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Product Reviews V-MODA XS Review

V-MODA XS Review

The Most Comfortable Headphones on the Market

V Moda XS Review

The first question that comes to every user’s mind is whether the headphones they’re planning to buy are worth the buy or not? We’ll help you find the answer in our V-MODA XS review!


What We Like
- Durable and stylish - Excellent sound quality - Sleek and compact - Balanced mids, highs and lows
What We Don't Like
- Small soundstage - Noise isolation is not great
Bottom Line

The V-MODA XS headphones are one of the most talked about headphones of 2023.

The V-MODA XS headphones are one of the most talked about headphones of 2023. You must be wondering if V-MODA has managed to improve on their previous headphones, right?  So were we! we decided to test the product hands-on to provide you with the detailed V-MODA XS review. Let’s get started!

Unboxing V-MODA XS

V-MODA are famous for their aesthetic boxing and the XS is no different. Upon unboxing, we found the beautiful XS headphones, along with the signature V-MODA Exoskeleton Hard Carry Case and other accessories to go with the headphones.

Design, Structure and Quality

You can define the V-MODA XS headphones as ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ They come with an “Indestructible Steelflex Headband,” says V-MODA. You can be fold the headband up to 10+ times flat, to make the headphones extremely durable. To top it off, the cables used with the XS are claimed to be military-grade to make the wires longer lasting than usual.

Not only ultra-comfortable but the headphones are also so durable that they, along with the 45-degree headphone jack, can be bent over a million times plus, as claimed by V-MODA.

For something so strong and sturdy, the design of the XS is something worth appreciating.The headphones are available in two beautiful colors: a bold black, and a gorgeous white silver.

The sleek and compact design of the headphones ensure that the user feels as if the headphones are a part of them. The ear cups of the XS come with metal plates, called “Shields”, which are removable and customizable, making your headphones a lot more personalized.

Lastly, the V-MODA XS are foldable headphones which can be folded down to the size of your palm. This makes them very easy to carry around in the V-MODA Exoskeleton Hard Carry Case.

Sound Quality

Understanding the sound quality is the first and foremost factor while selecting the right headphones for yourself is not rocket science. The V MODA XS comes with 40 mm dual diaphragm drivers which ensure that the user get a sound experience more complete than expected. The “Mind the gap” philosophy of the V-MODA XS tries to minimize the gap between the headphones and the user’s ear, giving them a more wholesome sound through their ears.

The balance between the highs, mids and the lows is absolutely spot on. The highs are very crisp and powerful, avoicing and type of shrill. The mids and lows are terrific on the XS, allowing the picking up of instruments and the bass quality to be top notch.

To make your music experience more personal, the XS come with superior noise isolation technology which makes all that unwanted chirping and chattering go away.

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V-MODA XS Review – Final Thoughts

V-MODA has once again delivered what it promises, perfection packed in the form of headphones. Not only are the V-MODA XS durable and sturdy to give you long-lasting headphones, but they also pack a punch when it comes to giving your the right sound quality.

We hope our V-MODA XS review helps you make your decision to buy the right headphones. If you have any queries, questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!