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Raycon Earbuds Review: Our Top 4 Choices

The Earbuds You Want to Get Your Hands On

Raycon Earbuds

You’ve probably already heard of Raycon Earbuds before. The brand spends a significant amount of money on marketing and brand endorsements. In fact, you must have spotted your favorite celebrity donning one of Raycon’s earbuds or headphones before too. In this detailed Raycon earbuds review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the top-rated Raycon earbuds on the market.

As we were scrolling through their rather impressive website, we came across quite a handful of delighted customers. After all, the brand has managed to rope in some very influential names in the music industry. 

Raycon is very, very focused on its branding and marketing, which is something that is vividly reflected in their packaging. Since Raycon has made quite a name for itself in the market, our experts decided to review some of their headphones, all of which have been tried and tested by our very own team. Out of all the Raycon headphones we tested, we really liked these 4 Raycon earbuds:

Continue reading to find out if one of these beautiful Raycon earbuds can be a good option for you.

Things to Consider When Buying Raycon Earbuds

Things to Consider When Buying Raycon Earbuds

When it comes to buying headphones or earbuds, you will often find that you will be investing a significant amount of money. If you are putting that amount, you are obviously going to want to make sure the headphones are worth the number on the price tag. 

When you are looking to buy a pair of headphones there are a few important things to look out for. Our experts have made the job just a little easier for you, and put together a list of the top few things to keep in mind. 

1. Durability and Sturdiness

Sturdiness is definitely a very important factor. The last thing you want is to end up spending a fortune on a pair of headphones only to find that they fall apart after only a few uses. Of course, there will be instances when you may end up unfortunately dropping your Raycon earbuds. Luckily for you, Raycon headphones can take the brunt of a fall, but only a few times perhaps. Keep in mind to be careful with these headphones! 

But, what if, in the highly unlikely incident your Raycon earbuds do get damaged? Well, most of the best headphones come with a guarantee – so do make sure to have a good look at the guarantee period and conditions. 

2. Sound Quality

Good sound quality is an absolute must when it comes to headphones, isn’t it? Afterall, good sound quality means the music sounds better, and we sure do love a good listening experience! The Raycon earbuds have a decent sound quality.

3. Water resistance 

Raycon earbuds are waterproof, with a grade rating of either IPX4 or IPX7. This means that you can wear them out when you are on your run or during a very intense workout session without needing to worry about them getting damaged because of sweat.  Just like the best sweatproof headphones and best running headphones, the Raycon earbuds listed below are suitable for running and working out.

4. Comfort

Comfort cannot be ignored at any cost. You would definitely agree that there is no point in buying a pair of headphones if you can’t wear them without dealing with pain. Look for a pair of headphones that can be worn for a prolonged time without giving you an annoying headache. 

Our experts were pleased to find out that the Raycon earbuds don’t go too deep in your ear canals, so you can be assured a comfortable experience. What’s more is that the Raycon headphones often come with a handful of extra silicon gel tips, so you can change the tips as per what is comfortable to you. 

Top 4 Raycon Earbuds in 2023

Now, let’s look at the 4 best-rated Raycon Earbuds on the market right now.

1. Raycon E25 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Sleek look and a snug fit
  • Sweat- and water-resistant
  • Available in multiple colors (red, black, blue, rose gold) 
  • Good sound quality
  • Impressive bass
  • Great battery life
  • Quick pairing
  • Average phone call quality

Let’s begin with the first Raycon earbuds review. The Raycon E25 Wireless Earbuds fall under the category of Bluetooth headphones. While there have been mixed reviews on this pair of Raycon headphones, the E25’s pros and cons weigh each other out, meaning that in the end, it all boils down to you and what you prefer.

The Raycon E25 Wireless Earbuds come in a box, which also includes a charging case, a few manuals in order to help you get started and familiar with the headphones, a sticker, a micro-USB charging cable and six ear tips, to suit your comfort. 


If you are a sportsperson, you will agree that nothing is more annoying than having your earbuds fall out of your ear every few seconds. The Raycon E25 are tiny earbuds that fit comfortably and snug in your ears, meaning that you won’t have to constantly be checking your ear to make sure the earbuds are still in place. 

