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RHA T20i Headphones Review

The Bass Your Ears Will Never Forget

RHA T20i Headphones Review

When we hear the word “headphones,” we instinctively picture over-the-ear headphones. But let’s not forget, in-ear headphones are also as popular. A majority of users prefer using in-ear headphones instead of over-the-ear or on-the-ear headphones. This may be due because in-ear headphones are easier to carry and lightweight. Other than this, in-ear headphones provide a natural level of noise isolation which a lot of people look for. RHA has launched its in-ear monitors (IEMs) named the RHA T20i, an upgrade of the well-received RHA T10i headphones.

RHA T20i

Bottom Line

RHA T20 in-ear monitors have both the build and sound quality to be at par with some of the best quality over-the-ear headphones.

What We Like

- Fit comfortably and snugly in ears - Great build quality - Good bass, clear mids, strong treble

What We Don't Like

- Pour quality cable - Not suitable for people who prefer neutral sounding IEMs
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The RHA T20i are being bragged about as the best headphones for bass. Such bold claims always make us eager to have a piece of the said headphones. So, our experts picked up a pair of these bad boys and put them to the test. Who came out on top, our experts or the RHA T20i headphones? Let’s find out!

Unboxing the RHA T20i Headphones

The packaging made the unboxing even more exciting. For IEMs, the packaging was more impressive than most. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing how much a pair of the RHA T20i costs.

Upon opening, the box contained the beautiful RHA T20i headphones, 5 pairs of single flange silicone ear tips, 2 pairs of double flange silicone ear tips, 2 pairs of comply foam ear tips, a beautiful carry case, a clothing clip and a set of tuning filters. Yes, these IEMs come with changeable tuning filters for bass, treble or reference (mids) based sounds. The price of these headphones now seems a little more justified.

Design, Structure and Quality

The RHA T20i headphones have been designed beautifully with ‘Premium’ written all over it. These IEMs have a very appealing modern look. The strength of the audio cable of these IEMs is unlike that of any we’ve ever seen before. They’re really durable and if handled properly, should last for a very long time.

The audio jack is gold-plated, which combined with the copper cable should give the highest quality audio output. The RHA T20i’s audio cable comes with in-line buttons for volume control, play control and receiving calls, along with an in-line microphone. This may be used to control voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri.

Of course, being in-ear headphones, the RHA T20i headphones are very lightweight and easy to carry around. To make it even better, RHA gives you a beautiful carry case to carry them around. Due to being lightweight, they do not cause discomfort to the ears. Also, the over-ear hook design ensures a better fit, on top of the snug fit of the IEMs. These hooks are completely moldable, based on the user’s ear’s shape and size.

Sound Quality

Yes guys, these are indeed the best in-ear headphones for bass. We could immediately sense why there was a buzz around town about the bass output of these headphones. RHA T20i’s “DualCoil Dynamic Drivers” give a very high definition sound quality, with utmost clarity and  bass output, unlike any other in-ear headphones.

These headphones have natural noise isolation thanks to their design and snug fit. The feature that makes these IEM’s separate from the herd, is the ‘interchangeable tuning filters.’ You have the ability to change the sound signature of the headphones between bass, reference or treble signatures, as per your liking.

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Final Word

At first, we honestly thought the price point was a little too high for in-ear headphones. But, upon testing these headphones, we were convinced that they were instead an absolute steal. These IEMs have both the build quality and sound quality to be on par with some of the best quality over-the-ear headphones.

So, if you have ample money to spend on headphones and you’re a fan of in-ears, the RHA T20i headphones and you are a match made in heaven.

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