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How To How To Clean Headphones?

How To Clean Headphones?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Headphones the Right Way

A Stepwise Guide to Clean Your Headphones

Are you wondering why you can’t hear your music as clearly as you could before? Well, you probably need to clean your headphones. In case you didn’t know, your headphones pick up a lot of dirt, dust, and grime – and not to forget, ear wax too! Don’t know how to clean headphones at home? Don’t worry; we’re here to help!

Dirt and dust can get caught up in the ear padding and can make the sound coming out of the drivers muffled and swaddled. If the grime keeps accumulating, there are chances that your ears and headphones may get damaged. You must have noticed that at times, a few stains may come upon the ear pads. These are a result of sweat and oil from your skin, and of course, the environment.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to clean your headphones to ensure maximum sound clarity and make them squeaky clean.

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The Preparation

To begin the cleaning process, take a few cotton pads or earbuds. The earbuds will come in handy when you’re trying to clean the hard-to-reach spots, as they can easily squeeze through without damaging the headphones in any way.

Cotton is gentle to use and isn’t coarse, so you won’t need to worry about it tugging at your headphones.

Use Cotton Buds to Gently Wipe Off the Dirt and Dust

Now, as your cleaning agent, use an alcohol-free solution. It won’t harm the polish of your headphones, and neither will it damage or irritate your skin even if a small quantity of the solution remains on the headphones after cleaning.

Use Disinfectant Wipes or Baby Wipes for Wiping Off the Dirt and Dust

Alternatively, you could use baby wipes or mix a few drops of a mild body wash or soap solution in cold or mildly warm water. Do not use hot water!

While some people prefer using more concentrated cleaning agents, such as hydrogen peroxide, our team of experts does not recommend it. The reason being so that it’s a strong agent and can harm or wear off the paint and polishing on your headphones, giving them a very odd appearance. You don’t want to be walking around wearing headphones with splotches of paint wiped off! Having said that, people with sensitive skin may develop discomfort when using hydrogen peroxide, and since the headphones will touch your ears and face, we recommend staying away from it.

To wipe off any solution once you’ve cleaned the headphones, keep a dry towel in close reach. Make sure the fibers of this towel/cloth don’t get stuck on the headphones, and that they’re able to soak any moisture within seconds.

How to Clean Headphones – Things to Keep in Mind

  • Don’t dip or pour water on your headphones. They are, after all, electronic devices and just like you wouldn’t submerge your laptop in a tub of water, you’re definitely not going to do the same with your headphones.
  • If you’re cleaning the headphones with water, or any water-based solution, make sure you dab a little onto a cotton pad or a cloth and then clean. Directly pouring a solution onto your headphones can damage them for good.
  • Avoid using strong, alcohol-based cleaning agents. At times, some solutions may dissolve not only the paint but also the material of the headphones. Yikes!

The Cleaning

If your headphones come with removable ear padding, make sure you clean the ear padding separately as it will ensure thorough cleaning of all parts. First things first, using cotton earbuds, remove the ear wax stuck inside the ear padding.

Next, wipe the headphones with a cloth dipped slightly in the cleaning solution. Start with the ear cups and then move toward the headband. Don’t forget to wipe the cables too, since they often come in contact with our hands. Imagine the dirt build-up!

On the ear padding, you will notice a net-like material covering the part of the ear cups which delivers sound into your ears. You will see a lot of dirt here. Clean it with an earbud or cotton pad dipped in a cleaning solution. While some people prefer using a toothbrush for cleaning, we won’t suggest it, as at times the bristles of a brush can be harsh on the mesh.

After you are done cleaning, dry your headphones delicately with a dry cloth or towel or dryer to remove any excess moisture. Ideally, air dry them for at least half a day if you can, to be 100% sure that they have dried well. If they haven’t, you may damage them when you plug them into an electronic device, or get an electric shock yourself. Always remember, safety first!

And, You’re Done!

Cleaning your headphones isn’t a tough job. In fact, we recommend you should do it regularly. It’s important to maintain good hygiene of the devices you use, especially electronics.

We hope you found our post on how to clean headphones useful. Remember; you must be gentle and avoid overdoing anything.

If you have any questions, doubts, or queries, feel free to drop a comment in our comments section below, and our experts will get back to you with an answer in no time.