Top 7 Things to Do When Your Neighbors Play Loud Music

Believe Us; These Tricks Work

Things to Do When Your Neighbors Play Loud Music

Nothing is worse than coming home after a long, exhausting day at work and finally getting the chance to rest your head, but then suddenly, your beloved neighbors decide to blast their headache-inducing music at the highest volume possible. You are bothered, your pets are bothered and most likely, so is the entire neighborhood. “Love thy neighbor,” they say. But how on earth are you meant to, when they keep picking at your peace and quiet? Therefore, we’re here to talk about things to do when your neighbors play loud music.

Chances are that you have been in a situation like this before at least once in your life. If you haven’t, chances are that you will be put in a situation like this soon – there’s really no avoiding it, no matter how hard you try. What are you meant to do when your neighbors play loud music? 

Keep reading to find out about the things to do when your neighbors play loud music!

7 Things to Do When Your Neighbors Play Loud Music

Here are 7 things that we do when our neighbors play loud music. Do you agree?

1. Have a Quick Word with Your Neighbor

Have a Quick Word with Your Neighbor

Pop in to have a quick chat with your neighbor. Talk about the weather, about how cute their dog is, how lovely their children are, and then squeeze in the fact that you absolutely love their playlist (even if you aren’t a fan of it at all)! Perhaps mention that you’re amazed they can hear their own thoughts when their music is blasting through the walls. Subtly mention that you can barely hear your own thoughts!

As time passes, your neighbor will eventually take the hint; hopefully. In case this doesn’t work, let them frankly know that they have been playing their music quite loud as of late and that it’s becoming a disturbance for you.

2. Keep a Log

 Keep a Log

Track and note down the instances when your neighbor plays loud music. Record the day and the date, the exact time and the duration for which your neighbor played the music for. This way, you will have proof and evidence to put forward in case you are ever asked for any record or documentation.

This can come in handy if you choose to bring in a third person, such as a mediator or a landlord, to help resolve the issue. Documenting the events is necessary if you are planning on lodging a complaint against your neighbor. 

3. Speak to Your Landlord

 Speak to Your Landlord

If you are a tenant in the property, have a word with your landlord. Your landlord should be able to speak to your neighbor and let them know of any complaints. Often, this works quite well. In case there is still no change in your neighbor’s behavior, consider asking your landlord if you can relocate to a higher floor, or move to another house.

4. Come to a Mutual Agreement

Come to a Mutual Agreement

There’s no harm in your neighbor playing music – it is only an issue when it becomes a disturbance for others. Try to strike an agreement with your neighbor that allows them to play their music, but in such a way that it doesn’t affect you. 

You could, for example, decide a specific time when your neighbor can play their music during the day. Another option is to ask your neighbor to wear headphones, or even turn the volume down by a notch. By doing this, the both of you can happily go about with your life. In the situation that you and your neighbor are unable to come to a mutual understanding, bring in a third person, such as a mediator, to help you come to an agreement.

5. Block the Noise

Noise insulation is a great option, especially if you are tired of your neighbors playing loud music during the day. Of course, this won’t completely eradicate the music from coming through the walls, but it will make it much more tolerable and perhaps even negligible. 

In order to sound-proof your home, you can try getting thick curtains for your windows. Not only will this come in handy during the colder months and help you keep warm, but it will also block the sunlight from creeping in on days you want to snuggle up and sleep in. Along with this, thick curtains also provide a sound barrier. 

Another quick and easy alternative is using ear plugs or the best headphones for sleeping. Just pop ear plugs into both of your ears and you are good to go!

6. Dance Along

That’s right – dance along! If there is nothing you can do about your neighbors love for playing loud music, you might as well make the most of it. However, if dancing isn’t your cup of tea, you could choose this time to work out and get your body moving. Another option is cleaning the house, doing your laundry, painting, doing the dishes – the options are endless! Why not make the most of the music?  

You could choose to run your errands when your neighbor plays loud music during the day. Go out for a walk during that time or pop down to the grocery store. Head outside and get your dose of vitamin D for the day.  There is a never-ending list of things you could do to make the most of the time during which your neighbor plays music.

7. If It Gets Too Much, File a Complaint

Everyone’s allowed to have fun and enjoy themselves. If your neighbors play loud music once in a blue moon, or for a very short period of time, perhaps you might be able to excuse them. However, having said that, if your neighbor plays excessively loud music day after day and night after night, they are violating a rule or a noise ordinance law. 

Noise ordinance laws are laws put forth by the local government. They do not permit unnecessary noise in the area, made by local residents. Often, these laws are only applicable at certain timings throughout the day. For example, most noise ordinance laws prohibit loud noises from 10pm to 7 am on weekdays, and 11pm to 8am on weekends. 

In such a case, you have the right to file a noise complaint against your neighbor. If you are worried about hurting your neighbors feelings by raising a complaint against them, you may be permitted to raise a complaint anonymously. Find out more about the rules and regulations in your city or state to find out what you can do to handle the situation. 

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There is a high chance that your neighbor has no idea that their loud music has become a disturbance for you. First and foremost, try to handle the situation in a friendly and calm manner. Usually, one or two reminders and your neighbor will stop playing loud music during the day. Having said that, if the problem still persists, it is time to take a stern step.

Speak to your landlord, or take matters into your own hands. We are sure that you will soon find that your neighbors no longer play loud music, or perhaps, you will end up finding a way that not only ensures that you aren’t disturbed by the music, but also allows your neighbor to play their music playlist at any volume, no matter what the time of the day is. 

We hope you found our tips on things to do when your neighbors play loud music useful!

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