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7 Best Headphone Case Options in 2023

Protect Your Most Prized Possession

Headphone Case

Whether you have invested in the most expensive headphones or bought low-budget headphones recently, it’s important to protect your investment. Two headphones accessories that you must have include the best headphone stand and the best headphone case. While we’ve already published a detailed guide on the best headphone stands, it’s time to shift the focus to headphone cases. 

A headphone case is a portable accessory that can be used to store your headphones, headsets, earbuds, in-ear monitors, and more. You’ll find a wide range of headphone cases on the market these days; different colors, different sizes, different compatibilities, and so on. Therefore, finding the right headphone case can be a daunting task.

To help you find the best headphone case per your requirements, we shortlisted 30 headphone cases and tested them with different headphones over 90 days. In the end, we shortlisted these 7 headphone cases that are worth purchasing.

Roundup of the Best Headphone Cases

Best Headphone Case for TravelBang & Olufsen Protective Bag for Headphones
Best Headphone Case for Over-the-Ear HeadphonesCaseSack Headphone Case
Best Headphone Case for In-Ear Headphones/EarphonesHide and Drink Leather Earbud Case
Best Hard Shell Headphone CaseLTGEM Hard Headphone Case
Best Beats Headphone CaseCOMECASE Travel Hard Carrying Case for Beats Solo2/Solo3 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones
Best Bose Headphone CaseGeekria Ultrashell Case for Bose QC35 II, QC25, QC15, SoundLink, SoundTrue
Best Apple Headphone CaseBritling Cafeterias Leather Apple Headphone Case

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a detailed review of each headphone case on our list and discuss various factors you should consider while buying a headphone case. Read further to know more.

How to Find the Right Headphone Case – Buying Guide

It took us quite a lot of time to find the right headphone carry case as we were all over the place while looking for one. However, upon conducting research and testing different headphone cases, we found three important factors that you should consider while looking for a headphone case. These include:


The first and most important factor you should consider is the material of the headphone case. Are you looking for a leather headphone case? If yes, do you want a PU leather or genuine leather headphone carry case? There are several questions you must ask yourself before buying a headphone case. Premium EVA material is a good option as it is shock- and water-resistant. Do you want a hard shell or soft shell headphone case?

We recommend purchasing a hard shell case as it can protect your headphones better than a soft shell case. However, if you are looking for a more compact solution, a headphone travel bag or pouch case will be a better option. 

Also, don’t forget to check the material inside the case. The interior material should be soft and silky to ensure it doesn’t damage your headphones.


For some people, a headphone case is not just another headphone accessory but a style statement. Therefore, the appearance and design of the headphone carry case is another factor you can consider. You can look at headphone cases that are available in multiple colors. If you are looking for an elegant look, you can consider leather headphone cases. 


As you have seen in the individual product reviews above, we have repeatedly talked about the compatibility of different headphone cases with different products. It doesn’t make sense to buy a headphone case only because of its appearance. It should accurately accommodate your headphones and protect them. Therefore, ensure you carefully assess the compatibility of the headphone case with your headphones. 

7 Best Headphone Cases to Protect Your Headphones

Let’s now look at the detailed reviews of the top 7 headphone cases in our list.

1. Bang & Olufsen Protective Bag for Headphones

Best Headphone Case for Travel

The Bang & Olufsen Protective Bag for Headphones is the best headphone case for travel. Out of all the headphone carrying cases were tested, we found this one to be the sturdiest. 

Firstly, the headphone case is made of premium-quality leather. It is convenient to carry in your handbag or backpack. Secondly, it comprises a zipper closure to protect your headphones. It also comprises two small pockets to store headphones accessories, such as headphone extension cables and lightning to 3.5 mm jack adapters. 

In conclusion, we really liked the Bang & Olufsen Protective Bag for its durability and quality. The headphone case is suitable for all types of headphones, even the bulkier ones. We tried to fit the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Headphones and the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Headphones, and both fit well. Even though it is somewhat expensive, you must invest in this headphone case if you are looking for a premium-quality product.