In fact, for people with small ears, these headphones are your best friends – they will actually fit into your ears, unlike many other earbuds which you have to keep adjusting and pushing into your ear. However, keep in mind that in order to ensure a secure fit, you may need to push the earbuds into your ear canals a little more than usual. Our experts noticed that for some people, this created a slight discomfort, while others seemed to face no issue with it at all. 

Design & Style

It’s safe to say that lightweight earphones bring a smile to the face. As a matter of fact, they are almost as light as a feather – you barely realize you are wearing the Raycon E25 Earbuds! These ergonomically designed earphones are waterproof as well, since they have an IPX4 coating. 

The Raycon E25 Earbuds don’t have a bulky look nor feel to them, although they are quite sturdy. The headphones have a sleek, glossy look to them, making them look chic and stylish. The Raycon E25 are available in four colors. These are black, blue, red and rose gold – some of the most fancy and trending headphone colors available in the market.

With control buttons on each earbud, the Raycon E25 are easy to use. The various controls provided are call control, volume control and music control. To our disappointment, our experts found that the Raycon E25 wireless earbuds don’t have a noise cancelling feature. 

Sound Quality

The Raycon E25 Wireless Earbuds have a fairly decent sound quality. It isn’t anything exceptional, but it isn’t anything too bad either – in short, it is safe to say that they serve their purpose well. Also, they sound better than many low-end and best wired Bluetooth earbuds.

Many users have complained that the earbuds provide a heavier bass than other headphones of their kind. This may be impressive to some (at first), but after a certain point, you may find yourself getting a little tired of the bass. This is because the heavy bass tends to overpower the highs and mids of music. However, if you’re a bass lover, you’ll love these earbuds.

View on Amazon: Raycon E25

2. Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Convenient wireless charging
  • Excellent battery life
  • Lightweight and portable; easy to carry
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Great sound performance
  • Available in five colors (electric blue, flare red, rose gold, carbon black and frost white)
  • Easy to connect and use
  • Great call quality
  • We did not experience any issues with these earbuds

Coming to the second Raycon earbuds review, these wireless Bluetooth earbuds (some also call them Bluetooth earplugs as these are wireless headphones that look like earplugs) come in an extravagant and stylish box. Providing users with a maximum of 36 hours of battery life, they are one of Raycon’s best-selling earbuds. With an arc-shaped curved design, you can be guaranteed a secure fit. The Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are also water-proof, all thanks to the IPX4 grade protection.


These wireless Raycon earbuds have a snug, comfortable fit. They are lightweight and don’t have a bulky feel to them – two important things to consider when you are shopping for headphones/earbuds. Designed with keeping ergonomics in mind, you can be assured a cosy fit, without having to worry about your earbuds falling out of your ear. 

If you have small ear canals, don’t worry too much. The Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds come with 5 pairs of soft silicon gel tips. 

Design & Style

The overall build of the Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds is impressive.

Despite being built using plastic, they have a glossy finish to them, which is impressive at first, but the shine can tend to wear off over time. They come in three different colors, however, namely blue, red and rose gold, along with the traditional carbon black and frost white, meaning that you have a decent range of options to choose from. 

The Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds come with a sleek and stylish charging case. It is small and compact, making them incredibly travel-friendly. Pop them in your bag or pocket, and you are good to go. This charging case is not only compatible with any wireless charger, but also allows you to charge via a Type-C USB cable. When you are charging these earbuds, the charging case’s LED light will glow red. Once the earbuds have been charged, the light will glow green, signifying that you can now use them. 

Sound Quality

Just like the Raycon E25 Wireless Earbuds, the Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds do not provide you with anything different in terms of sound quality. They are good; probably a little better than the E25 Earbuds. Nothing more than that. They also offer decent noise isolation.

