exclusively listen to songs released in this decade? Do you like music from a certain era or listen to various genres and time periods? Obscurify will answer all these questions!

How to Use Obscurify?

How to Use Obscurify?

Visit the Obscurify Website

To start using Obscurify, visit obscurifymusic.com.

Sign In to Begin

Suppose you sign up with your Spotify credentials. In that case, the site can access the whole catalog of songs you listen to regularly and determine how unconventional your listening habits really are based on the relative popularity of those tracks.

Sign in using your Spotify account information, or, if relevant, the accounts you use for your other social networks.

Browse Through the Results

You’ll be sent to a page that details your preferred musical styles, obscure rating, and the current and all-time best songs and artists you’ve listened to.

Every performer and song receives a star rating, with lower numbers signifying a lesser level of popularity.

For example, when one of our team members tested it, they received a score of 128; the lower the score, the more unique the taste. Since the global average was 183, this rating revealed that their test was considered obscure. Our team members’ favorite genres were indietronica, neo-psychedelic, Kawaii Metal, and deep Australian indie.

The most recent songs had a “happy” rating of 1.2% better than the average for the nation, but the “acousticness” rating was incredibly low at 52.4% below the average for the country.

Everyone’s final thoughts on the web app were that it was pretty entertaining!

How to Deactivate Obscurify?

How to Deactivate Obscurify?

Here’s how you can turn off Obscurify:

  • Open Spotify.
  • Click on your name in the screen’s upper-right corner after which a menu will slide down from the top of the screen.
  • Choose “Account,” and the steps will take you to the “Account Overview” page, where you can access all of the information that pertains to your account.
  • Scroll down until you reach the section labeled “Apps,” on the “Account Overview” page. A list of all the apps compatible with your Spotify account will load in a new tab when you choose “Apps” from the drop down menu.
  • Choose “Remove Access” from the menu after locating Obscurify on the list.

Does Obscurify Work With Apple Music?

No, Obscurify does not work with Apple Music.

Does Obscurify Work With YouTube Music?

Obsucrify does not work with YouTube Music.

Final Words

Don’t shy away from trying Obscurify if you want to find out how original your musical preferences are. Even if you don’t have a particular interest in such things, observing which musicians are relatively unknown compared to others is still illuminating.

While knowing your obscurity rating probably won’t improve your life, it’s fun to pass the time and get some insight into your musical preferences.