View on Amazon: Bang & Olufsen Protective Bag

2. CaseSack Headphone Case

Best Headphone Case for Over-the-Ear Headphones

For both over-the-ear and on-ear headphones, we found the CaseSack Headphone Case to be a good option. It is durable, easily affordable and available in multiple colors.

Firstly, we really liked the ellipse curve design of the headphone case. The design makes it suitable for large headphones. Secondly, the headphone case is made of a PEVA material that makes it shock and scratch resistant. 

Lastly, the CaseSack Headphone Case is compact and lightweight. It comprises a removable mesh pouch that can be used to store your headphones’ charger, extension cable, amplifier, and so on. 

In conclusion, the CaseSack Headphone Case is compatible with almost all top headphones brands. We used the case for Beats, Bose, Sony, Jabra and Skullcandy headphones, and did not experience any storage issues. The headphone case is available in five colors: Black, Charcoal Grey, Frosted Black, Red and Rose Gold. The only thing we did not like about the case was a strong smell during the initial days of usage (the typical smell of a new item).

View on Amazon: CaseSack Headphone Case

3. Hide and Drink Leather Earbud Case

Best Headphone Case for In-Ear Headphones/Earphones

Out of all the earbud/earphones cases we tested, we found the Hide and Drink Leather Earbud Case eye-catching and impressive.

Firstly, the earbud/earphones case is made of hand-cut, premium-quality leather (Full Grain leather). Therefore, the case is durable and sturdy. Not only this but the case is also hand-stitched. Therefore, it is a little expensive. Nevertheless, it’s worth spending some extra dollars on.

Secondly, you can use the earbud/earphones case to store small items, such as keys, coins, headphone cables, circular camera filters and so on. We could easily fit the Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, our car keys and a small lip balm in the case. 

Overall, the Hide and Drink Leather Earbud Case is durable, high-quality and value for money. It can make a great gift too!

View on Amazon: Hide and Drink Leather Earbud Case

4. LTGEM Hard Headphone Case

Best Hard Shell Headphone Case

If you are only looking for a hard shell headphone case, we strongly recommend the LTGEM Hard Headphone Case. It is an easily affordable and superior-quality headphone case. The best thing about the headphone case is that it is compatible with all headphones brands. So, you can buy it without worrying about compatibility issues.

Firstly, it is made of premium-quality hard EVA material. The material is dustproof, shockproof and waterproof. Therefore, the headphone case is durable from both the inside and outside. 

Secondly, the hard shell headphone case is truly a convenience at an affordable price. The case comprises a comfortable hand strap that makes in easy to carry the case when you are traveling. The 360-degree zip makes it convenient to place bulky headphones.

The LTGEM Hard Headphone Case is currently available in three different designs. You can choose the design that suits your requirements the best. After storing the headphones, it has ample space for storing tiny accessories, such as cables and chargers too. We used the headphone case to store our favorite Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones and the Audio-Technica ATH-50x Headphones

Overall, we did not experience any issues with the LTGEM Hard Headphone Case.

View on Amazon: LTGEM Hard Headphone Case

5. COMECASE Travel Hard Carrying Case for Beats Solo2/Solo3 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

Best Beats Headphone Case

If you are looking for a headphone case for your foldable Beats headphones, we’ve got an excellent option: COMECASE Travel Hard Carrying Case for Beats Solo 2/Solo 3 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones. 

Firstly, the carry case is made of premium-quality hard EVA material and covered with PU material. Therefore, it is soft to touch for the outside even though it is a hard shell case. Moreover, the case is semi-waterproof and shockproof for enhanced durability. It also comprises a removal hand strap. 

Secondly, the headphone case is compatible with foldable headphones, such as Beats Solo 2, Beats Solo 3, Beat Solo 2 Wireless, Beats Solo 3 Wireless, Mpow 059, and other foldable headphones.

All in all, the headphone case looks chic and stylish. They are easily affordable and the best you can get at such a low price.