View on Amazon: Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

3. Raycon E50 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Provide active noise cancellation
  • Great battery life
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Stylish wireless design
  • Good sound quality
  • Suitable for casual use
  • Light bass

Let’s begin the third Raycon earbuds review. Unlike the Raycon E25 and the Raycon E55 Earbuds, the Raycon E50 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds provide relatively good noise cancellation. They come in a sleek, classy looking box, which contains six pairs of soft silicon gel tips, one charging cable cord, a charging case and of course, a user manual. It’s safe to point out these headphones are water and sweat resistant, thanks to the IPX4 grade protection.

These earbuds will provide you with up to 5 hours of listening time, on a single charge. If you charge them with the charging case, the Raycon E50 wireless Bluetooth headphones will provide you with up to 30 hours of listening time. What’s more is that these headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth devices – a smartphone, your TV, laptop, stereo system, etc. Unfortunately, much to our disappointment, these wireless Bluetooth headphones are not compatible with the iPhone 11. 


These headphones are quite comfortable. Luckily, they don’t go too deep into your ear canals, so you don’t need to be worried about your ears hurting after wearing the earbuds for a long time. As a matter of fact, they don’t heat up a lot, like some other earbuds tend to, which was a huge relief for us. Nothing is more annoying than sweating because of heated headphones.

Design & Style

Just like any other Raycon headphone, these have an impressive look to them. They are sleek, they are glossy and they are shiny; what more could you want? Unfortunately though, since they are so sleek and shiny, there are high chances that you will end up leaving fingerprint marks on them, each time you touch them. 

Sound Quality

If you are someone who listens to music while on a walk or jog, or perhaps on your daily commute to work, these headphones are a good option to choose from. They are great for some light listening, but nothing more than that, in our opinion. However, given the price that you are paying for the Raycon E50 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, you might as well want to spend the same money on a pair of headphones that provide you with better sound quality. 

Unlike the Raycon E25 and Raycon E55 Wireless Earbuds, the Raycon E50 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds come with an active noise cancellation feature. While it may not be extraordinary, it’s still something. 

View on Amazon: Raycon E50 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

4. Raycon Fitness Earbuds

  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Don’t irritate the ears even if worn for extended periods
  • Excellent battery life, great for traveling
  • Carabiner/cord makes it easy to clip to anything
  • Decent bass 
  • Overall great sound quality
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Come with five additional gel tips and gel stabilizers
  • Good call quality
  • Look good and stylish
  • Well built 
  • No multi-device pairing

Raycon Fitness Earbuds are wireless earphones designed for use while exercising. The IPX7 certification guarantees that the design is resistant to water immersion and at the same time comfortable, sturdy, and well-built. Although they do not have a matching app, they do come with three equalization profiles.

These earbuds have a 9-hour continuous battery life, so you can use them for extended exercises.

Snug Fit

These sweat-proof earbuds are designed for exercises and will remain securely in your ear even on the most arduous hikes or exercises.

These sweat-proof earbuds are designed for exercises and will remain securely in your ear even on the most arduous hikes or exercises. They can be a great addition to your everyday life because of how compact they are, how soft they are, and how easily you can use them without a cable.Their tips look like teardrops, and they are coated with a metallic material that also has Raycon’s emblem on the side. Additionally, these earbuds come with five pairs of different-sized ear tips and four different-sized stability fins.


Sport enthusiasts prefer earbuds that are breathable and Raycon Fitness Earbuds fit the bill. As is typical of in-ear headphones, the Raycon Fitness Earbuds allow for exceptional ventilation. They don’t keep a lot of heat around your ear, so you shouldn’t sweat more than usual.

Build Quality

The Raycon Fitness Earbuds are pretty well made. Being largely plastic, they seem like they wouldn’t break if dropped or knocked over. You may connect the case to your bag or belt with the included lanyard and carabiner. As an added bonus, they are protected from complete submersion in water thanks to their IPX7 water resistance certification. The fins and the tips, however, seem to be vulnerable to wear and tear. These headphones’ lackluster bass response is a major letdown.

Sound Quality

Intense thud, rumble, and boom are produced as a consequence of the extreme overemphasis of the whole spectrum. Hip-hop and EDM lovers will love these earbuds, but other users may find them rather murky.