View on Amazon: COMECASE Travel Hard Carrying Case

Best Bose Headphone Case

We’ve got an amazing pick for all Bose users: Geekria Ultrashell Case. The headphone case is compatible with different Bose headphones, such as Bose QuietComfort 35 II, QC25, QC15, Soundlink, and Soundtrue. It is also compatible with other headphones, such as Mpow H7, Philips Performance PH805, Panasonic RP-HXS400 and so on.

One way to check the compatibility of this headphone case with your headphones is measuring your headphones. Per the brand, the headphone case can easily accommodate headphones measuring 8.07 x 7.08 x 2.36 inches or 20.5 x 18 x 6 cm. 

The headphone case is made of premium-quality hard shell material. It is durable and sturdy. Your headphones won’t get damaged even if you drop the headphone case by mistake. Overall, we really liked the Geekria Ultrashell Case. It also comprises a mesh pocket to accommodate cables, chargers, adapters, ear pads and more.

View on Amazon: Geekria Ultrashell Case

7. Britling Cafeterias Leather Apple Headphone Case

Best Apple Headphone Case

The Britling Cafeteria Leather Apple Headphone case is a luxury product. After all, your expensive AirPods deserve some pampering. 

Firstly, the high-end headphone case is made of high-grade cowhide leather. Therefore, it is durable and sturdy. Secondly, it comprises precise cutouts to allow easy charging. We were skeptical about buying this carry case initially as it did not have any existing customer reviews. However, cowhide leather is something we couldn’t resist and ended up purchasing the headphone case.

Overall, we were really happy with the purchase and loved the Britling Cafeterias Leather Apple Headphone Case. It is compact and lightweight, and can only accommodate your AirPods. It is definitely expensive but worth purchasing.

View on Amazon: Britling Cafeterias Leather Apple Headphone Case

Frequently Asked Questions About Headphone Cases

What are the benefits of using a headphone case?

Here are a few reasons why you should buy a headphone case:

Headphone cases protect your headphones. They are durable and sturdy, and can prevent your headphone from getting damaged if they hit hard surfaces.
Headphone cases are aesthetically appealing. Most of the headphones cases on the market (and on our list) are stylish. Therefore, you can also carry them as premium-end accessories when you are traveling or meeting your friends.
Headphones cases are portable. If you have headphones that did not come with a case, you know it’s not easy to carry them around. In such cases, a headphone case can come in handy. You can buy a headphone case with a hand strap to carry it conveniently wherever you go.

How to clean a headphone case?

The whole idea behind buying a headphone case is protecting your headphones for accidental falls, dirt, dust, grime and so on. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to ensure you keep your headphone case clean at all times. You can wipe the interior and exterior of your headphone case with a microfiber cloth. Avoid using chemicals that can damage your headphones. 

How can I determine if my headphones will fit in the case or not?

As we have mentioned in the buying guide above, it is important to check the compatibility of the headphone case with your headphone before buying it. If you are planning to buy a headphone case on our list, you don’t need to worry about the fit issue. We have clearly mentioned which headphones will fit in which case. Nevertheless, if you are interested in other products, you can read the reviews of existing customers or contact the brand’s customer support team for more information.

Are headphone cases waterproof?

It depends on the material of the headphone case. While some brands offer headphone cases that are water-resistant, others have added premium-end materials to make their headphone cases waterproof.

Final Words

A headphone carry case is a must-have accessory for your headphones. The best headphone carry case can protect your headphones and keep them safe. We have thoroughly tested each and every headphone case and you can pick a product from our list without thinking twice.

If you ask us to pick the best headphone case, we will select the Bang & Olufsen Protective Bag for Headphones. Since it is not a hard shell case, you can easily store it in your handbag or backpack. It occupies less space. Also, it is one of the most durable and sturdy headphone cases on our list. You can use it for storing headphones, earbuds, neckbands, earphones and other headphones accessories.

We sincerely hope you found our guide on the best headphone case worth reading. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to post them in the comment section below.