In conclusion, the Raycon Fitness Earbuds provide a snug and comfortable fit for the purpose they’re designed for, and have a great Bluetooth range. Plus, you’ll like the extra features of these earbuds, especially the fact that you can operate them by pressing on the earbud itself rather than your phone.

View on Amazon: Raycon Fitness Earbuds

Frequently Asked Questions About Raycon Earbuds

Are Raycon earbuds worth purchasing?

If you are into stylish looking earbuds, the Raycon earbyds are definitely something you should consider. Along with that, many users seem to be happy with the sound quality the headphones provide too, although quite a few weren’t exceptionally satisfied with it. “These handle every genre very well”, said one user, which means that you can expect the same quality and clarity for every and any different music genre that there is.

Their wireless connection is quite good too, especially for their small and petite size. On the same note, people have complained about one of the earbuds fading in and out at times, but the chances of this happening have been rare, according to our experts. 

Another feature that you should look out for when you are buying earbuds is to check out the durability and build of the headphones. Much to our delight, these headphones are highly durable and sturdy. Of course, we highly recommend taking good care of them and being gentle with them, but they can take a few falls for sure.

Are Raycon earbuds better than AirPods?

It goes without saying that the AirPods have better sound and noise quality in comparison to Raycon earbuds. Yet, the Raycon headphones definitely are a run for your money. Having said that, if you are someone who wears headphones when working out or playing some sport, our team of experts recommends buying the Raycon earbuds, since they are known for their comfortable and secure fit. On top of that, Raycon earbuds are also waterproof, which is definitely an added advantage. 

If you are someone who uses an Apple product, you may want to consider buying AirPods. 

Are Raycon earbuds good for running?

Without a doubt, it is safe to say that Raycon earbuds are great for running. Not only do they have a safe fit, but you can be assured that they won’t fall out while you are out for a run. Since Raycon provides you with a few extra silicon gel tips, you can easily swap out the gel tips on the headphones to one that fits you the best. The reason our experts suggest doing this is of course for comfort primarily, but also to ensure that the Raycon earbuds fit just right, and don’t slip out when you are out for a run. 

Another reason as to why Raycon earbuds are great for running is the fact that they are waterproof. Whether you just got done with an intense, sweat-filled run or are out for a run in the rain, your Raycon earbuds should stay just fine.

How long do Raycon earbuds last?

Upon research, our experts found that the battery life of most Raycon earbuds is good. It can last anywhere between 5 hours to 20 hours depending on the Raycon earbuds you are planning to purchase.

Of course, keep in mind that the battery life does also depend on how often and for how long you use your Raycon earbuds. If you are someone who tends to find very little time to charge your headphones, the Raycon earbuds may be a good choice for you. 

Do Raycons have a mic?

All Raycon earbuds comprise built-in mics.

Can you use just one Raycon earbud at a time?

We were very pleased to find out that you can in fact use only one Raycon earbud at any given time. The left earbud is the main one, meaning that it can be used just by itself. You can also connect two different devices, and use each earbud for each device.

In order to do this, you will need to turn the right earbud off. Next, press the button for around 20 seconds till you see a red and blue light flash. This means that the right ear can be used on its own. To use both earbuds in binaural mode, turn both earbuds off at precisely the same time and press the button for 20 seconds till you see the red and blue light.


Investing in Raycon earbuds is a good choice. The headphones are waterproof with an IPX4 or IPX7 grade rating, and provide you with a comfortable fit as well. These are two of the most important things you typically consider when buying earbuds or headphones. What’s more is that they have a sturdy build and an impressive finish, making them look glossy and chic. They aren’t bulky, in terms of weight or appearance, which is definitely a plus point. 

In our opinion, we recommend the Raycon Fitness Earbuds. They have a better finish and build in comparison to the Raycon E25, the Raycon E50 and the Raycon E55. While the other three have a waterproof grade rating of IPX4, the Raycon Fitness Earbuds have a rating of IPX7.

We hope you found our Raycon earbuds review guide useful. If you have any suggestions/questions, please share them in the comment section below.

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